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  1. ^Beast's helix is awesome and the best part of the ride so per PKI thought "If one is good two must be better!" I agree that a layout that had the first helix replaced by some airtime hills and a nice turnaround would be awesome assuming it was Intamin.
  2. I've been on Titan and I found the only good part of the ride was the drop and the airtime hill. I really want to go to SFMM and ride Goliath so I can compare them... And say I've been on two of the three Giovanolas in the world!
  3. I mean the idea of a hyper woodie is not necessarily a bad idea. Had KI/PKI gone with a better manufacturer ( Read as: Intamin) it may have been a hit. But however they decided to go with a company like RCCA and look how it turned out...
  4. That's what she said. Is that necessary? Sorry but that joke is one of my pet peeves. Anyways... How does Goliath compare with Titan at SFOT? Has anyone been on both?
  5. IMO SOB has a lot of potential but something has to change. I remember the first time I rode it... Going through the rose bowl I got a massive headache.
  6. ^If only my SLR could take pictures like that. But thats not the cameras fault. It's mine. Great Pictures!
  7. Great pictures! AA looks like a great little park and Rampage looks crazy! Was it AA that got CP's old afro fountain?
  8. Great Picture! Ive been trying to get a shot like this for a while now. Did you take it on Sky Ride or something else?
  9. I predict a racing, spinning, flying dive machine Seriously though I wouldn't be surprised to see a THBS.
  10. This park is simply incredible! This is one of the best parks Ive seen in a long time! I especcially love the invert and the hyper.
  11. I agree with Credit Crazy. Diamondback is incredibly photogenic as is Intimidator at Carowinds.
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