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  1. ^^Yes go on Freedom!! I went on Freedom of the Seas when I was about your age and was blown away! The Aqua Zone was one of my favorite places to hangout for the day My friend also went on the Freedom of the Seas during Spring Break '10 and had a blast! As far as 24 Cafe or Pizzeria, I wasn't awake during those hours so I couldn't tell you! I know one night there is a midnight buffet type thing where they have a bunch or ice sculptures & things (at least when I went).
  2. To Robb and Elissa: With your amazing knowledge at theme parks and all, do you think that Six Flags Dubailand or anything in Dubailand will ever get off the ground?! I was looking through a huge album of photos and this place just looks to amazing to be canceled!! Also with all of your sources, have you heard any rumors of this project still in planning or something?! Thanks! -Mike
  3. I wish Darien would use that coaster on the lot next to them! Its just sitting there!!!
  4. I love Darien Lake and go there every year with Viper being one of my favorites! But I think this is the wrong move to paint Viper all black..
  5. I would really love to see one go in Knoebels because it would look great there and I go there every summer!
  6. Exactly my thoughts. They should find room and move it to Family Kingdom, just a few miles away!
  7. I was just in Myrtle Beach for spring break and checked out the area of the park. I got some pictures of the coaster and I'll post them later. It's so sad to see that beautiful park closed. The whole area around it was basically a ghost town and there is shrubbery and weeds growing everywhere. It killed me to be that close to a park with a major coaster and not being able to ride it!
  8. I will probably be going this weekend (most likely Saturday) what should I expect for the crowds? Or if I go next week what should the crowds be like during the week days? Thanks!!
  9. Almost too much fire! You will defiantly feel it! But I think it looks amazing!
  10. That's so cool that they made you guys your own map with the West Coast Bash logo on it!
  11. Wizarding World of Harry Potter Grand Opening Date Will Be Revealed March 25th! From the Orlando Sentinel: Very exciting news! Message boards around the world will be going crazy March 25th
  12. ^^ Very smart move! As you said it's not nearly close to the nightmare it could've been if it were lifted via machines, etc..
  13. Wow it looks great so far. This really makes me want to visit this park in the future. Also it will be interesting to see how their buildings turn out because they were pretty detailed in the concept art. But I know they are very good at theming!
  14. I can't wait to see this finished. It already looks really good and that's a pretty good sized hill for a flume!
  15. I agree. I think Hershey Park takes good care of their woodies too.
  16. Thanks guys & for the criticism! I would've changed it but unfortunately it's already done Next time though!
  17. Hey everyone! I just created a website called coasterthoughts and I really need help with creating a logo! Requests: 1. Logo has something to do with a roller coaster and or amusement park (kind of like the Club TPR logo would ROCK!!) 2. Logo has the words, "coasterthoughts" and does not need to be together. (ex. coaster thoughts) 3. Logo isn't too long (go to website, I would put it where the words "Theme Park & Roller Coaster Mania" are. 4. Color scheme doesn't matter to much as long as everything matches. Possibly like a blue (similar to the blues on the website) & red. 5. Transparent background so the logo and blue header area blend together nicely! I provided a image below of the website and the link to the website is, http://www.coasterthoughts.com/ Thank you and I appreciate all your time and effort! http://www.coasterthoughts.com/
  18. Hey everyone. I finished this coaster about a month ago but I never got around to posting it to TPR. Here's some pictures of the completed roller coaster. Day: Overview: I added a flat ride, A close up of, "Claw Of Doom" The last part of the layout now complete with rocks, and water fountains! Twister from a distance, More of Twister, Station gates & more, Some more of Twister, can you spot a fountain?! And another, Night: Overview at night, And another, Video: Link to the video on youtube: ^Please comment, and subscribe! Thanks!
  19. I really don't care who this park is sold to just as long as Reynolds gets his job back and as long as Charleston Gardens doesn't close!
  20. Wow I love this park! The entrance to the Spirit is so cool! 5/5
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