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  1. He's baaaaaaaackkk...




    Pol calls for stiffer regs as Six Flags eyes Goliath coaster

    Six Flags New England’s plan to open a massive “inverted boomerang” roller coaster next year is raising concerns among doctors worried about the health impacts of bigger, faster rides and reviving a call from lawmakers for more regulation of amusement parks.


    The coaster, dubbed Goliath, zips riders along in suspended cars at 65 mph with an 18-story free fall and a 110-foot-tall cobra roll.


    Some physicians say such thrill rides can be harmful.


    “Roller-coaster rides have been associated with carotid and vertebral artery dissections, which are believed to be related to excessive G forces and forceful neck movements during rides,” wrote Massachusetts General Hospital neurologists S.I. Sheikh and A.B. Singhal in an academic journal.


    U.S. Rep. Ed Markey (D-Malden) has also expressed concerns about so-called thrill rides and proposed legislation this summer to reinstate federal regulation of roller-coaster safety, which has not been in effect since 1981.


    “Fixed-site amusement park rides like those at Six Flags New England are exempt from federal oversight due to a 30-year-old special-interest loophole. This means that even as these rides get faster and taller, safety rules remain stuck in a state-by-state patchwork that leaves riders vulnerable,” Markey told the Herald.


    But Six Flags New England President Jason Freeman this week defended the park and its coasters, saying that “by following American Society for Testing and Materials guidelines, the rides in our park are checked daily.”


    Goliath was built in 2001 and first known as Deja Vu at Six Flags Magic Mountain in California. The coaster, which takes riders along its 1,200-foot track twice, once forward and once backward, will be relocated and reconstructed at the Bay State amusement park by Memorial Day weekend.


    “The jerky motions of these rides have been linked to small tears in arteries or a spike in blood pressure, but we aren’t sure if there is necessarily a cause-and-effect relationship,” Singhal told the Herald yesterday.


    ASTM regulations, which are mandated throughout Massachusetts amusement parks, provide a series of check-ups that come at daily, weekly or monthly intervals, depending on the type of maintenance, and are the only type of amusement-park standards in the country. The regulations also enforce a G-force limit on rides based on medical research.


    “Additional regulation from Rep. Markey on top of this system will only add more bureaucracy and less safety,” Freeman said.


    If you don't know who Markey is, then let me briefly fill you in. He is a jerk off who loves trying to ruin fun.

  2. From the SFMM Facebook page of course.


    I'd rather you guys take away green lanter-garbage ride- than dejavu


    WHAT?!?!?! Deja Vu is easily one of the best there, and my personal favorite. not cool, bros. I reeeeeally hope this is a joke

    It's not April Fool's yet. Sorry.


    DAMMIT ENGLAND! Why did you have to buy it from us?

    I didn't know there was a SF park in England?


    Whhhhaaaatttt???that ride gaved me the chills by standing in line but sure loved riding it..and what N E can't afford its one ride? I say we SUE LMFAO


    Uh what?


    Done posting, these are just some of my favorites. But there is just way to much.

  3. This is kind of like the opposite, but I'm surprised at how the GP can actually tell the similarity between Flashback and Goliath. They don't seem to like it. Are they getting smarter or am I just underestimating them?


    Whats stupid though, is I've seen people complaining about Superman: Ultimate Flight on SFDK's Facebook page... I mean damn, that thing looks awesome. How can they complain?

  4. The two tallest things in the park are Bizarro (208 ft tall) and Scream is 200 ft. Bizarro is right on the bank of the CT river, and that is the lowest elevation in the park. Scream looks like it is taller, but its right where things level out.


    Goliath will be the complete opposite. Goliath is situated on a hill, the highest elevation in the park. So it will look like its about 270ish feet tall. Thats why we all thought the media wasn't getting the right facts.


    Plus I can see another reason they picked the name. Bizarro is the most popular attraction with merchandise. I can't think of any other ride, except maybe Batman that actually has merch sold for it. SFNE needs another signature coaster to sell more merch (IMO) and Goliath fits that. It's very easy to create Goliath stuff.

  5. I think it would have been cool to have the skull be used as a tunnel or something, but being a used coaster, they couldn't incorporate it in I guess.


    I think SFA has a winner on their hands. People are just happy to finally have a "new" coaster. They won't know the difference. Like I've said before in this thread, if they get a huge return in this, I bet SFA will start to see bigger and better things.

  6. I'm so into this coaster... and agree with whoever said they'd rather have this (even if it is low capacity) than another boomerang (SFNE). This thing just looks like it's going to be a blast... and it looks like it's just lap bars! The hang time at the top will probably be crazy!

    Yeah, this is definitely in my theoretical top 5, "Must ride coasters in 2012" list. Is it bad that I'm even going to put this above X-Flight in terms of epicness?

  7. A bag filled with medicine (Allergic to nuts) so I can't really lose that so I guess I need to get a fluffy, fluffy bunny filled with medicine and goo. Are there all day fluffy, fluffy bunnies filled with medicine and goo or just 2 hour ones?

    They have full day lockers all over the place. The best ones are right through the main gate, to the right. You don't need a key or anything. It's pretty cool. Or you could call guest relations and ask them if you could leave your medicine in the first aid building. I think they would approve that but you never know.


    Erm...just a little question. Does SFNE have lil cubbies on the rides to leave your stuff (Or a bin or anywhere where you can leave a bag) or do you have to bring everything on with you like at stupid SFGadv.


    In addition to Flashback and Cyclone, I remember seeing that Pandemonium had cubbies too. They were being VERY strict with loose items on Bizarro. If people were putting hats, sunglasses, etc. on the side, they would not dispatch until people were wearing their stuff announcing the items would not be there when the train returned. The only things people were leaving on the Batman platform seemed to be flip-flops, which they were allowing. I believe you can leave things on the side on Thunderbolt, but can't remember for certain.

    You're right. Pandemonium and Thunderbolt do have them. I always tend to leave my shoes on the side of Batman and Mind Eraser. And then I usually tuck my phone and whatever else is in my pocket, deep in my shoe.


    When I went a couple weeks ago, they would run down the train on Bizarro with any loose articles asking who's it was, they then told them that they were going to leave it on the side, but to never do it again.

  9. Only five more days...


    Another intereresting thing about Bay Area Bash...the ?Park Manager? or some higher up used to be the manager of Hard Rock Park...that was a bit strange to me...


    Yeah. The park president Dale Kaetzel had some affiliation with it. Then I think John Fitzgerald, the new park president of GAdv had something to do with Freestyle. lol. But it seems like both of them are doing a good job.

  10. Erm...just a little question. Does SFNE have lil cubbies on the rides to leave your stuff (Or a bin or anywhere where you can leave a bag) or do you have to bring everything on with you like at stupid SFGadv.


    Flashback, Cyclone, and all the flat rides have cubbies. Your only really forced to put stuff in a locker on Bizarro, Batman, and Mind Eraser. But ever since they added the souvenir cup holders, the ride ops have been more lenient on people leaving stuff on the side.

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