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  1. Me and my buddy went on Saturday for opening day and it was more crowded than last year for sure. The longest wait was only about 15 minutes all day though. Ninja and Superman were closed that day too. I still thought that the employees and such didn't have it together. The only crew that was fun was the Goliath crew. They were shouting and having fun.


    I went Saturday and was seriously surprised by the lines. Normally on opening day they are non-existant, but there were some serious lines. Cyclone was in the switchbacks beneath the station, Acro was closed, Goliath was backed-up down the stairs and in front of the station. I headed over to Gotham, where Batman's line was backed up all the way to the sewer entrance (!). Mindbender was a one train wait, so I rode that. Then Scorcher was out of the station with only one train, so I just left.


    Sounds like Sunday was a better day as far as crowds.


    Nice TR and pics.

    Quick story: The last time I was at SFOG last July, my friend and I decided to be crazy and marathon on the Cyclone (yes I'm a cyclone lover). We got maybe 5 to 8 rides in a row without getting off.


    I did 32 in a row on opening day back in 2005. They had the trims off. I totaled 40 on Cyclone that day, and had huge lapbar-shaped bruises the next day on my thighs. Great ride though.


    Moderate-to-light crowds at Cedar Point means you'll only wait 3 hours for major coasters, instead of 5 hours.


    Oh, and like Larry says, avoid Physics Day.


    This is the most accurate statement in this thread. In the early summer fo 2007, I did a mini-Midwest trip as a graduation present. We did HW, PKI, GL, CP and MiA. All of the parks were completely empty (even HW on a Saturday and PKI on a Sunday) except for CP. We were there during the week (Tuesday and Wednesday), and it was completely packed.


    In one day (9am-10pm, we stayed on park), I only got 14 rides in (including flats). MF was 1.5 to 2 hours, Maverick was 2 hours, TTD was 1.5 hours, and Raptor had it's entire queue full and was spilling out onto the midway (which is over 1.5 hours I'm sure). This was the last week of May/first week of June, and not during any special events. It was just ridiculous, and pretty much put me off from visiting CP anytime in the near future.


    Don't get me wrong, I like the park (I've been 4 times), but the lines are insane when you compare it to other places.

  3. I was at the Adventuredome to get my Canyon Blaster credit on the 22nd of December. Rim Runner was closed, but all of the signs and markings (i.e. the park map) still had it listed.


    It honestly looked like they could just turn on the water and it would be good to go, but I didn't really take the time to stop and look around much. It was pretty much park, get credit, and leave.

  4. I'm not too big of a fan of 'Mystery Mine', but that's a great video. It gives a good idea for what people should expect when they ride.


    Yeah, thanks Robb for posting the video, it looks great!



    Not so sure about the ride though. I honestly don't think they could've had any more brakes than they did without the ride being just one long brake run. Other that the ending, it looks really, "meh".

  5. SROS DL/SFA - a 90 degree turn inches above the ground. mad fun

    Goliath - Stengel Dive


    That super long helix on the S:RoS mirrors is probably the most boring part of the ride. They are way too big and drawn out.


    Also, turning the top of one hill sideways is not that big of a deal. I mean, it's fun, but a regular air hill would be pretty much just as fun.




    Anyway, looks like a cool ride, definately much needed at KI.

  6. Just last night I heard a report that the nation, on average, has indeed slightly lowered its fuel consumption by driving less miles over the last month or so (I believe it was ABC nightly news?). Is it coincidence that locally our gas prices have dropped from $3.95 to $3.70 over the last week or so? Personally, I'm guessing there's at least some connection there.


    Actually, it was going to come down, even if people continued to drive at the pre-$4 a gallon levels. The only reason oil got to $140 a barrel was because of oil speculators. The actual market driven price is like $78-80 per barrel, which is what it will eventually fall to (all this according to market studies and the president of OPEC).

  7. It was a Williams wing. Nico Rosberg ran into the back of Lewis.




    Yes, Kubica wins and moves to the world championship lead! Go BMW!



    The worst part is, if Kubica hadn't had that terrible race in Australia, he'd be dominating the rest of the field.



    Kubica winning+Raikkonen finishing out of the points for the 2nd straight GP=good race!

  8. ^Simple, because Alonso wanted a teammate he knew wouldn't get favorited at Renault. It was part of his deal with them for coming back.


    There's a whole article about him in the latest Road and Track if you guys want to check it out. It might be online, it explains his whole team switching situation pretty well.


    Well obviously, after last year at McLaren... I read the article, but it was 3 or so weeks ago and I don't recall that much of it.


    But really, I could do a better job than Nelson has thus far, he's got an easier job on the racetrack than I do! He hasn't got any manual shifting at all, just the semi-auto gearbox.


    Ok, so his car goes a bit faster than mine...but still, that accident at Monaco just made me mad at how badly he is driving. It's almost like he's trying to give his seat away.

  9. ^In the Northeast...e-mail is just as acceptable as a written letter.


    Sometimes writing an e-mail might be more beneficial b/c the hiring might be making a quick hiring decision and therefore might never get the thank you letter until after the fact.



    I'm sure that just about everywhere an email is acceptable, it's not a regional thing, in my opinion.


