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  1. Short and sweet, and looks like fun. Looking forward to the rest of the park and videos of White Lightning too. I'm so ready to go there.
  2. I don't post very often, but, I just submitted for the shoot. Wish me luck. Can't wait for the opening !
  3. Just got back from Universal and Islands of Adventure. Next up, Kennywood and maybe Idlewild second week of May. Then Busch Gardens Tampa, May 27 no less, for Cheetos!
  4. The Lost River was a very old chute the chutes and sort of dark ride combined. The boat entered a tunnel and inside were different "scenes" of a jungle type setting. This type of ride, with different scene styles for a park's own individuality, was common in the earlier 1900's at many parks. For example, Euclid Beach called theirs "Over The Falls". Inside were lit scenes of miniature waterfalls with running water.Idora's displays were kind of cheesy, but unlike many flume rides today, at least it had theming!
  5. wow ! It has been about 9 years since I have been to this fantasmical amazement park, and I am really suprised with all the upgraded theming and "new" rides they have put in. Does anyone know what new ride may be in store for this year, and will it be open this coming late April? I was planning a long weekend at Universal with friends coming in from Ohio, but I may change those plans after seeing this report. I am sure this would make a trip of a lifetime for them. Something they would remember and cherish for years.
  6. Good to see Srorm Surge running there. It always had the longest line / wait time at Cypress Gardens in Florida. But I must say, it was one of the best "silly" rides. It always made for good laughs and giggles while riding. That final bump/ drop at the end always had someone losing a hat or sunglasses, which made it fun just watching too.
  7. Without a doubt, I would love to see the Idora Park Wildcat rebuilt, as it origanally was, fixed lap bars and all.
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