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  1. The park doesn't have an Immelman, but still I hope what ever is planned for 2013 has no inversions.


    I think some reasons SFMM hasn't installed another launched coaster is b/c of the cost to operate a launched coaster. They already have a money hog with S:EFK electricity is expensive in CA, and knowing SFMM they would probably want a launched coaster that would top S:EFK launch or at least top Xcels and with LIM/LSM that's expensive. Then the second option is the Rocket or Air launched coaster, that could get them the extreme speed the park would like but it's a big risk since both of these models are not known for being reliable and are maintenance nightmares. I could be completely and totally wrong on this though lol


    All I want is an Intamin Giga after that they can get all the launched coasters and inversions they want

  2. No, I have no evidence, except history. Coasters have trims, plain and simple. Its likely there will be trims, that's the statement I'm making.


    No, there will be no trims. We asked this question to Kurt Bachmann on our tour the other day and he said there will be no trims on SkyRush. So sorry, but your hunch is wrong.




    Also most coasters don't have trims especially Intamins so I don't know where your getting your history from unless your getting your history from B&M then yes the majority of their coasters have trims.

  3. How would they get *118 degree overbanked turns on Colossus without a complete rebuild??? They were able to do it easily on Ntag b/c it's only one track, on Colossus with the tracks so close together there would have to be some major re-engineering to get that to work.


    I do think I would like Colossus changed that much if it is getting the Iron Horse treatment restoring it back to the original specs would be more then enough imo

  4. The GoBigCam Girl gave us a hint for the 2013 attraction...sounds to be themed to a superhero...a girl superhero perhaps...maybe SFMM could be seeing some sort of Wonder Woman attraction...oh waitttt a minuteee..


    Imo I think some are taking the Go Big Cam a little to literal, the theme of the video was to keep your New Years Resolution, Her resolution was to get into shape. By the end of the video after she has ran around the park exercising she stops in front of Wonder Women's golden lasso and says "I hope I look like that by 2013". She's referring to the giant cardboard cut out of Wonder Women, what women wouldn't want to look like that. Again this is just Imo but I really don't think SFMM plans is to put a Female Super hero theme Giga coaster in Log Jammers spot.

  5. Well like they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and in my eyes this thing is beautiful!!!! I love the industrial look of this lifthill, the steepness, the size of it is just crazy I find this lifthill to be just stunning. Then add the rest of the coaster the layout,the elements, the location, the eye popping color, that sexy Intamin track and this thing just becomes a work of art in my eyes. I'm in love with this thing lol

  6. I cannot understand the thoughts of people. From SFMM's Facebook:
    There better be another giant inverted boomerang to replace Deja Vu the giant inverted boomerang as a way for refurbishing.


    What's worse is the comments people left:

    Yes and this time make it 600 foot racing Giant Inverted Boomerangs!!!


    Oh please you couldn't detect the sarcasm in my post, I posted that to sound as stupid as the guy asking SFMM to build another Deja vu after just getting rid of one. Next time i'll add a lol smiley face or j/k so people will know I'm just kidding and being a smart a$$

  7. Premier LIM Shuttle Coaster, 235 foot max height (reverse spike), 70 mph max launch, 1500 feet in length, 145 foot Inverted Top Hat, 96 foot slingshot roll, and a 188 foot drop in reverse. This is my first try at a shuttle coaster, I got inspiration for this shuttle from Socalcoasters Batman&Robbin drawing in the SFGADv thread...



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