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  1. Local TV news in Wales today have announced that Oakwood Theme Park has been sold off in its 20th year! It has been sold to The Aspro Group who own 32 parks in 7 countries. I`m not sure if this is a good or bad thing at the moment what do you think? The park re-opens on March the 20th under new management
  2. Watch how much the whole structure moves about around 33-34 secs!! (play at normal speed) Great video Robb, the ride looks fantastic!
  3. Robb: I think this is an old Japanese tradition! it also saves on trips to Ikea, I`ve also heard that the Japanese don`t just call these computers "Laptops" that is the shortened version! They are called "Laptops my A*se" p.s. did anybody get her address or phone number and will she be coming on your next UK trip?
  4. Hey really great Photo TR, there I was scrolling through, and I came across the photo with the cop in! this caught my attention! then the next pic, the line jumpers list, well I just fell about as it was so unexpected, really really funny and a great report. Well done great stuff!
  5. Ok Elissa, thanks, a lot of people had fun with that last year. Regards
  6. Hi Robb & Elissa Happy New Year! Thanks for all the hard work that you, the team, and the rest of the TPR members add to make this site possible. Just one quick question: Will you be running a Pick & Mix Competition before the season gets going again?
  7. I Know its been a long trip and it gets confusing what country your in, and which side the steering wheel is on in the car............ ........Now my guess is that either Dan or Jeff has the steering wheel in front of them at this point and he should be holding onto it as its their turn to drive. Still everybody else is sleeping so nobody will ever know!
  8. Where`s the girls?? Robb: I take it that the pics of the girls riding the booster bike like this are for your own private viewing
  9. Is this a new themed ride??? B00BS............ Safety Instructions?? Guidelines?? TPR (Robbs) explicit instructions to be followed at all times????? .......Sorry we have our hands full at the moment, and I, just can`t do everything around here, the sign says ask a member of staff for assistance. "I WANT THAT JOB" .....Help, If thats right could someone hold onto these for me! ......... Hold on to any loose articles that might fall out........ Here I am at my new job and I take it very seriously
  10. R & E, Just look at the posts regarding the UK Tour! not a bad word or any sign of dissapointment anywhere! You guys done a really good job, as they say over here "its good when a plan comes together" well from what I can see this one of yours certainly did. As well as the 54 people on the coach you even made people like me feel welcome meeting you all at Oakwood, and not being part of the tour I was not too sure how of if I would be accepted by you and everyone else on the tour, but it was great you and Elissa made a point of coming straight over to meet me, thanks R & E that meant a lot. Three cheers for R & E you both did a grand job, I look forward to a DVD later in the year should be a blast. Nigel
  11. Robb where does she get all that energy? I bet you don`t feel like this, do you? I think I better re-phase that! I bet you don`t feel as energetic as Elissa in this pic do you? ....Whatever Elissa`s on I`ll have a pint, second thoughts put me on a drip.
  12. Well done Robb, great Southport update, nice to see people smiling again and having lots of fun.
  13. I Should think Robb & Elissa are knackered trying to keep 54 TPR members & the roadshow on track for 10 days I spent one day with them and I was knackered! "Don`t Panic" everyone the updates will come. Just remember Robb has to feed this lot by spoon every night & then put them all to bed
  14. Its not a case of looking into a particular park policy before tearing it apart, its a case of here at TPR of having a sense of humour! and enjoying yourself! I`m sure Robb would agree that if you or any TPR member or any park visited is subject to having their leg pulled a bit for whatever reason, even screaming or signs in the park. As far as I am aware (and to the best of my knowledge) no TPR member screamed while at the park. What next? No Smiling, Laughing or farting! lighten up.
  15. .....When the vehicle comes to a complete stop will the person who "SCREAMED" please leave this ride immediately thankyou! "Captain Dan" OVER & OUT Good Morning Ladies and Gentlmen this is your Captain Speaking...................
  16. "Boo" to Drayton Manor ....Unlike somebody else we know! I bet this was the real reason you wasn`t too happy with the park, Elissa "SCREAMED" very "LOUD" and very, very, very! "UNNECESSARY" and closed all the rides and 54 TPR Members, Nigel & his coach were all escorted out. Hey, but hang on! Were Guys surely this wouldn`t effect us would it "Were Macho" were "The Brave" we wouldn`t "Scream" would we? Not Me! OK any Guys who Scream even unnecessary put your hands up! see not one!............................
  17. Look forward to seeing Lipstick Cam footage on the Pepsi Max as I don`t think there is any decent footage anywhere. Well done with all the updates Robb.
  18. Hey Robb Elissa has her eyes closed, I wonder who she is thinking about?
  19. "They Say" if you ride Speed to many times you to may end up looking look like this! My son Kai & his girlfriend Caris after one to many goes on Speed...... or could it have been anything to do with that Elissa Friendly Food?
  20. When we arrived at Oakwood at 0830 on Sunday it was a little overcast and a bit nippy (cold) but the sun soon came out and at 2.00pm Hydro opened................ You can make your own caption up for this........ although still a little "nippy" this had nothing whatsoever to do with the weather This does have its advantages! me sitting in the front row between two young ladies in "Very Wet Clothes"............. WET........................... About 1.5 seconds from now you get very very..................
  21. TPR Members baffled by Speed at Oakwood And look what it does to the colour of your hair! I think you spend more time out of your seat than you do in it on Speed Then this waaaaaay OMG Airtime off the top of the first drop, well what goes up must come down, (unless of course its your breakfast & that works in reverse) Hate to tell you this guys it goes this way, on the straightest piece of track Speed has Robb & Dan trying to work out which way speed leaves the station Forwards or Backwards??
  22. Re: my previous post, just like magic 5 pages of "Oakwood" update appear!
  23. Had a great day on Sunday at "Oakwood" with Robb and Elissa and all the TPR members on the UK 2006 trip and would just like to say a big thanks for making us feel very welcome, and also a big thanks to Zoe and all the staff at Oakwood for looking after everyone, "A Great Day" Personally! on Monday morning, my head was still going round and I was completely knackered and that was just "Speed" that did that, OMG what a ride!!!! Airtime!!! Robb and Elissa were working really hard all day to make sure everything was just right for everyone so god knows how they were feeling? My point is don`t give these guys a hard time about "updates" they will come, and they will be Great, Brilliant and Funny as they always are, the evidence is in the making and I`m sure will be posted as soon as possible. Thanks again & enjoy the rest of the tour.
  24. Hi Everyone "Speed" at Oakwood opens next week Thursday 13th April, if you haven`t seen the latest pics yet, go to: www.97degrees.co.uk
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