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  1. ^Oh yeah of course I would love something like I305 that's my #1 coaster period!!! I just don't believe Knotts is getting a giga or would even think about trying to put one in the park , I'd love to eat crow and be wrong though. So I've just downgraded my own expectations to not expect more then a hyper at the most and what better way to go then something like Skyrush,which falls in my #3 spot after Bizzaro


    On topic though I wonder if HP is looking at a Watercoaster replacement or since they seem to love Intamin as I do maybe something like Divertical!!!

  2. CPmillenia94
    Skyrush- The anticipation for this ride was immense. I took the back left wing, and soon we were going up the freakishly fast lifthill. I don't really remember too much of the ride other than that every hill had the best ejector air ever, the laterals were intense, and there was lateral airtime (which I didn't know was a thing). I also had no problem with the noodles, they did come down pretty tight, but that's to be expected on a ride this intense, and there was no pain afterward. This ride is perfect IMO, and it's now my #2 coaster. 10/10


    This is exactly the same way I felt about the ride and why I'm praying harder then a nun that has sinned that Knotts is planning a Skyrush WEST!!!

  3. ^From my understanding they said it wasn't a B&M at the Q&A , I also don't think anyone ever thought it would be B&M since it has been rumored from day one that it would be a launched coaster with possibly a record breaking inversion. Unless it was a B&M first (incredible hulks launch is not B&M) it has always been assumed to be Intamin or Premier since they are two of the major launch coaster manufacturers.


    I believe it will in fact be an Intamin but just b/c I do watch it turn out to be a Premier

  4. If Knotts added an airtime Skyrush like monster to PP area and gave Ghostrider the full topper track treatment, this could easily be my favorite park in CA, then if they added a dark ride that would bring this park to total perfection IMO!!!


    I also like the Divertical idea maybe with a steeper drop or would that take away from it being a thrill ride but still appealing to families probably so, but I'd still rather see something like Divertical over a B&M dive machine.

  5. I like this idea from nolimitscoaster, even tho it may be far-fetched:



    The creator is a flaming douchebag defender of Six Flags, dismissing Cedar Point...hahhaha!



    LMAO thanks I've been called much worst and will probably be called more things before I leaves this earth so do you really think I care what the eff!!! you think HELL to the NO!!!

  6. Are you senile at 41??? did I not say I'm done with this conversation why are you just going to continue to cry about something that I thought we had moved on from. I saw the post Zingoman made as a complaint some don't see it that way that is fine. I have moved on and you should also.


    if you paid attention you would see we were just stating something cool that happens during the drop


    I was amazed when I rode Lex, because the drop was so long I actually did lose the falling sensation by the end. It seems the drop is almost too long if that makes any sense. Once I adjusted to the feeling of the free fall that awesome thrill level was completely gone.
    So by stating the drop is too long that the thrill is gone by the time it ends is actually stating something COOL happening during the drop ooooooooooooook then He states he's not hating on the ride while hating on the ride


    Anyways like I said it sounds like a stupid complaint to me and nothing you say will change that so since we can't change each others opinions on the situation I think it's just best we move on thank you.

  7. Oh please it never fails that when someone states that someone is complaining the complainers start a cry me a river campaign. Just b/c you can come to TPR and complain about every freaking thing ,I also have the right to say I'm sick of it. I don't care what you cry babies say complaining about a drop rides drop being to long is just ridiculous PERIOD!!!


    I am done with this conversation I'm not trying to start a flame war here nor trying to get on Robb's Sh*t list lol so you people can carry on your crying about someone complaining about people complaining if you want ,it doesn't matter to me I've already stated my point on the situation so I'm done!!!


    So....Does anyone know how the 2013 project is shaping up has there been any signs of surveyors on site, makers/ stakes in the ground anything??? I also find it kinda of odd that SFGAm is the one doing all the hyping in the chain for their 2013 new hotness yet SFMM is the one supposed to be getting the record breaker and has been totally silent. Oh well I can't wait until the 30th to find out what's coming and to sit back and listen to all the complaints that will follow

  8. ^Ummm that sounds extremely painful and I had no idea the water could case that much damage, I usually don't like speed slides b/c of the extreme weggie it usually gives you but what those girls experienced is just crazy. Maybe they should require Females to wear shorts on these rides instead of bathing suits, yes they might get a weggie but that's nothing compared to vaginal destruction.

  9. ^^That's what I'm thinking it will be some type of launched coaster, I just don't see a teaser with a Rocket blasting off into space with the tagline of breaking records very kid friendly imo


    Even if it was the largest kids area in the World what would a rocket blasting off into space high above the Earth have to do with that, it just makes no sense to me and would be the worst teaser ever!!! if it has anything to do with a kids ride or area again IMO!!!

  10. Yes there's a strong possibility that the ride may in fact be a Premier but I am still holding out hope that it is an Intamin. It's been said that after S:TE SFMM had no desire to work with Intamin again, so I'm thinking that this is why SFMM gave Intamin 3 smaller projects to feel the waters on how would working with Intamin be, would it be another nightmare or would they handle their ish lol. It appears that Intamin handled theirs this time and the reward for it is the big 2013 project. Then again this could all just be my enthusiast brain over thinking it guess well see come the 30th

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