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  1. Heya im glad to announce that 'G-Force' is now open at Drayton Manor, Tamworth, UK has finally opened. Its replaced the old 'Klondike Gold Mine' which was really run down but now this petit coaster has replaced it. It combines two inversions and a lift hill that actually goes upside down its WICKED!


    Its not really an intense coaster but its the seating and the feeling of being held upside down the track for a few seconds is amazing!


    Here are some pictures of this new next generation coaster!


    The link for the video will also be posted soon



  2. :lol: I was just sitting like and boring old fart and was thinking to myself, "What coasters can we start to see in the near future?". I came up with the concept of a stand up floorless rollercoaster. ( A bit like the restraints on apocalypse at drayton manor. 5th Element part of the tower.)and the kraken floor element. Mind you it could be nasty for the guys all them G-Forces.

    I hope ive intregued you all thanks Jon.


  3. dang i missed the chance to download this video! Can any one send it me either via another link or over msn thanking you jon


    Oh made plans to go back to Busch Gardens in July. CANT wait to ride Sheikra! Oblivion looks pants now ive seen this! Ive ridden Oblivion many times and find it cool but its like 30 seconds max. Cant complain tho because it seems to always have a 5 minute queue when i go.


    Thanks jon


    Its HUUUGE!

  4. WOW I see that this was a great ride o put on the discussion board But Kraken does "rock like yellow sox".

    Anyone going to sea world soon?

    Oh who has been on journey to altlanis my dad nearly SH1T himself on this when we went down the first drop its totally awesome (except for those saddos who get you with them water cannons!!! )

    Cya jon


  5. Hey just another post from the one and only. Just wondering how many people have been on Kraken. I would say this is my No1 coaster of the many coasters I have ridden in my short life

    I went on it this time last year and loved it. It has got to be one of the smoothest coasters I have been on. Queue times are fab too the longest I queued was 10 minutes so managed to get on it 14 times. I am planning to go back to the USA in june after my exams. Will defenatley be going to bush gardens tampa bay to ride Sheikra

    Cheerio Jon


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