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  1. I'm not gonna add a new processor or a coolant?

    I was referring to the new processor that Microsoft is gonna put in the 360, it's the same power but is smaller? and runs cooler, hence a quieter fan. The new CPU is gonna happen, this year.

    But I heard a rumor that when they did it, they where gonna add a 120 GB hd and HDMI port, but none of that matters, cuz it's in my room right now all nice and cozy.

    I may ad a bigger hd if I think I need it, when it is available, but I'm not gonna get any cooling fan or base or anything like that, just some good old fashion fresh air.

    No HD DVD yet either.

    I was refering to the guy that said you'd have to buy the updated processor (or it seemed that way in his post). Being an avid 360 owner, I already know about the possibilty of the new processors in future versions.
  2. I just gotta add... not dissing X-Box 360 (I love the console)... but...


    $400 for XB360w/20gigHD + $200 for HD-DVD addon + WiFi Adaptor ($30) I also hear you have to buy something for the wireless remote?

    WiFi Adapter & HD-DVD addon aren't necessary though, and no additions are needed for the remote, that was just the old xbox.

    Then you wanna go and add a coolant, 120gb HD, and Processor?


    That'll set you back... lets say $1,000. That's a little crazy for a console.

    Again, the first two aren't optional, and at the moment, the coolants are gonna cause you to buy a new 360 sooner, as they overpower the fans and reduce the lifespan majorly (thats the least it'll do, if you're lucky enough to get one that doesn't fuse to your 360).


    And I have no idea what you're on about with buying a processor...there may be a revision eventually, to go in a later batch of console, but you won't have to buy the newer version if you own an older version.



    ^ Rainbow Six Vegas beats Gears & Lost Planet, but if it was between Gears & Planet, Gears wins. That one at least kept my interest for longer than 5 mins. Also, regarding VGA & Component, I myself don't see much difference in quality of graphics between the two, but I know from personal experience (though this is UK, so is in the land of PAL, not sure whether the same applies in America) it is impossible to update older titles from the original xbox using the VGA cable, due to its inherent PAL-60 mode (original xbox dashboard is only PAL-50, so caused great grief and confusion until I decided to swap VGA for Component to update, then swap back)

  3. I haven't been following this topic closely (i don't have a wii :O) so forgive me if this has been brough up, but regarding the "faulty straps" do Nintendo really need to spell it out to people that waving a remote control around could be dangerous and that even though it has a strap you should be careful not to damage yourself/others/other things with it?
    Never underestimate mankinds lust for stupidity.
  4. From what I hear if you want a good multiplayer game go for the Halo 1&2 as well as the more recent Gears of War (if you plan on getting a 360). I haven't played any of these games though, and probably won't in the future.
    no & no


    One is full of hackers & cheaters, the other is boring compared to the very similar (and much better in every way other than graphics) Rainbow Six Vegas.



    Also, Timesplitters 2 for cube would be the way to go...easy, yet hard

  5. A lead in/out gives a better transition into an element, where, rather than going straight into a 15m radius turn (for example), it'd start with a larger radiu, and gradually flow into the 15m radius turn... (I believe I got it right - some people are much more intellectual about this stuff)


    comparison shot to try and make it easier - http://www.nolimitsdevcenter.net/i22839

    (left is no lead in, right is the same turn with 30° either end making up the lead in)

  6. Something I've been working on for a while, and is soon to be released (Aiming for Monday).


    The ride itself is a fairly small (top hat is about 5ft taller than Kanonen) rocket, and has been sprinkled by the AHG fairy, for sexy unique inversions (two of them) and some lovely turny stuff. All supports are 100% custom.


    The ride area itself has been given some 3ds to jizz the whole lot up, many objects from the Coaster Sims Park Pack...however, there are some custom 3ds objects (2 buildings, a shelter & an entire ride all built & textured by me).


    Without further ado, some rabbits: http://www.nolimitsdevcenter.net/p2573

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