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  1. The vertical lift hill is now fully in place. (via Theme Park Worldwide's Facebook)
  2. One of my favourite photos of this piece of insanity so far.
  3. More themeing has been added to the Flasher leg of the Marmaliser The now completed second dive loop (Thanks to The Alton Towers Guide Facebook) Current state of the Vertical Lift hill trench (Thanks to TowersStreet Facebook) The station is now almost completely closed up (Thanks to TowersStreet Facebook) Alton Towers have posted 6 photographs onto the Smiler website that were taken from the crane when they were installing the third leg of the Marmaliser (I won't post these directly because there has been progress since then and I don't want to confuse people!) http://www.the-smiler.com/the-ride/ (Click on construction)
  4. Looking at it from AT/Merlin's POV the OTSR/Lap bar debate was a complete non-starter. This is a park/park operator that won't install a woodie in this country because their research points to the British public feeling that they are not safe. If a type of coaster that has been around as long as the woodie has people concerned why on earth would they put lapbars on the coaster with the most inversions on the planet?
  5. Just in case you were not feeling old enough this afternoon, today is Oblivion's 15th birthday.
  6. Preview of tonight's TowersTimes update Bye and thanks for nothing, Fanta sign! Rebuilding of the central island and preparation for the Smiler related theming piece.
  7. They've given away free tickets through The Sun for each of the last 4 years (probably longer but I can't be sure off the top of my head)
  8. New Photo from AT's Twitter Do look down - New view from the top of Oblivion
  9. Blivvy is a bit of a stunner in that new coat of paint.
  10. Update time (again, courtesy of TowersTimes.co.uk) Full album:
  11. A new promotional picture has surfaced as part of The Sun's annual ticket giveaway. The Sun's ticket offer begins tomorrow which, going from previous years, means we'll be getting the 2013 map very soon. Also...are those lapbars?
  12. ^ Well it is taken from this article http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2286085/Alton-Towers-The-Smiler-Psychologists-set-unveil-terrifying-roller-coaster-ever.html?ITO=1490&ns_mchannel=rss&ns_campaign=1490 (Warning: Links in the sidebar may/will contain traces of racism, sexism and general bigotry)
  13. Pretty much, wouldn't be surprised to see an image that unlocks the Top Secret element(s) somewhere in the station between leaving the ride and entering the shop.
  14. Posted by ColinM on http://www.ukrides.info Hello block paving.
  15. Credit to The Alton Towers Guide for this image, showing the arrival of the air gates: Airgates? Certainly fits in with the station design seen in the trailer for The Smiler's game.
  16. License to print money with a line-up and price like that, it'll be lapped up by their target market for these events.
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