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  1. I might take a look at part of the layout, but I feel ok with this ride since that was arrows style during that time period.
  2. Actually yes, a coaster based off of GASM. A great fit for this park though.
  3. I made the roofs when I was still a RCT2 "noob" I am slowly improving my style. *Remember I started this park a looong time ago. I missed that tree for some reason... Big record breaking news tomorrow!
  4. SCR33.BMP Mysterious track, looks to be Arrow Dynamics. The track is well hidden in the back of the park. SCR34.BMP Clearing is beginning to take place and a path has been constructing which leads to the island. SCR35.BMP Temporary bridge. SCR36.BMP Clearing is also starting on the island. SCR37.BMP Overview of the park and project.
  5. SCR25.BMP Crowds were very heavy today, also you can see the completed Chairlift. SCR26.BMP Guests enjoy the new sky ride and midway. SCR27.BMP The new island and the 3 new ride additions for this year. SCR28.BMP Guests getting ready to race. SCR29.BMP Loopy! SCR32.BMP An employee of the park told me to watch this area. No idea what he meant by that, and honestly it looks to small for anything major... SCR30.BMP Overview.
  6. SCR15.BMP The Carousal and Ferris Wheel have been relocated, the new midway was built around these rides providing a traditional feel. The location allows guests to get a better view of the lake from the Ferris Wheel. SCR16.BMP Construction on the island is nearing completion. SCR17.BMP The new Rivers Rafts ride has begun testing, the scenery is really amazing on this ride! SCR18.BMP The island station for the Chairlift is almost complete, shops and restaurants are beginning to be installed below the ride. SCR20.BMP The midway Chairlift station still has awhile to go, but we have been assured it will be ready for opening day! SCR21.BMP The Monster is waiting for you! SCR14.BMP Before SCR19.BMP After
  7. Cedar Point 2006 Cedar Point 2008 Cedar Point 2009 Cedar Point 2010 Disney Magic Kingdom 2009 Disney Epcot 2009 Disney Animal Kingdom 2009 Disney Hollywood Studios 2009 Islands of Adventure 2009 Kings Island 2009 Kings Island 2010 Universal Studios 2009
  8. SCR9.BMP Former location of the Carousal and Ferris Wheel. That's right, former, apparently both are being moved to a new location for the 1986 season. SCR10.BMP I wonder what this chunk of land is going to be used for? SCR11.BMP New location of the Carousal and Ferris Wheel...Very interesting indeed. SCR12.BMP As you can tell, large amounts of work are taking place in the back of the park. Even part of the lake has been drained! SCR13.BMP I wonder what they could be building? SCR14.BMP Current overview of the park.
  9. Thanks! I have actually the entire park finished. But I had multiple older backup copies and decided to make this park into a story line. You will not be dissapointed, when I first made this park I was "New" at RCT2 and it progressively gets better.
  10. Looks like a really fun park, hopefully I can visit sometime in the near future!
  11. SCR1.BMP The parks main midway, you can see the parks three coasters in this picture. SCR3.BMP Racer, Green Thang, "The Top Spin" and old indoor Top Spin ride, and Old Logger. SCR4.BMP Racer, looks like two coasters are getting ready to race! SCR5.BMP An overview of Racer and Green Thang SCR7.BMP Old Logger, the newest addition to the park, one of the longest flume rides built to date! Brought to you by Arrow Dynamics. SCR8.BMP The Monster, the signature ride of the park, was inspired directly by Beast at Kings Island. SCR2.BMP Overview of the parks layout, we hope to expand very soon!
  12. How do you access RCT2 screenshots in Windows 7? I have done it in the past but cannot remember how I got them, it says the screenshot has been taken but there is nothing in the RCT2 folder.
  13. I don't agree with the cell tower but that was a rumor I heard. We will see what happens the two random stakes are kinda weird, I was expecting more.
  14. Yeah the markings are directly outside of the beach entrance to the left of the stadium. Someone in another forum thought they could be looking into constructing a AT&T cell phone tower.
  15. Thought you guys would be interested, some pictures I took of the "markings". They are not the greatest but give you an idea... Stake on the beach, also notice the red flags in the background. Stake #2, directly to the left of the other stake. Surfs up on Lake Erie! "Markings" on the midway. "" Former Demon Drop location, not much going on right now...
  16. Just got back from CP. There were two large stakes on the beach front and alot of red flags. This was near the Beach Entrance to the park. There were also many red/blue/green markings covering the Oceania midway.
  17. Magnum XL-200 (At night) was able to get 5 consecutive rides in!
  18. I've been told by someone who works there that there's a very good chance it won't be open Saturday. I have also heard it is having issues again, even with the new boats. I wonder with all of the problems if Intamin has discounted the ride.
  19. The Starlight looks amazing! In general KI looks VERY nice this year. Cedar Fair is really taking care of the place.
  20. What should I expect crowdwise the days before the 4th? Tuesday June 29 - Friday July 2
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