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  1. Hi Dave! Thank you for another amazing pictures and the TR. I'm so excited to visit this park in a few days, now I can't wait any longer and every minute feels like hours. If you're interested to meet for some rides, I will be there on Nov. 30th. Go on with the TR, I want to see more of the park
  2. I would like to hear some news about the Maurer & Söhne "X-Train". Where do they built their first Track with this great Trains? Which coasters will get those lightning wheels? Or were they from Gerstlauer, can't remember? Are there some plans of a new portable coaster for the German funfairs? - I think this could be a question to all companies Please don't forget to ask for some news about Phantasialand "Maus oh chocolat"-Ride and the mysterious planed ride of Movie Park Germany. Thank you.
  3. Same happened to me now, but I love the storyline and like the great work in RCT... Amazing! What happend to the rest of the huge project? I would like to see this finished...
  4. ^ You don´t have to be a visitor of Atlantis the Palm. This waterpark is "Aquaventure". Thanks for your post so far. I found a few informations, but I will post them after my TR, cause I´m not sure that they´re really working. Will have to confirm them. Can´t wait to start the Trip!
  5. Oh man, I also recorded this documentary and watched it right now! It was interesting, but they split the documentary in two parts. How nasty, when it gets most interesting they stopped it and now I have to wait one week for the second part of the formula rossa launch and the opening of Ferrari World! But it´s a nice introduction and countdown while I have to wait for my flight date at 29th. Can´t wait to ride Formula Rossa and I´m very excited for my travel to Abu Dhabi and Dubai. I also can´t wait to get into the waterparks to Aquaventure and Wild Wadi and see all those amazing stuff they built up there! So if anyone can give me some hints about Transportation to Yas Island from Abu Dhabi airport, or what´s the best option to get from Abu Dhabi to Dubai or any other helpful hints, please post it here.
  6. I found another video on youtube, which gave some impression of other rides there:
  7. Great work overhere! That Thread is so funny! I don´t really have a T-Shirt, but I thought it would fit into the homepage
  8. Elissa, that´s dark humor with a truth in it I have to revoke my last post, cause of this article: Telegraph
  9. ^Yes, it will be in the Gremlins building. But I didn´t find anything confirmed / only speculations about the ride type, like Robb said.
  10. Did we ever discuss about flying seats in an outside flying position on that? Would be great configuration for their flying coasters
  11. Did recognize this Link, too. But sadly it doesn´t work for me. Hopefully later it will work.
  12. This is a great DVD! I love the Music Video with the quotations of Piers and your selction for the soundtrack of the DVD! AMAZING! It´s been more than worth to be a ClubTPR Member! Thank you so much for that Bonus DVD
  13. While I searched for news about the planed coaster for 2011 at "Freizeitpark Plohn", I took this park map from their homepage for you: (or isn´t that allowed?)
  14. I watched out for new informations. Nothing really new happened, but there was another news article 7 days after the old one (March 25th). They mentioned, that they will built a small village, called "Plohni Dorf": www.freiepresse.de
  15. You get your information on page 1. There is still a link on page 2. And thanks to all for the great updates! BTW: Did anybody go to the Tour through Rainbow Magicland? Can´t wait to see pictures
  16. Oh, sorry, I forgot about that details from the german part of the page:
  17. I think it's just a crappy camera man. More parks need me to shoot their coaster footage for them! That´s what I thought!
  18. At first I have to say, I wasn´t sure wether I post this news here or in the "Random" Topic, but I thought it´s coaster related and like my description tells... it could be a Jeff Johnson Credit So be soft on me: Essen for the RUHR.2010 - European Capitol of Culture Here are some photo-artworks of the skulpture (sad we can´t walk through the looping )
  19. Oh, I´m looking forward to a first launch video... I like the small racing coaster, but I´m missing some themeing around it. Hope they will put something in there, but like seen on the concept arts there will be nothing else Like I said before I plan a visit to the park in Nov./Dez.. Please, I need help from everyone, who was in Abu Dhabi and Dubai before or lives there around, to give me some hints here. Don´t want to use this topic for that. Thank you.
  20. Hi there, I round up my year of coaster Trips with a short visit in Abu Dhabi and Dubai from Nov. 29th to Dez. 06th. First I will start with a one Day visit at "Ferrari World Abu Dhabi" and sleep in the near of the Park at the hotel "ParkInn Abu Dhabi". After that I´ll have one free day to check out of the hotel and travel to Dubai (my hotel there will be the "Ibis Hotel" next to "The Mall of Emirates"). At the 3rd day I plan a trip to Auquaventure at Atlantis the Palm on Palm Jumeirah; 4th will be a Trip to Wild Wadi and after that I only have another free day until I sadly have to leave again. So it will be a very stressful Trip with a lot of amazing Parks and less of culture - have to do a longer Trip, to experience the whole countries again another time. I would like to ask you to give me some advices for all those parks and other great experiences I possibly can do in the evening or on my free days. For example, on some day I would like to see the great fountains and Burji Khalifa and maybe I´ll visit the mall over there. What I figured out so far: 1st Day: Ferrari World - opening Time: 12am-12pm - AED 375.- p.P. Premium Ticket (=incl. FASTPASS) 2nd Day: Abu Dhabi - Dubai - Should I spent the most of the day in Abu Dhabi, or is it better to use this day for a first experience and evening in Dubai? - What will be the best connection: Bus; Train; Taxi + prices??? = 2 pers.+baggage) 3rd Day: Aquaventure - What will be the best connection from Mall of Emirates to Aquaventure? (Bus; Train & Monorail; Taxi + prices??? = 2 pers. + baggage) - opening Time: 10am-?sunset? - AED 200.- p.P. Day Visitor - AED 50.- p.P. Towel & Locker Rental 4th Day: Wild Wadi Water Park - opening Time: 10am-6pm - AED 200.- p.P. Day Visitor - AED 20.- p.P. Towel & Locker Rental 5th Day: -12am - Check Out - Is there something - maybe at the Dubai International Airport - where I can leave and lock my baggage? (Price?) - I plan a visit to Burj Khalifa, does someone hints what I can do there? - What and when is the best place and time to watch the fountains over there? - What else should I visit in Abu Dhabi or Dubai (f. example there are some Indoor Parks in Dubai, too, right?) - Are there some places with free WLan?
  21. Robb, the first one you asked for is a "Looping Star"(here) and the second is called "Motoschaukel Comet" (here) Like the page of the above links says they´re also rides of them, but I couldn´t find them on there references page. Have a look by yourself if you want to see, which park bought attractions of them - there are also some american parks, but like you mentioned only the "Tower" and one "Skydive" ride in Florida ... click here
  22. I don´t want to offend you, but I feel now a little bit ashamed for presenting that as a real "Karnevalsumzug" to all the international readers Yes, it might be an "Karnevalsumzug" in your region, but that´s no real "Karnevalsumzug". The traditional big "Karnevalsumzüge" in Cologne, Düsseldorf and Mainz would never have such trailers - posted only with flat jokes. They make more sarkasm jokes and trailers with parodic elements, depending on actual political issues (national and international). - But I can calm you, in my small town the trailers won´t look great and presentable, too I was confused in a second way... Aren´t you a little late with that Photo TR? Karneval is over since February the 17.02.2010 and is going to start at 11:11h on 11.11.2010 again? I thought this page isn´t the right place to post such pictures, cause it´s not really themepark related stuff, but it´s not my job to rate this and since no one of the Officials did, I guess it might be OK. So something to your Topic, I guess you all there had fun and the teams where proud to present their trailers.
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