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  1. The website isn't the style I expected. They used far too happy looking actors and the whole Jules Verne thing is lost. Anyway, the concept arts still look better than that damn website, and the soundtrack music is just so amazing! Let's hope that they'll put it on a special SMM2 album together with the Tiesto remix
  2. Can't see any reason not to count fair coasters! It's just like discrimination, only because they are often ugly and rough . But anyways, although they may not always be that good, I just look at them the same as a themepark coaster. After all a lot of fair coaster designs are build in themeparks and we do count them as well, so why not those moving around the planet?
  3. Amazing how Huss still finds new innovative ride ideas, but their standard theming stays awful, just like sledgehammer with those big flat ugly support ends :shock:. Bit of a shame that the new investors didn't choose custom theming.
  4. My homepark is the most beautiful "the what you call RCT garden" park of the world, De Efteling 8). About 1 hour by car and 2 hours by train and bus. Although the themepark Toverland is a lot closer to me (about 30 km), I don't want to call it a homepark BTW, I also can get to Moviepark Germany (WB Movieworld before), Phantasialand and Bobbejaanland within 1 hour traveling by car
  5. Always nice these roll backs. Would be even better if they could "catch" slow running trains at the top like a GIB and release them unexpected. Although it's technically not that easy, it would be very nice at such a height 8)
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