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  1. ^Removing Scorpion would give you the perfect amount of area to build a PolerCoaster, though! haha...I'm sure one would fit into the Pantopia theme perfectly. In all seriousness, the re-theme artwork looks great, and I'm glad to see them give this area of the park some TLC.
  2. Wow, this ride looks really impressive. So with rides like this one, Manta, and Blue Fire for example, is it safe to say that Mack has become one of, if not, the best launched coaster manufacturers out there (if they weren't already)? I haven't ridden any of the Mack launched ones myself, so I'm interested to hear if those that have would agree?
  3. Yeah, no kidding. Didn't they say this project was going to cost around like $10 million? If it were me, I would have used that money to build an entirely new GCI or Gravity Group wooden coaster. You would think that adding a completely new coaster would have more value from a marketing and advertising standpoint, too. But knowing Six Flags, they will probably try to market it as a brand new coaster, anyways.
  4. I'm really glad I got to visit this park once back when it was Hard Rock. Things just do not look good for the place at this point. I don't know what investors are going to want to sink more money into a place that has gone through a bankruptcy and potentially an entire season of not operating in it's 2 years or so of existance. I do wish the park well, but I cannot say I'm surprised at this news.
  5. Its so great to see pictures from a seasonal park opening for the season. I'm really excited for the start of the new coaster season (for those of us outside of So-Cal and FL). Everything on the report from Carowinds sounds great. I'll be heading down there for the first time in May. Looking forward to riding this great new B&M. Just curious, for those who have now ridden Intimidator, how would you compare it to the other B&M hypers like Diamondback, Nitro, etc.?
  6. Great Trip Report! I'm glad that Alton Towers has tried something unique with Thirteen that is truly a new technology for coasters. Maybe we'll see some more coasters in the future pop up expanding on this concept of dropping the coaster track.
  7. Great pictures! That track on Kumba is really starting to look old and nasty. Great ride, but it sure isn't aesthetically pleasing right now. I wonder when that last time it got a paint job was?
  8. It's really cool to see Six Flags reaching out like this to their fans. It is encouraging that Mr. Shapiro seems to recognize some of the things that bother us, as park goers. If the CEO says that he hates it when he sees trash along the midway and hates to see slow operation at rides and food stands, there is a good chance that we will see continuing improvement. I went to SFGAdv last year for the first time in a number of years and was pleased with how quickly the ride crews were working. It is good to see a CEO in charge of Six Flags that cares about the parks in their entirety, instead of the former management that only seemed to care about adding big rides at the expense of guest experience and quality.
  9. That's an awesome list, Robb. I didn't even realize that some of those parks are considering having enthusiast events. That's really great to see so many parks jump on board with special events. Thanks for all your hard work, Robb
  10. Looks like you guys had a good time. The pictures were awesome. Next time I'm in Orlando, I need to go check out Characters in Flight. I'd love to see Disney from that vantage point.
  11. Robb, will there be a limit to the number of members of Club TPR? Do we need to be like one of the first so many people to sign up in order to get in? Just wondering.
  12. Can't wait to see the final list of parks and benefits in a week! Sounds like you are doing a great job, Robb. Keep up the great work
  13. If I'm not mistaken, every single Six Flags park in North America has either a Batman clone or a Vekoma SLC. Obviously Six Flags is not going to send the SLC from Astroworld to a park that already has an SLC. So if you can't sell the coaster, what is the next best thing? Send it to a park with a Batman clone. I believe that's the case Six Flags found themselves in, so they sent this coaster off to a park that was due for a "new" coaster. (I apologize if someone else already posted this thought and I didn't catch it earlier in the thread)
  14. Sweet pictures. Its nice to see some photos and hear good things from the one Seaworld park that never seems to get much love because it's not in Florida or California.
  15. If Busch Gardens is just borrowing these from a different park, I really hope they end up buying a set. Of those I've ridden, Gwazi is easily my least favorite GCI. Adding some Millennium Flyers would definitely help the ride experience. Without a major change, like new adding new trains, I would have no plans of riding Gwazi whenever visiting Busch Gardens. So here's hoping that the Millennium Flyers are there to stay!
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