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  1. Went there on March 24. The park was not crowded. I was there for Rail Blazer. BUT they were only running one train! Excruciating slow line. It is a fantastic ride, but needs a better loading operation. Patriot and Flight deck are fine classic B&M rides. B&M has come a long way since they made those. Good day at a fun park.
  2. Had a great time the last Haunt Saturday at KI. I got on Banshee and pulled the horse collar down. My hands were on the top part of the collar. The attendant pulled the adjoining horse collar down and my hand was pinched between the two devices. OUCH! They released the lock and I exited the seat. After several minutes of rubbing, my hand was better. The attendants let me get back on without getting in line. Has anyone else gotten "pinched" on Banshee?
  3. They are great. Like all photos they depend on subject and composition. I really like the way you captured foreground and put the coaster in the background. I have made these myself from 360 panoramas. Actually this format is a clever distortion on a panorama. I believe I used the program Hugin.exe to do the distortion, but it has been a while. I suggest you take panoramas with the camera and then convert to tiny planet with software so you have more artistic control. Suggest you post a normal photo with the tiny planet. Either the entire pano or an artistically cropped version o
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