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  1. ^ Watch it be a land of kiddie coasters. And cool, I love those Tornado rides, we have one at Wet N' Wild here in Orlando, it's called "Brain Wash," it's my favorite ride there.
  2. In the above picture, if my "Harry Potter dorkiness" is correct, that bridge that you see, is the Viaduct to get into the main entrance to the castle, which is the first place you see when Harry walks in, in the first movie, goes up the stairs, and see's professor McGonnagal, and she talks about the sorting hat. Off to the sides of the stairs on the inside is a set of downward-spiraling stairs that lead to the dungeon, in which it's depicted in the 6th book alot, as Harry has to go to detention with Professor Snape quite a few times. Whether or not there going to be that detailed with the inside of Hogwarts is beyond me. (I really need a life. )
  3. See, I was going to make a cocky joke. (no pun intended.) But me being new here and all, I didn't want to come across as cocky, so thanks for posting what I wanted to post in the back of my mind.
  4. ^ Actually, that's the song they got her name from. My sister used to dance for like 7 years, and that was her favorite song, and her favorite dance they had. But there are other Lola songs, like "Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets...." And according to my great uncle, there's one about a transvestite as well.
  5. I've only had 1 crotch crusher in my life. That was Pheonix at BGA. (the looping pirate ship.) The lap bar comes down automatically till' a certain point, it hurt pretty bad. But I went on it again another time about 6 months ago, and I guess since I got taller it didn't effect me much? I don't know. It was wierd, hard to explain.
  6. No. Did you know a pig's orgasm lasts for 30 minutes? No wonder why there always squealing.
  7. ^ That makes sense, I hope the nets are installed in a week when I go, riding that ride at night looks like alot of fun.
  8. I made Manta recently, inspired off of the Manta ride at Sea World Orlando. This was mainly made just for Manta, I just added a few extra rides in here and there. And yes I know the back of the park is just trees, lets just say thats part of the "Busch Conservation Fund." [EDIT - Thank you, to the person below this post for helping me find screenshots on Windows Vista.] SCR5.BMP Overview of the park. Manta.SV6 This is the fixed upload.
  9. So my sister had her baby 2 days ago at 10:32 P.M. approximately, she weighs 7'4 oz. And is 19 1/2 inches long, her name is Lola, and I thought I'd share some photos. I'm extremely proud of being an uncle, and I'm super excited for my sister as well because she's a mother. When you rock her she sticks out her tongue, it's adorable. This is my favorite photo because he hand is wrapped around Lisa's finger. (Lisa is the nurse, we know her personally, and she was on call that night.) ---Hope the photos aren't too big.
  10. Hi, I'm Caleb from Orlando Florida. I'm 15 years old, and I love rollercoasters. (good thing I live in Orlando. :hehe:) I've read the forum posting rules, and hope to enjoy myself on this site. I play RCT2 and would love to upload my projects onto here.
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