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  1. Nope, they're closed that day. Are you the very model of a modern major general?
  2. ^It's definitely shaping up to be one of their better coasters with that requirement (then again, is it really that hard to top Jaguar and Pony?)
  3. ^^The "normal" Larson loops are smaller than the alternate layouts of the Skyline versions, so I still see the Larson versions having a market as the low footprint "classic" version. For parks that can handle the bigger footprints, I'd kill to see some of the new Skyline layouts find some buyers!
  4. Well, I was wondering about that because they are advertising it as "hanging for two seconds before plunging into a 150 foot a beyond vertical drop". But looking at the various renderings, the top section with the angled 'drop brake' looks to take up about a third of the tower's height. Then you have the part at the bottom where the track curves and levels out. That appears to be another fifty feet. Now I know they always include the bottom part in the drop height, but would they really include the brake in the drop height as well? In order for the drop, including the bottom curve, to be 150 feet then the entire structure would have to be closer to 200 feet. I really hope the tower isn't 150 because that means the actual vertical part drop will only be around 50 feet. Meh. I really don't even know what to say to this...
  5. ^For anyone looking that over, the characters on the map refer to either the first syllable of what they're selling (コ=ko=cocoa, ス=su=soup, ニ=ni=Nemo specialty), or if a shop has a shop-specific specialty drink (店, e.g. Camp Woodchuck's lemonade). The other symbols show where the D's Delights (the D cup) and seasonal Christmas drinks (the tree) are sold.
  6. ^This. Even with Indiana Jones being a clone of California's for the most part, the ride itself is different just enough to be its own thing unlike TSM (and Soarin' when that opens).
  7. If you're gonna skip Toy Story, here's my schedule of events: Go with the Toy Story crowd and get a Tower Fastpass, then do standby for Journey (standby moves pretty fast before they let Fastpass people in an hour after opening). After Journey, wait for your return time on Tower and then get a Journey Fastpass, then go back and do Tower. After that, use your next Fastpasses for the Lost River Delta attractions when you can get new ones. Another important tip is that a lot of people with Fastpasses tend to use them immediately after a nearby show ends, which is either great or awful for standby depending on when you get in line. If you're in line before or during a show, there are far fewer Fastpass people, which makes standby lines move much quicker than advertised (a posted 110 minute wait for Journey once ended up being just over half of that). After said shows are done, people with Fastpasses flood back in and back up the Fastpass queue, which slows things down a lot. As such, if you know the schedules of nearby shows (e.g. main lagoon shows for Journey, Big Band Beat for Tower), you can help alleviate your waits a bit.
  8. ^It can give good rides, but the way they operate it seems to deliberately prevent it. I'd kill to have it operated like Gröna Lund's, then it would be insane.
  9. The Hilton is right on the Monorail line (Bayside Station), so unless you're absolutely dying to have the experience of a Disney hotel or being right across from Disneyland, I don't see any incentive to change hotels. In addition to the usual tips (be at the park an hour before opening, all that good stuff), I noticed during the summer season that the lines for Pooh and Monsters usually died down significantly during the last 45-30 mins before closing, dropping to maybe 10-15 mins at most. Not sure if the same will hold true for December, but it's worth keeping an eye out for.
  10. Beast. -Located somewhere with notoriously bad operations -Has a giant loop -Arguably the single scariest launch of any ride
  11. ^The "the Ride" part has been on the actual ride sign for a while, just in very tiny text compared to the rest of the name. You can see it at the beginning of this:
  12. Officially ordered a copy of the new Taiko no Tatsujin release for PS4.
  13. Where specifically are you planning to go, and how far of a side trip would you be willing to do to visit a given park? I'll still throw my word that Europa Park and Phantasialand are well worth checking out, but there's lots of good smaller parks we'd be able to point you to if you have a region narrowed down.
  14. S O R R Y Though seriously, thanks for letting me tag with you for a bit.
  15. End of July after a holiday, I was able to get return times for all major coasters by noon with general admission at opening (plus an extra Dodonpa and Eejanaika slot mid afternoon a few hours after opening), but I can't say for if sure the same will hold for August. Even if it ends up being a lot busier, having early access should make getting decent return times a lot easier.
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