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  1. Hi Larry, there might be some photos for the Park Index at the Phantasialand Thread. Have a look.
  2. Hi there! Today was Mother´s day and I invited my mom to a Jamboree-Brunch at the Matamba Hotel Restaurant "Zambesi" at Phantasialand. You pay 33,50€ for a All-You-Can Eat Brunch between 12am-3pm and get free entry into the park after the brunch and you don´t have to pay the parking lot. We enjoyed our Brunch and the great weather, but now I´m very tired and go to bed soon, because I´m looking forward to go to work early in the morning I know I should made pictures of the great food, but I couldn´t resist and it´s gone straight into my stomach. Sorry for no pictures I don´t plan a Photo TR, but want to get you updated about the progress at the park. MAUS AU CHOCOLAT isn´t opened yet, but let´s have a look at the few pictures I made: The great Hotel Matamba You have a nice view from the Hotel garden into the "Deep in Afrika" area... Yeah baby, do it! twisty... There is the new wave swinger "Wellenflug" They built up a tribune and a wall as soundtrap in the Old Berlin Place area and made a new passage into the Western / Mexico area. The "Maus au Chocolat" building is still closed. But the "Eiscafe" looks great, sad I can´t eat more after this huge Jamboree Brunch Wuze Town Because I missed it in my Photo TR, here they´re... Winjas Fear and Force... upps, sorry... only one of them was opened today (I think it was FORCE). That´s the passage I talked about before. You get into the area where the Churro Snacks and the Casa Magnetica are located. The Mexican Entrance section is replaced by a interesting looking Mexican Restaurant. Mystery Castle and River Quest Hey here is missing a mountain! They needed place for the new Kiddie attraction... a turning Frog Hopper called "TIKAL" There are two of them. And now a last ride on Black Mamba
  3. I love all your pictures so far and I´m excited what comes next. Just for your interst... If you plan a Trip to the North-Rhine-Westphalia Region in Germany (Phantasialand, Moviepark Germany, Fort Fun, Kernies Wunderland, etc.) you should plan it between 15.-24. July, because of the Düsseldorf Rheinkirmes or 06-15. August, because of the Cranger Kirmes in Herne. You should get on both biggest funfairs in this region some extra credits (for expample Alpina Bahn, Olympia Looping, Spinning Racer, Höllenblitz, Looping de Loop...) and you will be part of the Olympia Looping premiere on those funfairs, since many years ago! Have fun!
  4. Great TR, this Lego Waterpark looks great. I hope they built one in region. Sounds like you had have a great girls weekend!
  5. Sounds like you enjoyed your Trip to Sweden. Thanks to let us follow you a bit and thank you for the great media (Video AND Photos)! I´m so sad I had to work and didn´t make it to Sweden. Are you home again? If not have a good remaining time there and a good flight home!
  6. I´m so jealous and angry that I have to work / wasn´t able to gett off days for that!!!
  7. Please, can someone invite me and send me your privat jet to germany. I wish I could ride this amazing monster with you Prince Desmond, help me... That looks like heart attacks are included I better start my personal US Coaster review Trip soon!
  8. That was a very detailed Photo TR. I like to see photos of this Park. It reminds me to plan a visit in the next year to Fort Fun. EDIT: I´m NOT an admin or moderator, but I guess your report could make it to the Frontpage and into the Park Index. Upload your pictures to TPR
  9. Thanks for this interesting TR, could be a part of the TPR Magazine... Find the hidden Mickeys" Everytime I read about those Disney stuff I got jealous, because I live far away from the Disney Parks... especially of WDW It has been 18 years, since I visited WDW! Time to come back soon.
  10. The new attraction Maus au Chocolat Maus au chocolat isn´t opened, yet. I planed to visit the park in april, but I do wait a bit or maybe I will go in the next to weeks. There are some other changes and additions in the whole park: They did go on to built up the new huge place in the "Old Berlin" area - built up a massive tribune; the wave swinger "Wellenflug" Wellenflug should be installed now and they made changes in the Colorado Adventure area and add some Kiddie Free Fall Towers called "Tikal"Tikal Here you can see a video of "Tikal": That´s for you Larry: actual Park Map
  11. Another Info besides the attraction: The Name of this boy is "Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht" and he´s a famous Teenage actor and singer, a little bit like "Bieber", in Germany. He has a role in the Teenage Movie Series "Wilde Kerle" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Is it just me or is this Merchandise Bear really displaced!? They should better sell a huge octopus instead of that thing
  12. Hey Larry, CentrO Park Oberhausen Status isn´t defunct anymore... look here it has opened since yesterday and has a new owner.
