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  1. My parents would be so wierd about it, they'd eventually would accept me as who I am. But that's a LOOOONNNNNG eventually.
  2. About a minute and a half. Why am I addicted to the show "Glee."?
  3. I think I just fell in love with you............r pie.
  4. ^^^^ Sorry, but the caption "with a very wet ending," just made me laugh. But what can I say I'm 15.
  5. Wish I could be happy. I'm gay, not out yet, not going to tell my parents, they'd flip. When I turn 18 and move out I'll tell them. Though I'd love to tell them now, the next 2 1/2 years of my life would be so harsh. I'd get so much crap for it I'd feel worse then I do now, so I'm just going to stay in my safe little closet for 2 more years, then tell them just as I'm walking out the door.
  6. The largest ride at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom is coming down. The park began dismantling Chang on Monday as part of the largest water park expansion in Kentucky Kingdom's history. Kentucky Kingdom spokeswoman Caroline McClean said it is expected to take several weeks to completely remove the roller coaster. Chang is over 4,000 feet long, 154 feet high and has broken five world records. The stand-up coaster was introduced at the park in 1997. Six Flags is giving Chang to another amusement park. McClean said Chang is the only ride being removed at this time. Details about the new water park have not been released.
  7. For some reason I'm good at making B&M's it takes me a while though. And I'm good at Intamins, and GCI's. I suck at scenery though...
  8. 16 times, Revenge Of The Mummy, Universal Studios Florida, with my best friend, single rider line and we always go in the same car.
  9. Here's a little sneak peek as to what I'm working on now.
  10. ^^ Okay, well then your joke is funny, and what the heck is McJaco thinking.
  11. ^ Flair, like pieces of flair? And I haven't been here long, but the way this forum is upkept seems great to me. If they have to be harsh everyonce in a while so be it. I'm pretty sure it just get's old having to say the same thing to 20 different people a day.
  12. 1.Glee (it's amazing.) 2. House 3. CSI: Miami 4. Bones 5. Scrubs
  13. This kind of reminds me of Prowler a little bit. Are you going to make the terrain hilly, so the ride can "hug the ground?" I think that'd be cool.
  14. Slow progress just means this is going to be detailed. GREAT job so far. And I'm guessing some sort of ride is going in that building? Maybe a dark ride, or maybe even something as big as the Mummy? Who knows.
  15. Did they just take Dragon Kahn and flip it around a bit, and make a mirror image of itself or something?
  16. Brain Fog is an...interesting name for a ride. And I like the logo's. But I do agree with DBru as well.
  17. ^ That or yours is just extra small. Sorry had to do it.
  18. So I take it your going to do the "Disney Hub" thing, and work out with different lands from there?
  19. ^ I think you had the same idea as me. If it isn't what I'm thinking, then I'm just confused as to what he means. God I need to get my mind out of the gutter.
  20. I'm not entirely sure, I have them, but I didn't really use any of the scenery from them. You might need it. Not to sure. Sorry this is my first upload ever, in history.
  21. ^ And considering all we've seen so far is a parking lot. This is amazing.
  22. ^ I liked Hulk's scarezone, the one in year 15 (I think,) where it had the Motorcycle's and chain dudes. Man that year was the best. It was split between both parks, and three of the mazes were in stagehouses, we got to go in early, because the "waiting zone" was right next to them, and we had passes so we just walked in there, without having to leave the park. (we already had our tickets as well.) They were some of the best houses of the night and there was NOBODY in there, but they made us wait a little bit, because they were sending us in, in tiny little groups so we'd get scared more, and we did. Then the other houses were spread across IOA, they used Poseidon's Fury for one, we had 1 person with a cave light on there helmet that they'd hand out randomly, and it was so dark it was crazy. Then there was Body Collectors, which went through the Jurrasic Park Playground area, it was amazing. The Skool used up some random wearhouse near Dudley-Do-Right, and I think there was another house, that I can't remember. And the scarezones were amazing. There also wasn't as much smoking and drinking, and craziness going on back then. (not that I'm biased against it, it just adds to the craziness of the crowds.) Ever since that year (which was my first time,) it's kind of gone downhill for me each time, but I still go and enjoy myself. EDIT: Sorry bout' being a bit off topic.
  23. That thing is going to be going as close to the top as it can get than, if my theory is correct. SheiKra is 200 feet up, and 70mph, that thing (as you said) is 197ft tall and 67mph. To me it sounds like it's cutting it a little close to the edge of the ride.
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