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  1. Awesome report, love reading and seeing places I'll likely never have a chance to visit. Can anyone comment on wax hands?
  2. I was disappointed to see there isn't a combination ticket for a day pass plus front of the line for the HHN event. How long will lines get on the Oct. 1st Thursday? Is a front of the line pass worth the crazy upcharge? I was trying to find reports of wait times from previous years, a 30 minute wait is my limit mark.
  3. Fun report man. Indiana Jones guy has been on the Indy ride 2000 times or something like that, he keeps a total in his signature.
  4. I lived in Northern Indiana for most of my life and never made it down to Indiana Beach or Holiday World, what a mistake. That pinball expo post you linked was great. I'll have to read through the rest of that thread. I'd like to own a pin or two some day. Do you do maintenance yourself, and how often?
  5. So did you end up finding any "real" fish and chips?
  6. Total crap that your personal rules don't enforce trying for the loop on that hole!
  7. One of the best trip reports I've viewed on this forum, I really appreciate the thoroughness. Looking forward to the rest of the DL coverage
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