  13. FYI: (CentrO Park Homepage) Since April 16th 2011 the park has opened again and is now part of the MERLIN ENTERTAINMENT GROUP! Here you can find the a german article where they´re talking about. BUT, the Wild Mouse ("Spinning Mouse"), the Ferris Wheel ("Riesenrad") and the "Pirat" are missing from now on - they were installed by the old park owner, Oscar Bruch Jr. and I just recognized by the Park Map, that the kids attraction "Piratenflotte" is missing, too. Next to the Park is still the König Pilsener ARENA, the shopping Mall CentrO, a Sealife by MERLIN ENTERTAINMENT the STAGE METRONOM Theater (actually with the Musica WICKED) and a Small Waterpark called AQUApark Oberhausen We´ll see, what they will do with the park area in the next years. But it´s a good sign, that especially Merlin has bougth this area according to the 500m to their Sealife... I´m looking forward for good news Here is the new Park Map for 2011
  14. FYI, I just read another German TR about the opening today, they guy won the first ride by a facebook competition and had a chance to talk to the Park Administration. He told at the Coasterfriends.de-page, that the produced mouth didn´t fit the quality norm the park is looking for, so they let it rework. The actual solution is just an improvised theme. That means, it was planed and should come, but in another sentence it was mentioned, that the park is satisfied with the actual solution, too. So we´ll see what will happen, like Hanno said, but it wasn´t a missinformation just to get a better commercial effect. Thanks for the Photo TR Hanno. It was the better TR, I saw today
  15. ^ DEVIL MOM, how could you do that Oh, well... I remember good those moments with Luca
  16. In fact, you are one of the few persons who does have the privilege to go playing at Thomas Town, while the rest of us will wait in line for you, too And, I don´t know much about the lines overthere, but maybe we come around Thomas Town a few times, so you can join us in the last round
  17. I still wish that this is the first step prototype for the next one at Thorpe. I don´t want to believe, that this is the final new concept B&M wants to sell, I more look forward in a X2 Version by B&M Or did they confirm that Thorpe gets this sort of Trains? Don´t want to say that this coaster doesn´t interest me and I´m really looking forward to ride it in September! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thanks for the Photo TR!
  18. I love the ride and I´m looking forward to get back again to ride it as many times as possible! Front row with goggles and the back row with much wind, with daylight and in the evening! It was so great all the half day I was able to ride it from 5pm until 22pm! Like Dubaidave mentioned... the launch is amazing and to be so far to the ground is a great experience while the speed is still enough! And, the most people won´t recognize the break at the top. If you don´t really know about it, you won´t talk about, I guess.
  19. At first I would like to wish all the best to the new married couple! Amy and Dave, my best wishes and a great and never ending time together! That party looks like a really amazing wedding party! I wish more of my friends would have done something like that on their wedding - But don´t tell them about that When I will ever find the right woman again, I will try to do something like that. Great to see you all had a huge fun. Best regards to all of the BritCrew!
  20. Thanks for all this information Dibilele, that was a great help! You organized my journey
  21. If you mean the satellite picture and the place below the park, it's just the FACTORY OUTLET which is there, too. Look here I didn't find a hotel near the park until know. I plan my visit in Rome and drive by car or maybe by train or bus. Still need to find mor informations about that. Perhaps one of our Italian members can help us with more information or hints?
  22. I don´t know why, but excactly the most important pictures are missing above: I´m sad that there are no glowing wheels I hope It´ll be just a short time and we´ll see the first test-videos... nothing heard so far.
  23. Hey! And they launched a Promo Trailer with the "famous" WINX CLUB Characters! Don´t ask me what they´re talking about. To judge from the pictures and what they say, the park might be "fantastico" and has many flower power, pink, heart stuff ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EDIT: Here are some new pictures by the Rainbow Magicland FansClub:
  24. Hey Prince! I´m curious what happened. Did you buy Teh Bigg Diper and put it in the Newerland Ranch in Nigeria? But I guess Kat and Kiwi and might be very sad?
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