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  1. While I am disappointed that the new rides are a little lackluster for the thrill seeker, I am glad to see Elitch's growing and getting a more well-rounded ride collection. The newest ride was Ghost Blasters which opened four years ago, so any new ride is a plus in my book. Like what was said before, families are the parks largest market so these new additions fit very well if you ask me.

  2. So I am visiting my extended family in Valperaiso, IN this upcoming June and have struck a deal with my parents that I can borrow the car for one day and visit a theme park. I have never been to any parks in the area and would like to keep my driving time to 4 hours maximum each way. So which park would be worth my time and could be more or less covered in a day? Thanks!

  3. - Favorite new coaster

    Titan: SFOT.


    - Favorite new ride

    Zoom: Lakeside.


    - Most memorable park moment

    Hyperventilating while in line for Wild Chipmunk at Lakeside because a colony of 2in. spiders decided to move in and weave webs between the bushes above the line.


    - Most memorable coaster moment

    Screaming at friends that my eyesight was leaving and I had drool all over my face the first time we went on Titan: SFOT.


    - Best ERT session

    Riding Sidewinder at Elitch's 5 times in a row in the back seat. No one was in line, the park the just opened, and we booked it up those freaking stairs.


    - Least favorite coaster

    That opened in the decade? Flying Coaster: Elitch Gardens.

    Of all time? Rattler: SFFT. (Whoever designed that ride hates spines and wants to see them die.)


    - Least favorite ride

    Rock-N-Rocket: SFOT.


    - Most interesting ride you've seen introduced

    Pax Loop 500 and Vekoma Stingray.


    - Least interesting ride you've seen intoduced.

    Vekoma Big Air.


    - Your favorite TPR moment (favorite post, trip report, video, whatever!)

    I just recently joined TPR so all of it has been awesome!


    - The decade's biggest flop

    Flying Coaster: Elitch Gardens. Buying a FACTORY NEW coaster and closing it after four years just doesn't seem to make sense even if the ride sucked.


    - The decade's biggest success.

    Top Thrill Dragster: CP


    - The best meal you've had at a park

    Employee Cafeteria when I worked at Elitch Gardens.


    - The worst meal you've had at a park

    Stale pizza at Lakeside. (Bring your own if you visit there.)


    - Best park turnaround

    Being my home park is Elitch Gardens, I have seen tremendous improvement since PARC took it over. Is it the best turn around? Probably not, but I don't have much knowledge about other parks.


    - What was the biggest trend of this past decade?

    Fighting to be the tallest and fastest.

  4. 1.

    - It sounds like an awesome idea. I haven't been on TPR for very long, but it seems like a logical step for the website to take.



    - I cannot think of other things to add.



    - It sounds like an exciting thing to belong to. It would also make a nice gift for your theme park fanatic friends.



    The cost is defiantly something to consider. I consider myself lucky if I can scrounge up enough money to visit my local parks every summer.



    - If there was extremely detailed descriptions of everything that would be offered in the final membership package, I might consider joining. I've got to watch my pennies.

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