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  1. Something tells me they wouldn't put in ultra twister at SFOT. Very low capacity and it seems a little foolish that they would move it from AW to SFA just to bring it back to Texas. Who knows though, I suppose.
  2. I'm really glad the title of this thread wasn't what I thought it was....
  3. Rodeo Stampede is still slow in Texas, so...yay. That was the most disappointing of our new rides. The video made it look fun and very fast.
  4. Oh trust me. It's in an amusement park. There will be PLENTY of drama to keep it interesting.
  5. Umm just to let you know, rides get struck by lightning all the time. They (especially the taller rides) are designed to withstand a lightning strike. Assuming it just struck the tower and not a prox switch or something the ride should be fine. Now if it struck a prox switch things get a little more interesting.
  6. Such is why we no longer have International employees in Rides at SFOT. Well, among other things that happened at SFMM.
  7. OMG...I can't believe you did the Trip Report. And didnt speak of the..er...person we saw at Magic Springs.
  8. Yeah I'm sure the tourists are only from Texas. If that's all that Hot Springs can attract then I'm sorry. Remember, people feel a lot more comfortable in their own environment. I suppose the country Texans would flock there.
  9. Oh boy, are there. And even more pictures of Angry Jesus!
  10. Hope ya'll had a great time! It's always good to see trip reports from SFOT. It seems like they are few and far between.
  11. Umm...they let them off on the lift hill? I'm pretty sure that that probably isnt allowed. At least I know it isn't Six Flags. Lord.
  12. It's fairly common, yes. Next time a guest complains that a ride is closed during lightning maybe I'll show them this
  13. Cedar Point does. When i was at PKI last year they still had some old ones from one of their anniversary celebrations (I'm too lazy to look).
  14. I have some SFOT Poster maps laying around somewhere. And a ton of SFOG, but that seems to be the trend.
  15. Oh. My. God. I think you are pretty much EVERYTHING I hate about people at a theme park.
  16. It still amazes me that people expect video footage for a ride that isn't even open yet.
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