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  1. Seriously this is one of the SICKEST things I've ever seen done in RCT2!
  2. I figured something was going on, I went on at around 2 AM, and the site had some weird coding instead of the forums. Also, can anyone help me with changing my password back, I'm looking through my profile stuff, I just can't seem to find out how to do it. It's probably right in front of my face and I just don't see it. ---EDIT--- I know I'm not supposed to put links and all, but if you go to the website that they link you too in the emails they spammed. They have a topic where they are showing off about how they hacked this website. I'm not going to post the link, but if one of you mods or admins wants it, PM me, I'd be more than happy to message you.
  3. I love how this goes from dull looking ride. To AMAZING attraction. And I agree with the above post, atleast make a small park, maybe something resembling a Dollywood-ish feel, around it. That'd be amazing.
  4. ^ Jesus that is a big wooden coaster. That or it just seems big considering I was just in the SFMM scenario making my own version of Terminator: Salvation on that tiny plop of land. Looks excellent, love the names.
  5. ^ Seriously, should we just make a thread teaching people "scaling physics." And have a class for TPR. I understand it completely. I think the models are actually really cool, I used to be hugely into K'Nex when I was 9-11, when the "Screamin' Serpent" came out. I loved building those. I want to save up to buy one of the CoasterDynamix versions, they seem alot easier to use, and just more fun in general.
  6. The download still didn't work for me. I downloaded the most recent one. Still missing certain objects.
  7. My homepage is the Mozilla Firefox Google startup page. My toolbar, is StumbleUpon, the greatest thing ever created on the internet.
  8. That's what she said. Beat me too it. And I do have to second, that came out of nowhere! It looks amazing!
  9. Tell me how the Slim works with heat. My slimmer PS2 overheats alot. And considering that the PS3 puts off a massive amount of heat compared to my PS2 I'm curious as to how it works. That will be my decision maker as to which PS3 to get.
  10. I remember Cypress Gardens the first time it was open, before this whole renovation, I went on a field trip in first or second grade. It was the most fun I'd ever had at any park. If it were still it's original park I'd be going alot more often, I have so many memories there, and it was really fun, it had a quaint appeal to it.
  11. Who knows, maybe he can save the template when he finishes the parking lot, and eventually make a theme park with it.
  12. I desperately want an Intamin in Florida, why are we so B&M orientated.
  13. So true. Sometimes my mom scares me really badly because she'll drive through and get fast food. Then eat her sandwhich and steer with her knees while she eats, and is on the cellphone at the same time. Seriously, when I start driving I'm going to lock it up in the glove compartment. Also my other friend drove me home from school one day because I missed the bus. He texted on his little iPhone thinking he was all cool. Almost got into an accident, never again will I ride in his car.
  14. So in the upper right of that corner, what are the supports for? I barely noticed them out of the corner of my eye, I was too mesmerized on your garage. (
  15. Well according to my calculations, with there new admission price, it'd take 42 people to go in the park to pay off the $375. Considering it's school season, and every TR I see it's dead empty, I don't think they'll be able to pay it off anytime soon. Seriously if it were 8 dollars to get into a theme park I'd go there every weekend with my friends, it'd be our new chilling spot. EDIT: Sorry the admission price was a special offer for Independence Day, nevermind...
  16. I love the look alot. I think it's going to be a great addition to IoA. Also had to post this, it's from MLIA. (my life is average.) I thought it was hilarious, thought I'd share it. "Today, parents and I were talking about the new Harry Potter land at Islands of Adventure and wondering what rides there would be. My father suggested that there be a Quidditch ride for screaming children where they sit on broomsticks and bludgers hit them in the face. I love my parents MLIA."
  17. I guess we don't know what the "thrill rides" are going to be yet...? Something from Cypress Gardens, perhaps? My thoughts exactly. If I remember correctly Cypress Garden's had the "Swamp Monster," "Triple Hurricane," and Starliner," I think there are other rides as well. But it would kind of make sense, for some reason I think these parks are related but I can't remember how, or why? (if they even are.)
  18. I know your looking for a video, sorry can't help you there. Don't want to turn this into my question, but if someone could answer this it'd be much appreciated. That video Sean Flaharty(sp?) took, do you people who videotape rides use one camera and wait a bunch of cycles to get the video you want from different angles, or are there separate cameras in each spot? Filming intrigues me, sorry to ask a question in a forum started with a question, and again it'd be much appreciated if someone could answer this. - Vintage
  19. I think it looks great. When I had RCT3 my favorite thing to make was the waterslides, and water rides. Kinda reminds me of that Grizzly River Run thing at DCA.
  20. I love the supports on the first turn after the drop. They look amazing.
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