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  1. ^My guess is that section will be braked, and then a switch track will allow the train to reenter the station.
  2. I can't narrow down just one... -Pretty much every Space Mountain (De la Terre a La Lune and DLR's original were probably my favorites) -Pretty much every IMAscore track (Top 3 are Krake, Smiler, and Dwervelwind) -Nemesis -Euro Mir -Colossus (Thorpe Park)
  3. Do you know where in your haunt your role is? That makes a big difference in what kind of character (and scare) you need to go for. If you've got a speaking role (as opposed to a quick startle scare from a corner), use your costume and area to develop a character you can use to really freak people out. Don't worry too much if you can't think immediately of a good way to do this; you'll have plenty of time to experiment and come up with some good lines and techniques as you go through the night. Other general tips: •Depending on what kind of character you need to be, unnatural movements can accentuate the creepiness of your character. Try playing around with your body movements and you can come up with some very unnerving gaits. Note that such movements don't fit every kind of character, so you may want to be careful. •Invading personal space is a decent way to get unnerving, but be sure not to stay in it for too long. Lingering too close can reveal some details that may detract from your scare (especially with props), not to mention some people have the nasty reflex of hitting when they get scared. •Avoid saying "Get out". It's not only kind of cliche, but it comes off as unwelcoming (and not as immersive) to guests. Developing a strong character is a good way to avoid this; if you play your cards correctly, you can easily get people moving through your room in character if you really need them to.
  4. ^^I liked Mantis when I rode it. Yeah it was a headbanger, but I thought the layout was still enjoyable.
  5. Wanted a park related design for my first one. Ended up going with the Smiler because the logo is just plain awesome.
  6. Hell, you could technically argue the parking lot is already part of the new theme As for Colossus...
  7. After the whole Blackfish debacle, I thought that if SeaWorld played its cards right from the backlash it would get, it could be the best thing to ever happen to them. If SeaWorld addressed the (nonexistent or trivial) problems the film made points of, we could see some great additions that would make the park even better for both the animals and the guests. [/ramble] Regardless of whether or not the film and its rabid backlash inspired this decision, this looks like a wonderful step for all the parks to add, and if indicative of the direction the parks are going, makes me excited to see what else they'll be planning in the future.
  8. You can place walls and roofs around the station segments. Holding the Shift key will allow you to place objects above one another (another wall above a base wall, a roof over the track, etc). There's no real difference between using custom scenery or not. It's the same process of placing objects.
  9. ^From what I can tell, most of (if not all of) the Camp Snoopy area will become Special Ops? That's a pretty big area... Sounds like it could be a seriously awesome part of Haunt if it gets pulled off correctly.
  10. ^ Doesn't know how to use the search function < Will gladly link you to Game-The Guy Above Me v Will probably lock this thread
  11. Twister II has some ridiculously harsh braking. People unprepared for it get thrown pretty hard (1:40-ish for a good view): [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  12. So I finally got to ride it today, and here are my thoughts: WOW! I felt Cave of the Winds needed some other high profile attractions to catch up to Glenwood Caverns' recent development, and this is a great addition to their lineup. Riders were extremely pleased with the ride, and people watching from the entrance were utterly captivated by the terrified reactions of people riding it. For a place with very little land to build on, this provided a great addition that didn't take up too much of their precious little real estate. As far as the ride goes, my expectation of "Skycoaster meets Falcon's Fury" was pretty well met. The tilting seats prior to the drop were pretty effective in freaking people out, and it's admittedly good nightmare fuel for anyone with even a mild sense of acrophobia. The location combined with the agonizingly slow tilt to the weight shifting onto the restraint belts adds perfect anticipation for the ride ahead. I'd say the final seconds at near 90º was easily the best part of the whole ride (though some of the other riders repeatedly cursing at that point likely beg to differ). If you've been on a Skycoaster, you basically have a picture of the how the rest of the ride goes as far as how the drop and swinging feel. The location again plays a great role in making the ride more intimidating, since you get quite close to the walls of the canyon, though the ride beyond the initial portion is basically a seated Skycoaster (if I'm making that sound like something bad, it's totally unintentional). It's pretty basic, but it does its job very well. Though I generally really enjoyed the ride, I felt there were two thing that were holding it back from being truly spectacular. First and foremost, the price tag. $50 for a ride seems more like something you'd see out of Vegas or Orlando, but not a roadside stop in Colorado. It seemed a lot more people there wanted to ride it, but were held back by the cost. Of the two hours I was there, it cycled four times (including my own ride) not because of Fuji-Q tier operations, but because the four cycles were the only people who had paid to ride. By contrast, the nearby zipline was consistently holding a line and constantly cycling. Considering this low ridership, I wouldn't be surprised if the price were lowered in the near future to get more people on it. Second downside (though it's not a really major one), the location is a bit of a two-edged sword. Its location makes for a thrilling ride, but makes what could be really cool to watch hard to do so. Because it's tucked behind the corner of the gift shop, viewing the ride from the viewing decks is near impossible, and the holding area for the ride is the only somewhat decent place to watch people drop in, though it's a view from the back. There looked to be a service area next to the entrance, which could be built into a better area to see the ride running. This ride could be visually spectacular (and intimidating) if it were given the area to have people see it. Overall, it's a great ride that's gotten some good press for being intimidating, though it seemed the price of the ride scared people off more than the ride itself.
  13. ^I know Breckenridge operates their alpine slides and their coaster during the summer. One doesn't really seem affect the operations of the other.
  14. Vernor's with a shot of Fireball. Makes for a great combo.
  15. From what I can gather, the cable used to support the ride carriage is also attached to a winch that can pull it back up. I'll probably go and check it out soon, and I'd probably have a better answer then. It's a pun, buddy. In what way is that a pun? "The Romans only gathered once a week. That was enough forum." That's a pun. It's a geology pun. An epoch is a measure of geologic time that's shorter than a period, but longer than an age. Considering that the cave is still supposed to be the primary attraction there, the use of geology puns is acceptable.
  16. Cave of the Winds in Manitou Springs got a new ride for this season that opened a few weeks back. I'd describe it as a SkyCoaster crossed with Falcon's Fury; that is, the seats tilt 90º before dropping and swinging into a canyon. It looks pretty damn awesome, to say the least. From their website (NOTE: videos have some strong language): I may go and do a TR this weekend if I've got time, and maybe catch a ride. Both Cave of the Winds and (somewhat) nearby Glenwood Caverns have been developing pretty rapidly over the last decade or so, and this looks like a great continuation of that trend!
  17. Reading through the Facebook comments on the clarification of the weight limits...some people. My favorite:
  18. I quite like space mountain mission two too. I know it usually has crappy reviews but I do enjoy it. The theming really is great and I like how everything builds up your anticipation, I also never got terrible headbanging. By the way, wasn't it going to get new trains? I got to ride it years back when it was still De la Terre a la Lune. I do have to say I really enjoyed it as well, though current reviews make it seem like the ride is a shadow of what it used to be.
  19. ^^Japanese TV never ceases to amaze me. *Technically the US version of the game, but whatever.
  20. While it's now (thankfully) gone, Rocket Rods deserves a mention for having a long line. The normal queuing area took up the entire CircleVision building, filled to the brim with switchbacks. Even then that wasn't really enough, since the queue often spilled outside the building on even the slowest of days.
  21. Another drone flyover video was posted...probably won't be able to visit Vegas for a while, but I'm still excited!
  22. Found this gem on the TPR Expedition Everest POV: I don't even...
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