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  1. Let's hope for more announcements from Triotech on Knott's Iron Reef, a POV would be nice
  2. I still just have this feeling inside me saying its never going to actually race all the time anyway. While I am very excited for this ride, I can't help but wish the park was getting something closer to the lines of Wicked Cyclone with a more simple and fuller layout. There's just something about the park always requiring their rides to have this amazing record that doesn't even matter that almost downgrades the overall ride and layout.
  3. While I'm pretty excited for Twisted Colossus, my most anticapted ride has got to be the mystery project going on at Knotts, and I don't even know what it is yet! I'm just really excited that the park is using that building for a ride again.
  4. I totally agree. I love Scary Farm and I had a blast going this Thursday with the light crowds. It just seems so repetitive with so much returning mazes every year, and none of them are really terrifying themes. They're more like really nice sets that I enjoy walking through just to see all the cool stuff, but it's not scary anymore. Maybe it's just me, but having cowboys, bird-people with oversized beaks, and trick-or-treaters as "monsters" in mazes just isn't scary to me.
  5. I was working the Log Ride Friday night and got to meet Tony Baxter, I got to shake his hand and everything! How does Infected work? Do you wait in line to get a return time ticket? Can you get a ticket for both sides at close times?
  6. It will be one continuous layout. Once the train completes running through the first half, it will go straight into the second lift instead of returning to the station.
  7. My guess is they'll completely gut the entire structure and build an RMC from scratch, like Outlaw Run or Goliath. I don't think they would reuse that old structure. I'm really hoping they rebuild the station too, it looks really outdated.
  8. So am I the only person thinking a ride along the lines of Hershey's new Laff Trakk would be perfect for the Dinosaur building? Obviously they don't need a second spinning coaster, but what if they were to put in their own version of an old school fun house shooting dark ride? It may end up like a "Midway Mania Rip-off", but I think the park could pull this off and make it their own unique attraction. Considering all the recent interviews with Cedar Fair and realizing they still might go with something along the lines of Wonder Mountain's Guardian, hopefully Knotts will put a little more effort into this project and create something really spectacular. Just some thoughts.
  9. Xcelerator, Boomerang, Pony Express, Montezooma, Goliath, Colossus, Green Lantern, and Mummy.
  10. Kong at Discovery Kingdom is terrible, along with your friendly neighborhood Boomerang. To be honest I loved Deja Vu at Magic Mountain, that ride was so intense and thrilling.
  11. ^ The camp snoopy rides that got removed are all sitting in the employee parking lot across Western, including GR8 SK8.
  12. I was at the park yesterday for the pass holder preview. The mine ride is great, everyone go check it out! They also had a premier of the new summer ice show which was also neat to see. While I was on the upper level of the theater, I could see into the KOD station really well, and they had tables and chairs set up like a meeting or interview had taken place. Interesting....
  13. ^ There will most likely be a lot of school groups visiting for graduation purposes, so not completely empty but nothing like middle of July either.
  14. Here's a couple pictures I got of the parts from last week. They're fenced off in the side parking lot where the main gate to hobby city is. Looks like most if not all of the track and supports.
  15. Drove by the park yesterday and the first shipment of parts and track pieces have arrived. Couldn't grab a picture while I was driving and it's hard to see on the side lot. Hopefully they'll get more parts and start putting it up soon. All I can say is the colors are very bright. Neon yellow and orange.
  16. The Back to the Future thing would be awesome! The tour needs more live actors in it, and this would be a cool tribute for the anniversary.
  17. Other than going to Knott's about every 2 weeks with my pass, I'll be heading to Sea World to see the new entrance and finally ride Manta, make my way to Universal in the next month to see the minions, and visit Disneyland some time this summer.
  18. Every single time I pass by the park, I can't help wonder when Soak City will get the love it deserves. All the slides have faded paint. It's been 10 years since they have added something new, which Pacific Spin has been the park's only new addition since the park opened in 2000. I say it's time for some much needed attention to the current slides or some new additions. I would honestly be fine if Knott's had no new additions for the next year or two other then continuing minor improvements around the park, and place more attention toward the water park for a year.
  19. I'm really hoping the park will get an interactive dark ride in the near future after seeing all the work they are putting in the classic attractions. Plus with Wonder Mountain's Guardian going into Canada's Wonderland, I'm curious to see if any other Cedar Fair parks follow this direction and continue to add more.
  20. Full Throttle had only one train on Friday, not sure how long the other one will be out.
  21. I'm gonna brag about my day at the park yesterday. I was very impressed with how much I accomplished. Full Throttle - 25min Green Lantern - walk on Namtab - walk on Sussoloc - walk on Scream - walk on Superman - 5min Apocalypse - 20min Golitath - 30min X2 - 20min Ninja - 15min Riddler - walk on Gold Rusher - walk on Viper - walk on Tatsu - 20min X2 - 30min I have to say it was a GREAT day at the mountain, best day I've ever been.
  22. I'm not a fan of the whole Star Wars land idea. It doesn't seem right to split it between Star Wars and Tomorrowland, with Star Tours still being in the Tomorrowland side. Moving the Astro Orbit rockets either to the Space Mountain roof or People Mover roof would be a great move, and honestly I can see them removing the subs and autopia in a couple years. Captain Eo can easily be switched over to something like possibly Walle. The one thing that NEEDS TO HAPPEN: take out Innoventions and put a ride like Spiderman/Transformers themed to Iron Man or Avengers.
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