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  1. I don't know a thing about photography but I love that Tilt shift photography, I have a question about it though...why are the boarders of the pictures blurry? Is there a way to make it so it's not blurry around the borders yet still be tilt shift or is that just something that comes with making tilt shift pics. Anyways awesome pics Biker
  2. LOL it almost seams like a waste of time to put something that small on the track expecting it to affect the ride in anyway but Intamin are the engineers so I guess it will do what they want it to. Also about the -2 g's I know NO Limits is a game but in that game you can't go over -1.5 g with out the screen flashing to yellow or red so how is it possible for Skyrush to safely operate with -2 g's without causing red out and on consciousness. I read on the net that anything approaching negative -2 g's or more can cause permanent damage to blood vessel in the brain or even cause aneurysm. I'm not complaining about airtime just trying to figure out if what I've been reading on the net about g's is wrong.
  3. Imo a Six Flag Ride opening is even to good for Vanilla Ice Mr.Freeze looks awesome as usual but with the added bonus of taking the vertical spike face first can't wait to try that out
  4. That looks pretty cool and I'm sure with some weight in the boats like real people it will probably be a even faster and have a bigger splash with the added weight and speed. Overall looks like it will be a fun ride, I can't wait to see the station to see if it stays true to concept art b/c the station looked just as cool as the ride imo.
  5. No, just no. It seems like a regular B&M hyper. ^This...Not saying anything wrong with it but I agree I see nothing more here then a regular B&M hyper , the layout and elements looks great but the speed and forces seam pretty much in line with all their other hypers imo.
  6. I'm not seeing it either but they have to complain about something it just wouldn't be right if they didn't
  7. Wow I didn't remember the lake being that huge either and I remember '84 being my first year I can remember going to the park and being upset I wasn't tall enough to ride Revolution or Colossus I remember seeing that ski show I was 6, two year later in 86 I went for the Shockwave opening and was able to ride Rev and Colossus for the first time. I can't remember clearly but I believe it was by that time or by '88 we went for Ninja the lake was gone and the charm of the park has since been totally erased Oh well we have 18 effing coasters j/k
  8. ^Yes I agree love the trains This ride just keeps looking better and better and I'm also liking what i'm seeing in the testing videos, of course it's not 1000 mph rip your face off but it looks to be speedier then I thought it was going to be. Looks to be the perfect blend of thrill and family and this will get me back to SWC to try it out, it's been like 20 years since the last time I've been to this park.
  9. You must have Intamin mistaken for B&M Wow Skyrush looks amazing just like I know it world it's Intamin If it's moving that fast with the lifthill crawling this thing is going to haul some serious A$$ with the lifthill moving at full design speed Also Superdooperlooper trains look awesome SFMM are you paying attention
  10. TPR should change it's name to TPC Theme Park Complaints I don't see how the removal of the museum reverted this park back to 1999/2000, I was just at the park no more then a week or two ago and I didn't see trash cans overflowing, trash filled ques, nor did I see poop smeared restrooms I would even go as far to say the park looked better then it has in years imo. Jumping on the SFMM bash wagon is so 90's Like I've said time and time again if SFMM is just to despicable to you then you don't have to go!!!
  11. I'm thinking or hoping the slowness and no splash at the bottom of the first drop is b/c it just started testing. If it doesn't get faster then that they are going to have to change the theme from speed boat to row boat
  12. LOL Jzoole you beat me too it, I was just going to say I don't care who's grandson that Phillipe Cousteau is I want him Anyways by the looks of the smiles on those kids faces I can assume they don't have any issues with the theming, the drop track or section after the drop track. Looks like they are having a ball and enjoying the ride for what it is a family targeted ride. Thanks for the update Hanno!!!
  13. ^ Oh man how I miss that zero G and the batman side of Chiller Far as Superman this looks nothing like the concept artwork this ride is officially dead to me
  14. Yes b/c you'd be using it as one leg and not two separate legs since they are taped together
  15. For me it's i305 and El toro those are two drops I just find amazing
  16. Well that just killed any desire I had to ride this ride b/c I hate jetpacks and curling
  17. Umm When I said I thought it would look more like the Wheel with the new Led light I meant as bright and vivid as the Wheel not that they were going to cover the entire lifthill in Leds. Imo from what I'm seeing this new lighting package doesn't look as bright and vivid as the lights on the Wheel and basicly looks exactly the same as when Millie first opened again IMO.
  18. Yeah seams like it hits it's target audience, I was just hoping for more themeing especially in the drop track area that doesn't look to great imo maybe they're not finished. Also I'm not even tripping off the drop section since this is at Legoland what did you expect a freefall drop like LEx Luther lol, I just think the section after the drop could of been a little better it's seams very slow after the drop even for a kid targeted coaster imo. Overall I'm sure the kids will love it.
  19. ^ I agree I also was just about to say those look no different then when the ride opened in 2000, I was expecting it to look more like the Wheel with the led lights. Like said though I hope this last longer then when the ride first opened
  20. Love the trains and can't wait for the reviews on this thing
  21. Has the webcam been removed? b/c when I go to the SFGAm page it's not there, only the ride animation video is on the page.
  22. What I don't understand is how would BGW keep this quite from the local media, If a person was supposed to be thrown from the truck that person should be close to death it would seam. To be ejected from the vehicle would mean the impact was like a high speed car accident, you don't just get thrown from cars/trucks from a bump, this is some serious impacts were talking about. So it seam this person would be seriously hurt and 911 would have had to be called, the local news agency's would only need to hear 911 dispatched to BGW over the scanners to be on the scene hoping to get some sensational story on Rollercoasters Kill!!!
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