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  1. In the local newspaper they did an article about Survivor. But they also included a picture of Cyclone. You can definitely see the topper track in the bottom left corner.




    And if you want, here's the article. It gives a ton of info on the new show.




    AGAWAM – Fans of the popular reality TV show “Survivor” have a chance this summer to put what they have learned on the small screen to the test with Six Flags New England’s new stage show, “Survivor Live.”


    The stage show kicks off Memorial Day weekend at the park’s Rockville Theater. It will run three times daily, except on Tuesdays, through Labor Day.


    “We are pleased to bring the thrills and excitement of ‘Survivor Live’ to our guests,” said Jason Freeman, Six Flags New England park president. “We predict this show will become an instant crowd favorite.”


    A joint effort of Six Flags Entertainment Corporation, CBS Consumer Products and RWS and Associates, “Survivor Live” will put park guests’ minds and bodies to the test as audience members compete in contests designed to challenge their endurance, memory and strength.


    This interactive show features music, choreography, state-of-the-art sets and lavish costumes.


    “Survivor” is “one of the most popular shows in reality TV history,” said Melissa M. Pinkerton, communications manager for Six Flags New England. “We’re always looking to diversify our entertainment, and adding this cool stage show that people can get involved with is a great addition to the awesome entertainment package we already have.”


    During each “Survivor Live” show, the audience will be divided into four tribes: Mogo Mogo Tribe, Ulong Tribe, Lopevi Tribe and Kota Tribe.


    One person will be selected from each to compete in games, and the winner will be eligible for a drawing to win a pair of tickets to see the season finale of “Survivor” live in New York City.


    “We’re really thrilled about it,” Pinkerton said. “It’s an incredible theatrical piece.”


    The show will be included in the theme park entrance price.


    “This is an opportunity for everybody to get on board and be part of a tribe,” Pinkerton said.


    Six Flags America in Washington, D.C., will present the “Survivor Live” show, too.


    Survivor, now in its 22nd season on CBS, features contestants who are stranded in a remote location and divided into tribes who compete against one another in various physical and mental challenges. The losing team is forced to vote a member of its own tribe off the island. The goal is to outwit, outplay and outlast the other contestants to be the last person standing and win the title of Sole Survivor and a $1 million prize.

  2. I have heard that Cyclone at SFNE is getting some topper track. We'll see if that happens.

    now that would be amazing


    SFNE Online received pictures earlier today that show the track. Crews have been seen around Cyclone surveying it out.



    If you want to see two more pictures you can go to SFNE Online.



    I'm sure if the track on both Rattler and Cyclone are a success then I bet we'll see them on more coasters soon enough!

  3. I don't think there ever was a boat ride, considering that IOA has only been open for about 10 years or so... Not trying to contradict, but I'd be interested to hear more.

    There was. I think it was called the Island Skipper Tours? It would take you from the Port of Entry to Jurassic Park while giving facts about the other islands. I believe it closed in 2003 because it was sort of useless. I don't know much else about it, I'm sure someone does though.

  4. Without further ado... Six Flags New England's 10th Roller Coaster has been named GOTHAM CITY GAUNTLET ESCAPE FROM ARKHAM ASYLUM! Stay tuned for more details on our official website.


    And from the website:


    Six Flags New England scores a perfect 10. We're adding a 10th coaster to our amazing arsenal of thrill rides that includes top attractions like Bizarro, the #1 steel coaster. Our newest coaster, Gotham City Gauntlet Escape from Arkham Asylum opens in April.

    Tap into your villainous side as you attempt to escape from Arkham Asylum; home of Gotham City's criminally insane. Board the four-person coaster cars and start a five-story climb towards the sky. Once you reach the top of the lift hill, your world is sent spinning and twirling through a maze of 17 hairpin turns, winding twists and turns and unexpected dips.Careening along 1,213 feet of track, this all new coaster adventure will delight thrill seekers of every age.



    I can't wait for some more details later. This was the long rumored name so its good to see it confirmed!


  5. I didn't know where to put this, in here or the SFMM thread, but I decided here was best.



    From reading all the comments, you can obviously tell that the GP is extremely confused on what the three new coaster experiences are. One says its Apocalypse, another says there isn't one. I've even read a comment on YouTube that its just the reopening of Deja Vu thats the third coaster.


    I definitely think that SFMM needs to clarify that Superman: Escape from Krypton, Road Runner Express, and Green Lantern: First Flight are the three new coaster experiences or else theres going to be some pissed off people come Summer time. The new video with the three names at the end obviously isn't enough, especially since their main market is to teens.


    But I think this takes the cake in those comments...


    Yes, Superman is remodeled. A mod, maybe some refurbishing on an existing one. The math I learnt is different.
  6. Oh yeah, I wonder where Frontier City is in all of this? I was so hoping to get a little HFEC influence there, but it's probably too close to Branson for them to run without issues.


    Makes perfect sense for who's managing Frontier City.

    Former Six Flags execs to manage Frontier City, White Water Bay

    Gary Story and Kieran Burke, former executives with Six Flags Inc., which owned Frontier City and White Water Bay, are returning to manage the parks.


    Frontier City theme park and White Water Bay water park again will be getting the Six Flags management touch when former Six Flags executives Kieran Burke and Gary Story begin managing the properties.


    The 2011 season marks the beginning of a management agreement with property owner CNL Lifestyle Properties, which purchased Frontier City and White Water Bay from Six Flags Entertainment Corp. in 2007.


    “We could not be more excited about the opportunity to once again manage both Frontier City and White Water Bay,” said Kieran Burke. “Gary Story and I, along with some incredibly talented industry leaders, grew what became the world's largest regional theme park company from these two family entertainment icons right here in Oklahoma City. Our love for this city, these parks, and the team members we have worked with, makes this an especially rewarding assignment.”


    In 1989, Burke and Story started Premier Parks in Oklahoma City with the acquisition of Frontier City, followed by White Water Bay in 1991. The success of those parks ignited the company's growth and led to the acquisition of Six Flags Theme Parks in 1998.


    They transformed Frontier City, adding the Silver Bullet steel roller coaster, the Renegade Rapids river adventure ride and the popular Wild Cat wooden roller coaster.


    Frontier City opens April 9. White Water Bay opens May 21.



    Hmmm sounds like they're building up another theme park empire to me.

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