    Personally, I think it's tacky to send a thank-you email, but that's just me. A letter, if you write it immediately after the interview (assuming it is mid-morning and in your home region), will arrive the next day. Unless the job is at a fast-food restaurant flipping burgers, I would guess there would be more deliberation, especially if it is only the first interview out of 2 or 3, so there would be no need to worry about time constraints.



    Maybe I'm old school (at age 18?), but I think a letter is much more professional than an email.


    Huh? Are you saying that the Cyclone, Thunderbolt, and Beast aren't good coasters? Hmmmm... I'm sure a lot of people would dispute that.


    As others have mentioned, I feel a woodie at BGE would just seem out of place.



    Did you even read his post? His point was that wooden coaster can be more popular and last longer than steel coasters.


    I doubt Kingsmill would really enjoy the noise from a woodie anyway....


    Lastly, always follow-up with a thank you note. It used to be that this needed to be a real snail mail encounter, but at least in my industry e-mail ia now an acceptable thank you channel.



    Even if email is acceptable, it's much more professional to send a traditional thank you note on some nice stationary. It helps if you bring up something that you enjoyed talking about with your interviewers. That has gotten me several scholarships alone, I would reckon, since none of the other competitors sent thank you notes.



    If had to hire someone, and I had 2 candidates to pick from that were in all other things equal, and one sent me a thank you email and the other a letter, I would pick the person who sent the letter every time. It shows that you actually care enough to take the time to write something down instead of just banging out a quick email.

  12. After today, I have to say, that even as a beginning racing driver (I race Formula 2000 cars), I could have done better than Nelson Piquet Jr.'s atrocious performance. He ran over Rosberg's wing, changed to dry hards to match Alonso, and promptly steered into a wall.


    Really, I can't understand why Renault put him in the car, and I can't believe they haven't at least given the third driver a shot. He has been completely atrocious all season, and I think it may be a matter of time until the FIA revoke his Super License.


    On top of that, my dislike for Kimi Raikkonen grew even more today when he rear-ended Sutil, who was having the best race of the year for Force India. At least Kimi finished out of the points, but geez. He gets off relatively spot free with just a new wing and Sutil's back suspension breaks. But props to Massa for tearing it up again. I think he has a case for #1 driver next year at Ferrari, especially if Kimi's performance continues to slip.


    Monaco in the rain really is no fun to watch anymore, since there is no Senna. Wouldn't it have been something to see him out there in the wet with his dry tires on? The man was driving machine, especially at Monaco.


    To me, the POV seems to imply a lack of speed on some of the hills, which is why I said the above statement. This is why I used the word "look."



    The pacing seemed fine to me. Some of the track shaping looked pretty bad though, for a brand new ride. By that I mean it appears like the workers mis-layed the track in a few spots, it just looks goofy. Maybe it's just the video.



    You have to remember, Waldameer was going for a thrilling ride that the whole family can ride. They weren't going for a Voyage type ride. I think the high turnaround will have a pop as you crest in the front, and some floater down the drop in the back. Other than that, it seems to have air on every hill, especially that one with the anti-rollback strip at the crest, it really flew through that, especially since the ride is new.

  14. Sorry to bring back this old thread, but I saw something on that last picture.


    I love Holiday World, but I really don't like the way they've expanded the park down in the valley/waterpark area. Instead of keeping some trees, they've just clear-cut everything. The water park has zero shade, and some of the lines can get pretty long. Shade would be great (especially from trees) for making those longer lines more bearable. Something like what Whitewater in Atlanta has done; there is a ton of natural shade, and the park is greatly improved by it.



    It's a shame they clear cut all those really tall old trees, they'd provide great shade.


    Got ya, but I'm a dad of 2 little kids...don't tell me that your on a 90 minute wait for a ride, your on line for about an hour, your 3 year old says she has to go the bathroom really, REALLY bad and you, being a guy that goes by the rules, do the "right thing", GET OUT of the line and lose that whole hour. I'm courteous...but a REALIST. I don't wanna hear that "entitlement" baloney.


    First, it's "you're", not "your".


    Secondly, it's very simple to avoid line jumping. Have your children go to the bathroom before you get in line, and don't get a really long line that you know they can't wait in. Also, consider leaving them with friends or relatives when you go to a theme park. I know at most parks, there is not a ton for a 3 year old to do, plus they get bored very easily waiting in lines for rides they won't even be riding.


    And if you do have to leave the line, that sucks, but cutting others who have alos paid good money to visit the park and have patienetly waited in line is not right (and against the rules).

  16. I always watch the F1 races.


    This will be the first year I will miss a race.


    Going to Dorney Park On may 25 during our USA trip when the Monaco GP will be held.



    It's on the Speed Network, which is on pretty much all basic cable in the United States.


    So it will be on in your hotel room at around 6 or 7 am. That way, you don't miss a race!



    The Malaysian GP was too late for me, I fell asleep 10 laps in. It was well after 2:30 am, and I just couldn't do it.

  17. Previously I had a 2001 VW Jetta GLX with a VR6, but that got old and I had more money than I thought I would after getting a scholarship, so last week I sold my old car and got this (well not exactly this, but I don't have any pictures since I'm at college):




    2001 BMW 540i Sport package (M-Tech)


    I'm thinking of getting some Dinan upgrades (ECU, intake manifold, throttle bodies, cold air intake) for it this summer with my work money and rebadging it with the M5 logo on the rear and "M Power" on the engine. The steering wheel and shifter knob already the M logo, so it would pretty much look like an M5.

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