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  1. Yes. People tend to hang around the rides that don't beat the living crap out of you. Well if they just want to ride 4 coasters, they should go to BGW! While they are there they can enjoy some shopping, shows, and award winning landscaping! I'm not knocking BGW. I like their rides, but they are almost too smooth. I think a coaster should give at least a little bit of a dangerous feeling. Even though I wasn't there a full day (11:30-9:00) and only got to ride the Dominator, Grizzly (x2), Hurler (x2), Ricochet, Volcano, and Anaconda it was still worth the $29 to get in! Next time I'll leave kids at home!
  2. Well, I was at KD on Sunday - first trip back since the TPR event last year. I didn't get to ride the i305 as it was down for maintenance when we were there. This is the 2nd time that I've been there on a Sunday and have noticed absolutely no lines for the wooden coasters. Is this normal? No love for the Grizzly, Hurler, Rebel Yell, and even Anaconda? I could ride those all day long. Lines for Dominator and Volcano were at least an hour. Walked up to the woodies and Anaconda and had to wait no longer than 2 trains. Have no desire to ride Shockwave anymore, but the line for that didn't look bad either. Does everybody just congregate at the Volcano, FoF, i305 area?
  3. Man, I wish I could make this. Any day but the 7th...stupid mandatory Sunday night meeting! HP is a blast, and it's almost impossible to ride all the coasters without ERT. Hope you guys have a good time....and I hope the weather cooperates. My last trip saw about 2 hours of down time due to storms in the area.
  4. Rode it several times with only about 5 people - in both back and middle cars. Very cool, but the braking seemed a little rougher than normal. Same braking, but less weight to stop? Still one of my favorite.
  5. Wouldn't surprise with the coasters. Guess some of the flats would still run......but I'm really only going for the coasters! Forecast doesn't look good for Sunday - 40-60% chance of rain and scattered t-storms. Finally took a closer look at the agenda. I see the Volcano, FoF, and i305 all start at 8:00. I didn't notice that before and was wondering how I was going to spend 90 minutes riding the i305 without passing out!
  6. Only video I saw was for the Sky Rocket. Looks pretty cool - wish it was there last year when I was at Kennywood!
  7. Bummer about the backwards Rebel Yell - I liked the opportunity to have that unique experience. Finally got in touch with my cousin and he will be making the trip with me. His folks live in Williamsburg, so we will be making a weekend of it - BGW on Saturday and KD on Sunday!
  8. Looking forward to the trip. Unless I can get in touch with some old friends that actually like roller coasters, I guess the wife will be my guest. She isn't one for inversions, so she won't be taking too much advantage of the ERT (except for Rebel Yell). Speaking of Rebel Yell, somebody told me they no longer offer the backwards train.....is that true? Either way, looking forward to this trip. I've been missing the Grizzly and Hurler.
  9. I hit Hershey on a weekday and it was pretty crowded. Lines filled up pretty quick. The website has some good tips, and honestly, I can't disagree:
  10. Are you there for just 1 day? Are you driving through, or staying? Like I mentioned before, Knoebel's is 1 1/2 hours away - maybe up to 2 - from Hershey. Knoebel's is very quaint. I had to LOL at that. I was very upset when we pulled into the park. I looked at my wife and basically said "so we drove all this way to go to a county fair? The parking lot is a field!" After a few rides it was all better. For me, Twister was very rough. Not sure if it was the short sits or dividers, but it really seemed to beat me up in the rib and lower back (kidney) area. Still, I loved it and wished I had found it earlier in the day (instead of right before closing). Hershey did seem to get less crowded in the evening. We ended the day at Midway America and managed to get on the 3 coasters will very little wait, while riding Lightning Racer several times each (alternating while watching the kids). If you are able to get to Hershey the evening before, they had a free preview plan. Buy your tickets for the following day and depending on the time the park closes, you can get free admission for that night (usually about 2 1/2). I guess you still pay for parking for both days. That would give you a chance to ride some of the coasters, go back the following day to hit the rest, and then leave early enough to make the trip to Knoebel's. You'll enjoy either place. For the sheer number of coasters, it's Hershey. If you hit Knoebel's, also check out Fandango - fairly close to the Phoenix. Still not sure where Twister is - I found an employee that saw me running and was nice enough to give me a ride on his golf cart! I never would have made it there in time to ride it once, let alone 4 times!
  11. I did both of these last year. Probably not realistic to do both in 1 day as they are about 1 1/2 hours apart. What is your preference for rides? Honestly, Knoebels only has 2 coasters - Phoenix and Twister. Both are great wooden coasters. Since Knoebels is free entry and only paying for what you ride, it may be possible to try to make it close to closing to just ride the coasters. They do have an all-day ride pass, but my experience is you would have to spend all day riding the coasters. The coasters are $2.25 each, and an all-day ride pass with coasters is $38. I wasn't able to ride Twister until the end of the night, but lines were basically non-existent and I was able to ride 4 times in less than 10 minutes. My body probably couldn't have taken much more than that! Knoebels is nice if you have kids, and/or enjoy more of a county fair type of atmosphere. Mostly (if not all) gravel. Food was reasonable, and my children really enjoyed it (other than a slight mishap with my oldest on the Phoenix). That's a story for another time, but let's just say that spending 1-2 hours at the nurse station for a bloody nose managed to put quite a damper on the day. On the other hand, Hershey has 11 rides that are classified as coasters. Lines were really hit or miss. Didn't help that lightning in the area put a halt to the coasters for several hours. I believe I spent close to 2 hours in line for Fahrenheit. Nice thing was there always seemed to be at least 2 coasters close to each other - easy to exit one and get right in line for another....and continue to alternate if you so choose. The downside to Hershey is the expense. I expected food to be expensive.....but not as high as it was. Having to pick one or the other, I would choose Hershey, simply for the number of coasters. HTH a little.
  12. We don't normally make this information available, sorry. And no the total number has no effect on ERT. Yes. Since the rest of the park is closed during the ERT, the group has to stay together. No problem, I understand and appreciate the semi-privacy. Really hoping I get a chance to make this trip and can get some more people signed up - as others have said, don't want to be the guy walking around the park by himself......like I did last year at Kennywood and Hershey Park! Judging from the park and the wiki, my last trip to KD may have been about 10 years ago!
  13. How many are signed up? Does the total number have any effect on the ERT of the coasters? It's been many years since my last trip to KD, and I'm disappointed I never got to ride the Hypersonic XLC. Trying to round up some co-workers, but most don't think they can do 12-14 hours on a Sunday and would probably want to leave earlier than the 305 ERT. How does it all work? Group stays together for the ERT and lunch, and then free time from after lunch until the next ERT (8pm)? Free to ride whatever you want?
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