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  1. Hi All,


    Quick question regarding: MATTERHORN BOBSLEDS


    On the website it says that if you are in a wheel chair you join the standard queue and then you are directed to the appropriate entrance by a cast member.


    Can any one tell me which platform point do you load & unload the cars at if you are in this situation. Is it through the normal gates? Or do you load in another area? i.e Unload or the Transfer Table Unload?



  2. Thanks everyone!


    @Dj what is the ' ready table ? '


    Also a cascade what happens exactly? Is it stacking? Once the blocks ahead can the sleds automatically progress or does it require an evac or cast member to push vehicles ?

    . If you havnt guessed already this is research for ridesims and any more info any can give in terms of operation would be great if you want to pm me anything !

  3. Thank you,


    With regards to unload at D and secondary unload at E . When and what would cause the unload at E to be operating ? And how does seatbelt check at both work ?


    Is it when it's busier they would have 2 cast members checking B and one at A. Cast member A wouldn't have to check every other car ?


    Also when you say quickly put cars into secondary station which is secondary station ?

  4. Matterhorn Bobsleds:


    Can someone give me some operational information on the Matterhorn Bobsleds please?


    Information I need:


    1) How does wheel chair access work with the ride?. Is there a transfer track or separate loading point for these guests?

    2) How many cars can load and unload at a time? I have noticed in videos that guests normally load at one and unload at another. ( How many cars run on a track )

    3) Which position do seatbelt checks occur before dispatch? is it block a ( as shown on my diagram )


    I've added a quick block diagram of the station if you want to reference any blocks and what happens at them.


    Any other information about ride operation and details would be welcomed. Thanks everyone.


  5. Far as the scissor lift thing is concerned is that even confirmed?

    Not confirmed. For all we know it could be a fan's really good animated guess.


    And inverted boomerangs had been done before, just not in that scale

    yet drove vekoma to bankruptcy.....


    I do think it will be a mechanical nightmare

    I'm sorry, but you're comparing a scissor lift (something that is used every day by tons of companies in tons of different applications) to a roller coaster that is designed by one company and their evolution on the design.


    Sure, there's probably going to be some maintenance problems; there usually is on a first of a kind coaster. But, as for it being a nightmare, I doubt it.


    The Animation you found on Photo Bucket was created by myself along with a few others. Scissor Lifts, Hyrdaulic Tilts and Drop Tracks are all possible ideas which i played around with. The reason i focused alot on a scissor lift is due to the reduction of pressure upon the hydraulics on a scissor lift. A Coaster car with people is going to be very heavy to hold up.


    The Mechanism is going to require locking pins incase of power cuts.. so that it can be locked in the up state for the top track and down state for bottom track.


    I hope to be getting some mechanism photos of what ever the secret weapon is from behind the scenes in March at the Preview - Which of course i will post after the 20th March if allowed.

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