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  1. I honestly was a loyal PS3 consumer up until the PS3 launch. Its not that I dislike Sony, I just saw the potential in the 360, and came to the realization that it would probably be a year after launch before I really see any good games be released. I did alot of reading and found that the multi-platform games looked just as good on the 360 and in most instances, ran better. I made the decision that the PS3 still had to improve before I made my investment.


    I think there are quite a few great games for the 360. My recommendations would be:



    -Dead Rising which you are already interested in

    -Gears of War

    -Guitar Hero II, which will have a plethora of downloadable content

    -Crackdown, a pretty decent mix of City of Heroes and the GTA games, oddly enough!

    -Lost Planet


    Im sure there are other good exclusives , those are just my recommendations.


    Alot of the games I like are crossplatform.. But if hey, if it looks just as good on the 360, why pay the extra money? Might as well wait for either the price of the PS3 to drop, or for more Sony exclusives.


    Dont forget, DOA4 is also exlcusive...as will be Halo 3 & Forza 2 (when they surface)


    Also, 'more Sony exclusives' makes me laugh. Sony is having a hard enough time keeping the ones they have, let alone getting some more.

  2. The AHG screws up loops if they have vertical sections. If you build your loops in Elementary, the tops are always inverse banked so that they end up the right way after you AHG them. Anyway though, we're crapping his thread


    I agree with what BTF said, you should try to fit the "spy" words in the dips.


    All Loops have a vertical section. If not, you couldnt loop over yourself. Im still not getting what you are saying. I also have not run into the problem you describe with the Elementary.


    As Jakizle said, its all user error. If you arent pulling positive G's over the top, of course itll screw it up. But if it does, and you have the correct values it works every time. Post up an example of what you are talking about because it sounds like you are really missing out because of some ignorance of the program.


    My rides work fine, I wasn't talking about me in general, what I mean, is if you make a loop that is not inverse banked at the top, AHG always flips it outward.

    User Error.

  3. UPDATE! Ride layout in the park pictured in images! Scroll down to see! Ride layout modified from video, extreme twisting areas inside the Mindbender Rollercoaster! This ride mixes with nearly every other ride in the mall!



    The ride has always had those three turns, they weren't modified from the video. If you consider, putting a shaded area labeled, "Mindbender", modified, then your right, but we knew that stuff was going to be there.


    I meant that the layout as a whole is modified from the video, not the section in Mindbender.


    Looks like the same layout to me...

  4. ^I'd say that the anti-tool statement you gave is incorrect. I download tracks regardless of which method was used...yet when it comes to designing, I'm all for handmade. I'll probably have another update within the next few days...and please don't let this track become an arguement like my last track did...it's not posted on here for people to flame eachother, just for feedback on the ride.


    EDIT: Here's an update...this time, PLEASE don't get into arguing over AHG...


    Just an FYI, I never said you were anti-tool, was just refering to anti-tool people.


    Nice coaster though.

  5. ^It only messes your track up if you give it the wrong track. If your track has an imperfection, AHG will magnify it. AHG was not made to "fix" your track in anyway, it heartlines off the assumption that you're giving it a good track. If it messes up your track, with a couple exception, it problems means your track could be better.


    That being said the question is still not pointless. Just because you don't like having to put in enough work to have AHG work as intended doesn't mean everybody else minds it as well.


    Also, there's not such thing as perfect banking with trains more than 1 across, and 1 car in length. You can have OPTIMAL banking for your train, but not perfect.


    AHG screws up perfect loops, AHG screws up almost any vertical track... magnified pumping is totally different story. And AHG does fix your track in the sense that it "fixes" laterals. And what I meant by perfect banking was banking with minimal laterals, if you know what your doing in the editor you can heartline almost as well as the AHG can. AHG doesn't say whether a track is enjoyable or not, so why ask?


    Yes AHG screws up any perfectly vertical track (but set to anywhere between 89-89.9° and the problem is solved) but loops have no problem if you remember the radius will change after putting it through AHG & accomodating for any loss/gain in speed . This and this are both loops done first time in AHG with no problems whatsoever...


    As for the final part, where is the harm in asking a question? Sure, you may not find it useful, but someone else might like to know if any tools were used (such as anti-tool people, who probably wouldnt download it if it was AHGd)

  6. I like the look of the new Gerst track on that coaster, I want their version of NL! no fair!


    Looks fun but the 4 lift hills is really over kill.


    It's because the ride is high off the ground, and they are already building a roof extension, but building one really big to make it a single lift hill would cost a lot of money.


    then why does the one at MOA have 1 lift?

    or why do they have a Shwartzkopht indoors, it's not too expensive, they could shorten the layout.


    Because the one at MOA is a heckofalot shorter,

    Yes, a MASSIVE 147ft.
  7. Thanks!


    Anyone else have any info as well?


    Also, does anyone know if there is a way to create a scenario with an unlimited amount of land to use? I like playing in "Sandbox" mode because I like doing parks from scratch, but I always run out of room.

    The land is always limited. However, if you create a park in the Scenario Editor beforehand, you can increase the land size beyond that of Sandbox, but still load the park in Sandbox mode later on.
  8. These Gerstlauer spinning coasters seem really popular with the GP, and I doubt that this will be an exception. The design looks fun, and it looks like it will have good airtime on some hills. My only complaint is that I don't think there enough turns for a spinning coaster like this. Look at Dragons Fury or Timberland Twister, those are filled with turns., but this one seems straight forward with out many turns.


    It has like four lift hills haha, and there are a lot of turns. Look carefully at the video, I was very dissapointed the first time I looked at it, but I took a double take, and the end of the ride is pretty twisted. Isn't Dragon's Fury Maurer Sohne?

    One helix at the end of yet another lift does not make a ride good though, and everything leading up to that point looks pretty 'meh'

  9. Im in two minds about this. The part of me that thinks the games industry hates Europe, says that software emulation never works quite as well as good hardware emulation, and somehow we are being cheated. Again.
    No, just Sony hates Europe. At least MS & Nintendo try to release consoles within a few weeks of each other, and other than PAL issues etc there is no difference in the general hardware. And yes, all the little European Sony fanboys are being cheated, and they deserve it for being so ignorant as to the wonders of Wii60.
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