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  1. That freeway under construction is the 101/680 interchange. I guess it still wasn't finished in 1977. www.mercurynews.com/2016/01/08/san-joses-infamous-monument-to-nowhere-freeway-interchange-finally-named-after-joe-colla/
  2. So who's still in line for Joker right now?? Edit: Never mind! Joker closed!
  3. Does anyone think tomorrow (4/7/16) will still be crowded? I plan to be there from open to close, so that should still give enough time to ride the important things!
  4. So me and a friend plan to go this Wed (11/11) and wanted to see how the crowds are and what rides are in rehab right now?
  5. So some people have mentioned the sound being upgraded as well. Does this mean we will hear more details as in the infamous LIM/LSM screeches or the sound that magnetic brakes make? I know they're quieter, but they still have that nice hum to them when the train first hits them! No matter what, this simulator is going to be the best yet!! I honestly thing that you guys need to be convicted of murdering the Coaster Simulator world! GAME OVER!!!! Cant wait for the 10th and also for the demo! I need to see just how good my existing computer or laptop will handle this beast!! Do you know the specs for the rig that was able to handle the sim at the highest settings? I guess now is a good time as any to start on my custom rig and I want to shoot for that!
  6. Ha... that is awesome!! I get to see almost all versions of the street view: Car, Bike & backpack versions!!! I guess that's what happens when you work as security on the Google Campus!
  7. Yea you know a coaster is good if even the WHEELS get airtime!!! That made my jaw drop! You dont see that too much anymore though!
  8. That looks like the same group that went through the spot in Oakland across from the Coliseum!
  9. Well I got dibs on Drop Zone!! I want that thing in my backyard NOW!! I still remember how to operate it too!!
  10. ^No.. wait thats not what I meant! lol I was asking in the way of how soon will they sell out! Im trying to convince my brother to loan me the money aka he pay it and I pay him back! lol
  11. Hey Rob... still dont mean to bug, but how are sales going? Looks like I cant get the tickets till at least the 18th now! Im really hoping they dont sell out!! I HAVE to go to this event!!
  12. Thats when I sit in front of the computer and watch POV's all day! Haha... I do the same thing! I haven't been on a coaster in over a year!! This is why I am going to WCB this year no matter what!
  13. ^ The nice thing is that its easy to build a coaster with trenches and underground tunnels, so a hyper can be put in at that park! What sucks is that CGA will never get one!! I mean they take out all this steel to put in ONE wood?! What logic is that? Stealth was taken out cause of high down time right? I been reading that its doing just FINE now! Tidal Wave/Greased Lightnin' was out because of high maintenance costs. Now we're talking Invertigo... I see that it had its ups and downs, and has even been on the news, but why take it out just to put it at another park? I also understand that ridership numbers come into play when deciding the fate of a ride, but what about Grizzly?! I mean Im sure that it has less numbers than invertigo or stealth! And they spend money on it every year to retrack it! They should have just took that out! Now, I would say give it the Texas Giant treatment but the layout is so tame already it might as well be totally rebuilt! It sucks to me because this park has sentimental value to me! Vortex was my first inversion coaster! Tidal Wave Marathons with a record 22 times! And so many other memories! I guess nothing last forever and it seems that there is no saving this park! It doesnt have the room or potential to beat SFDK.
  14. Hey Robb... SO it looks like Im going to brave the trip down there from the Bay Area! I really hope the tickets dont sell out tho!! I plan to get them next week! Can I get a slight estimate on how sales are doing? Would a week be too long?
  15. Really? They should be on at night, and the regular lights used to be on in the stairwell and the where the train loads, but in the blob of people in the line, there should be the mirror lighty things flashing question marks on the walls. That's pretty lame! You walk into the Riddler's lab/lair/house/humble abode/crash pad, and all you have is some signage and thumping techno music. I'll be disappointed if little things like this (that as you said, make a HUGE difference in park experience) aren't fixed before the crowds come back (ie spring break). At least the summer season! RR is my favorite ride there! (Hence my avatar)... Yea see I feel so left out when I hear about how certain rides USED to be! Its like, if you dont ride it when it FIRST opens then chances are you wont see it again in its full glory next year!! I dont even realize why parks buy coasters with themes!! I mean think of how much money would be saved if they just bought them bare?! Of course it woulnt be a theme park anymore but I mean even now it still doesnt seem that way with all the things that dont work!!
  16. ^^^Haha Yea I was thinking the same thing!! But man is it a tease tho!! They just want to hype up the people!! Looks like I might have to make that crazy trek to the park for WCB!! Or does anyone living in the Bay Area that's going wanna carpool?! lol
  17. Honestly, I hope that anyone who complains about the price DOES NOT GO!!! That leaves more room for the people who WANT to be there!! I live up north in the Bay Area, with no car and would have to take the train down there!! Last time me and my friends took transportation to the Mountain, it was the worst choice ever!! We had to wait 3 HOURS for a Metrolink train!! So I REALLY wish I could go!! I've been DYING for the day that I can get to WCB!! So please excuse me Robb when I tell those people: SHUT THE HELL UP ABOUT PRICES AND JUMP OFF THE TOP OF SUPERMAN HEAD FIRST!!!! Oh wait... that would require paying to get into the park, so it might be to expensive to kill yourself!! TPR doesn't HAVE to do any of this and I would love to see how some would act if all of a sudden Robb announces that there will be NO EVENTS for 2011!! Wont be complaining then!!
  18. Basically what i'm thinking... Is that the default state of these brakes will always be to stop the train, that means that even if they were installed in the middle of the street with no power to them, it could still stop a train. Therefore, it needs power and a signal to tell the brakes to shut off however many it needs, depending on the speed of the train, to slow it down. Hope that cleared it! lol
  19. I gotta ask and I know probably nobody knows... How come they didnt paint the yellow while they were already up there?! It would seem like its gonna take longer to paint everything else then head back up top.
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