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  1. YES! I am so glad this park isn't dead. It is my favorite RCT2 park on this site. That city looks great. I know how you feel when you say it is fun ut it takes forever. That is what I'm dealing with on my current park. I can't wait to see what is in store for this park.
  2. How is this for a temple? Any bigger, and it will just look out of place on the mountain..
  3. ^You may be right, but it is at he top of the mountain and the mountain isn't THAT big, so I didn't want it to look overwhelming. I will see what I can do.
  4. Went to EB Games before opening to get a Wii. EB got 5 whole Wii's, and unfortunately, there were more than 5 people there already to get one. It was not fun watching those lucky people walk out with the Wii looking all happy.. After that, I went to Toy R Us and missed a Wii by mere minutes. I didn't have a fun experience at all...
  5. More? How about a temple at the top of the waterfall? I haven't decided a date for the release of a full overview, but I do have a name for the park that will be released December 1st. Until then, there will be more teasers.
  6. A new park? Already? Yes, a new park already. I got bored and was shot with enthusiasm for this new park. Not much has been done yet, but here is a teaser. What could it be?
  7. I had my first experience with a PS3 on Friday. I played one at Walmart, and I must say that it did not stand out to me at all. Sure, the graphics are great, but the game I played was laggy. It seemed to me that the system couldn't even handle it. To me, that is just sad. It may be the game, I really don't know, but there is nothing REALLY special about the gaming part other than the better graphics. And just to add to that, as many have said, there just aren't enough good games for launch. It has left many people in dissapointment, and unless Sony can pick it up, this will be a huge failure. What are the big upcoming titles again? Um...yeah... Look at the 360. Though it didn't launch with the BEST games, it did pick up the pace, and the PS3 may do the same. There are some differences though. When the 360 was released, people knew about Gears of War, and games of that degree. With the PS3, there may be games that are on the way, but not really any good ones that I know of. Playstation games never really interested me anyway, so I might just be speaking falsely there. All I know is that it is Wii for mii. (and maybe a 360 next year)
  8. For the mountains, I suggest maybe a couple chairlifts to the top. Maybe make the tops snow or rocks. Then have some complex waterfalls and streams coming down the side and put in trees. As long as is itsn't completely trees, it wouldn't look bad. You could do an alpine slide with a bobsled coaster weaving under a chairlift. Just try to hide any rides you put on the mountains. It would look much cooler that way. Other than that, it is coming along very nicely.
  9. Haha, yes it was. I was on the stairs before it opened. Unfortunately, I was on the part where it levels out before it turns left to go into the station so I almost had cover, but not quite. I didn't really care that I was soaked, I just wanted to ride.
  10. When I went Labor day weekend, I didn't wait more than five minutes on Saturday and no more than twenty on Sunday. I got 14 laps that weekend. That brings my grand total up to a whoping 18 laps. One thing is for sure though, I would much rather wait that five minutes than an hour like I did on April 1st. It was worth the hour to be in front on the 3rd public train. w00t for bragging rights.
  11. Well, the download is at the end of this post, but here are some screens of the other rides I had planned out. Overview... Covemont Cyclone..my best classic style woodie... Vengeance..the first hacked rocket I used in a park Phantom..my best work ever. I put countless hours into it and still didnt quite finish it.. A Vekoma Whirlwind that didn't have an original name yet. Sadly, it never got any action.. Intamin mini-hyper..I love the first drop and everything before the twisty section which I never really got down because I was working on Phantom.. And last, but not least, the wave pool for the waterpark that was going to go in.. Covemont Mills_MichaelIngerson.SV6
  12. I am very sorry to say this, but I have lost complete enthusiasm on this park. It just isn't as pleasing to me as it once was. I have prgressed in my skills through the park, so the theming is very good in places, but not good in others. I have really wanted to do a single theme park for a while. So, for now, this park is on hold, maybe forever. I really want to start a jungle theme park, but I will have to go through some problems with my RCT2, because my data folder is too large. I will show you a couple last screens of the whole park later just so you can see what I had planned out... Once again, I am very sorry to everyone who really liked this park and was waiting for it. I just wish that I could have made the park so it was just Phantom... You may see a new park from me sometime soon, you may not. I am just glad that my skills progressed through the making of this park. -Michael
  13. Alabama Adventure-1.5 hours SFOG- 3 hours Beech Bend- 3.5 hours SFKK- 4 hours Though out of those, I have actually only been to SFOG...I find it sad that I haven't been to Alabama Adventure, but I got to Birmingham 15-20 times a year and Atlanta 5-10 times...
  14. SFOG- Goliath, closely followed by Deja Vu, Mind Bender, and the Georgia Cyclone.
  15. Wow man, it looks great. Even though you aren't over filled with scenery, it still has that realistic touch to it. I really like the woodie, it reminds me of Colossos at Heide Park and Shivering Timbers at MIA. I think that you may have a few too many trees. You should delete come of them and, if you can, put other types of trees in too. So far, very nice, Spaminacan11
  16. Well have you had any experience with track merging? If not I suggest that you start simple. I have written a track merging tutorial for a Deja Vu. It is just a basic hack though. It is the same hack that you would use for a flying coaster though, just for the flying coaster, it would be a little bit harder depending on how many hacks you have to do. If you would like the tutorial, you can just contact me via PM.
  17. The only rides that scare me a little are 1st Gen. Intamin freefalls. I don't know what it is about them, i guess just because they are so old and...old... Well, I guess my first S&S Space Shot scared me the first time, but not now at all. Deja Vu didn't scare me (Though that footchopper on the first tower is killer), nor did Goliath or Acrophobia.
  18. When I rode Boomerang, I got one bump the first time I rode, and none the second time. I actually liked it a lot. I don't really understand how you didn't like Sidewinder. It pulls some great g's and has nice pops of airtime. I REALLY don't see how Twister II gets an eight. I could understand it IF that evil trim wasn't there, but it is, and there is no airtime. It is just a beat you around ride that is mildly fun.
  19. I must say that I love the woodie, but I just kind of think that the park so far is out of porportion compared to the hotel. Do you get what I mean?
  20. Well, it all depends. If you listen to music at home a lot, do you use iTunes or WMP more? If you use iTunes more, go with the iPod, but if you use WMP or something else that is compatible with that mp3, then go with the Zen. I personally can't use any other music player than iTunes, so I am stuck with that. But then again, I like my iPod. I have bought a lot of songs on iTunes anyways, so I couldn't make a switch without losing a lot of my favorite music. I just don't feel like using that program that takes the protection off when it takes 30 minutes to do 10 songs and I have 200 bought songs or so.
  21. ^^There is some way that you rig up this thing where you get some of the track tubing hits the side of the train. It is kind of comlex looking I think. It is almost like Schwarzkopf brakes where the brakes stop it using side fins on the train unlike the usual bottom fins on B&M's. That coaster was very cool though. I grew out of knew coasters, but if I had that many sets, I would still be building.
  22. Well, I'm not goign to do it for you, but top or the lift seems a little bit too drawn out to me.
  23. Lets see here, Chaos- Opryland Little Rock-N-Roller Coaster- Opryland Rock n' Roller Coaster- Opryland Screamin' Delta Demon- Opryland Wabash Cannonball- Opryland
  24. I have also noticed this. It happens to me in both corks actually. It just slams your ear into the OTSR which does not feel to good. Other than that though, the ride is very smooth.
  25. 1. Half-Life 2 2. Halo 3. Zelda: A Link To the Past 4. Tetris 5. Mario Kart 6. Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 7. Super Mario 64 8. Halo 2 9. Goldeneye (N64 10. Need for Speed Underground 2
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