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  1. Here in Amersfoort we still have a lot of people playing and we have a team of players from within the company. By meeting the hardcore gamers (there are people who almost play 24/7) we happened to get in several raid group apps that use Whatsapp to communicate. So when something special is happening I hear it rather quickly, be it a raid going to start or an Unown that is spotted.

    But when a release of new Pokemon is happening you just go to the center of town to find a lot of people trying to raid. Biggest group I saw the last two weeks was about 50 people for a Lugia raid.


    So yeah, Pokemon Go is very much still a thing here. And a luckily a great city to catch them. I have caught 237 pocket monsters at the moment. (All there is to catch here in Europe at this time)

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