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  1. Wow! Thanks for some of those links and information. We are VERY interested in doing a trip to the parks in Mexico. When I was younger I visited Mexico quite often as my father did his disertation on it! Recently though we've been a little concerned with the reports of violence, kidnappings and other problems. Maybe you can give us an idea of some safe ways to do it, or maybe even come along with us as our "official spanish speaking protective posse"


    Elissa "Let us know!" Alvey

  2. That's really a question you have to answer. How much do you like Disney, from what you've seen how many days do you think you want there, do you want to do anything else in Tokyo (La Qua and Joypolis are both less than 20min from Disney)?


    We did Disney for 2 full days, and 2 half days. Felt pretty much like we'd seen most. Although I would really like to go back!


    Elissa "The Chip and Dale Stuff is calling my name!" Alvey

  3. You can get them at Disneyland...the Disneyworld Bride ones are HIDEOUS!!!! (The Groom ears are the same at both parks). If you won't be going to Disneyland before the wedding I'm pretty sure you can mail order them from Disneyland, just give them a call. Make sure to wear them while on your honeymoon, you'll get some cool 'perks'!


    Elissa "Disney is awesome!!!" Alvey

  4. If you're just doing the Disney Resort it will be extremely easy and not even too expensive!


    Fly in and out of Narita take the shuttle bus to Disney for $20...stay at one of the non-disney hotels on disney property and have a great time!


    During Season expect to pay around $280/night for a hotel right on property...during less busy times expect to pay around $180/night. 4 Day park hopper will be about $150.


    Elissa "damn those souvenirs!!!" Alvey

  5. It's really hard to explain...we're planning on taking many pictures this time around!


    They were kind of "backwards" as in the 'hole' was up front and the bowl was in the back...so if you took a dump, it was kind of 'on display' instead of down in the hole!


    Sorry if that was too graphic, but it's the Netherlands!


    Elissa "Who needs Goliath when you have backwards toilets?" Alvey

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