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  1. What is this park like on a Saturday in early August? I'm going to be in town for work and would be visiting until about 3 pm before heading back to the airport. Which rides have single rider lines? I'm mostly concerned with NTAG, Shockwave, and Mr. Freeze.
  2. Seaworld Orlando is running a BOGO season pass right now. $192 for two season passes including Aquatica.
  3. You might have used coast2coaster.com It gives you a map of the world with every known coaster and alpine slide.
  4. Wow, this was an unbelievable thread to follow. Makes me definitely rethink which cruise line we will choose in the future.
  5. 7:30, video 6, discussing the move of deju vu with vekoma because the interview wasn't about that originally and they only touched on it.
  6. 9:30, 1st video, chad miller and robb imitating how chinese people ride coasters
  7. Man you're killing me. Ummm, same video and clip where chad say's he also wants to see how the new element works too and follows it by saying the physics are there, to reassure robb.
  8. 6:58, 1st video, talking about possibly almost touching during the high five element in those trains on the new china coaster?
  9. Gravity group interview sitting in the wooden warrior train at 5:40 in the 1st video? Edit: 5:40, 1st video, gravity group wooden warrior train.
  10. So I just had a successful bid on priceline for 50 a night at a 3* place, in case that helps anybody looking for a cheap nice hotel.
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