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  1. Wasn't intending it that way, just was thinking about what happened with revolution but I guess Shhh, don't tell the media, they will make it 1,000,000 worse than it actually is and then list every bad thing that has ever happened at MM over the last 3 decades to paint the park as a dangerous place to go, completely overlooking the fact and failing to report that driving in your car to the park is actually 1,000,000 more dangerous than riding any ride at the park. They always seem to conveniently forget that fact.
  2. So does that also means that cars should be outlawed because a driver who has had no previous signs of heart disease suddenly has a heart attack, dies behind the wheel, and accidentally kills pedestrians? And so it's the park's fault for the guest having a pre existing health condition? It has been determined that REVOLUTION WAS NOT AT FAULT, the girl had a previous, apparently unknown health condition that lead to her unfortunate death... NOT because the ride caused it. It's tragic and unfortunate and there was nothing anyone could have done about it. For all anyone knows she could have dropped dead in the car on the way there.
  3. So one, possibly two inversions is "a ton" of inversions now? That's a big exaggeration don't you think? And if there is one inversion and it makes the ride better, what's wrong with that, would you poo poo on that too? I don't remember reading a single negative review of any of the RMC projects that have inversions... THAT says a lot. One inversion, two inversions.... so what, you'll still ride it and you'll like it!
  4. You know, that really is s lot of empty space just sitting there waiting to be utilized properly for something.
  5. It's actually very relaxing if you learn to relax and just surrender instead of fighting it. Put your hands up, look at the horizon, and try to enjoy the fall. Act like you WANT to drop. The more you relax, the more fun it is. Clutching the metal restraints actually makes the drop more stressful. Just put your hands up, and relax every muscle in your body. Many infantry soldiers deal with combat stress by pretending that they are already dead. If you accept the fact that you are already dead, it is much easier to deal with combat. Same goes for Drop of Doom. Just pretend you are already dead and that you are just floating gently to the ground. Sounds very weird but it works. Once you master this technique, the best part will be watching the people next to you freak out. I regularly witness grown men scream like babies. This works like a charm, hands up and all and witnessing grown men scream like babies is very entertaining.
  6. The only thing slightly similar is the height. You don't get a 360 view from dd. You don't plummet to the ground in sky tower... or do you now?... lol
  7. Oh no, not this again! I'm just gonna go ahead and nip this in the bud: Magic Mountain is NOT landlocked. At all. They have room all over the place to build anything they want. Amazing how often this seems to pop up every couple hundred pages, and how unlikely it is for it to happen. The park doesn't want to build a METRO TRAIN to circuit the perimeter of the park because they can't market it as an attraction, and you think they're gonna spend upwards of $30 Million (I believe Disney spent $90 Million on theirs, I'm guessing MM could deal with 1/3 of the capacity) on a parking structure? I think it's a great idea to be able to expand the park where the parking lot currently stands by building a huge structure for the cars, just like I think they could make the park a resort with a hotel and all that good stuff, but unfortunately the likelihood is slim and none. MM is landlocked they can't just infinitely expand all over the place. The park does have borders so that part is true. But, the park is huge and if they really want to add something they already have or WILL MAKE ROOM for it, so that part is also true.
  8. I find it VERY interesting that all the SFMM fanboys keep saying how it's dueling all the time, but everyone I've heard from who has traveled from outside of the area to ride haven't seen the ride duel. Hmm..... That is perplexing. Maybe the fan boys saw it duel once, maybe twice and are just exaggerating saying it's all the time. I would tend to believe the people more that say they saw it not dueling as the dueling feature is what everyone seems to want to see happen and is the first thing they notice. Yeah what's really going on here?
  9. Why, are they required to do that? Maybe the correct procedure is not to do that possibly freaking out guests in line. What should they do, announce it over the p.a.? Sometimes the right thing to do does not seem like the polite thing to do. If that's the way they had to or were supposed to handle the situation then good, that means they were doing exactly what they were supposed to do and if it offended someone then too bad, the guest's safety is far more important than somebody getting butt hurt.
  10. Seriously? Wow. You do know that technically it is considered the fine tuning period for a BRAND NEW RIDE and as such things happen that may or may not be out of the park's control and you do also realize that this is not the first time this has ever happened on a ride anywhere ever.... right? Add to that you really don't know exactly why this happened and it could be numerous things yet you just quickly jump to the conclusion it's SFMM that is to blame. Bashing the park already? Fine. No TC for you then.
  11. Robb, I loved the way you described it......"ABSOLUTELY FLIPPING MENTAL!"...lol I don't think I've ever seen someone describe a coaster that way. I enjoyed that And you said you were really busy with editing footage from several different events and I'd just like to say thank you for all the hard work we end up seeing and don't see you do. I appreciate it.
  12. Let's just get this out of the way right now. ...this is the best coaster on the west coast ...I haven't ridden it yet and it hasn't even been running a week but I am an expert and I say six flags will not/can't make it duel even though I'm totally ignoring the fact that it just started running with people and it's being dialed in ...this is just another gimmick just like every coaster ever built is a gimmick in one form or another and whenever I mention a new ride is just a gimmick I fail to realize that ...nevermind the mountains of positive reviews from people that have actually been on this ride I'm going to crap all over it because I just don't think it's that great and I have not yet been on it because I am an expert on rides I have never ridden Did I forget any? Just wanted to get those out of the way before hundreds of pages go by with that nonsense. Personally I'm loving what positive things you guys are saying about it and I can't wait to ride it later this year. My own and only comment: "It just looks amazing!"
  13. I was just watching more test footage and TC will easily be the most popular ride in the park and probably the best coaster there. It just looks so amazing and the sped it maintains is really nice. I can't wait to ride this!
  14. It does on the parts of the park that are in the flight path, which is not the entire park. I forget exactly where that would be.
  15. If something like that actually happened I would love that name or something that was "a new version" of Whizzer, like Whizzer Reborn, or something.
  16. I think I would laugh hysterically if they just repainted the parking stripes, as if they were still real parking spaces, under Scream and left it like that.
  17. I think the blue train is my favorite, but they are so cool looking it doesn't matter what color it is!
  18. But if part of the restraint mechanism isn't working properly then that means it would not work as designed. So why then would these still be allowed to be used?
  19. I would agree with this. Even if the replacement is really expensive do you really want a major attraction down for an extended period of time because you just didn't stock the replacement part, risking guests possibly not staying as long to spend as much money in your park or worse, not even showing up at all? So which is the lesser of two evils.... paying for an expensive part to sit in inventory or losing revenue from guest dissatisfaction which could snowball if they tell enough people..... hmm.... which could lose you more money? I think the smart business decision would be to do all you can to prevent losing any revenue... whatever that may be.
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