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  1. ^Also remember that in the TPR video, the entire ride (I believe) was brand new, and rough sections of track slow the ride down. Not to mention these trains also need to get broken in. I'm betting that in a few weeks, the ride will be running much faster than you see in that POV.
  2. Yeah they oiled the track late in the day on Thursday, and it's been hauling major ass ever since. I think they should stick with oiling the track every now and then.
  3. Surprised there's still a decent amount of the track during the course that was left alone. I guess TGG felt like it was still in good enough shape for the Timberliners.
  4. If we want to get really technical, there's a small bridge that goes over a canal on the Chaussee, so Cedar Point is technically an island.
  5. The Magnum incident on Maverick's opening day in 2007 is large in part the reason they are tentative to run coasters in the rain now. It's silly to me that the rides with magnetic brakes are shut down in the rain, but I guess that's why I don't run the park. TTD and MF shut down in the rain because rain drops at 120/93 mph hurts like a mofo. I've ridden MF in a very light drizzle and it was unbearable.
  6. Memorial Day Weekend Saturday and Sunday? Are you bent?? In a word, yes. Get Fast Lane passes.
  7. ^Yeah the trains were perfectly comfortable, I had no issues at all with them. Well, except the lapbar kept tightening down on me during the ride, but that happens a lot on Millennium Flyers anyway.
  8. Not to speak for the park or anything, but I think it's because they were worried the regular upholstery used on Millennium Flyers could possibly wear out much more quickly than other parks because it's open year round in Florida humidity. To that note, I have no idea how well the upholstery held up on Gwazi's new trains, but I think they also have a semi-indoor transfer area, whereas Fun Spot doesn't.
  9. ^^Wow, glad you and yours made it through safely.
  10. Frontier City is fine. In fact, here's a picture of the tornado from the lift hill of Diamondback from a friend of mine who works there.
  11. Wristbands are $39.95 for the day, but they have deals all the time apparently. I do know that on their big "opening day" event on June 8, wristbands will be $10 if you purchase one between 10-12 a.m. I just went ahead and bought a season pass, figured I would be visiting enough in the next year to get my money's worth.
  12. Well if you add Beech Bend and Celebration City to the list, this is the third small park they've made a coaster for, and while I haven't ridden Ozark Wildcat (and never will), Kentucky Rumbler is pretty damn good. If this turns out to be as good as it looks, it seems like they do some of their best work for the little guys.
  13. Even more progress to report today, the roof started going up on White Lightning's station! I also got as close to a full circuit video of the ride testing as we're going to get until we get an actual POV. Enjoy! [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  14. It doesn't look well supported in the center. It looks well supported on the sides and looks unsupported at the top. I'm sure the guys who have been building roller coasters for years (many of them considered among the best on the planet) know what they're doing.
  15. Not every wooden coaster is all the sudden going to start having inversions. And yes, based on every GCI built in the last decade, it will be smooth.
  16. Here's a compilation I made of the few videos I shot last night. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  17. Just got back from watching several of the first test runs, and it was speeding up considerably from the first through the seventh or eighth runs. GCI and Fun Spot definitely have a winner on their hands here!
  18. Definitely the top of one of the original GASM loops. They didn't have enough cross-bracing on the top of the loops when it opened, and it was causing cracks in the track, so they replaced the tops of each loop with stronger track. You can see the stronger track in these pics:
  19. According to this article, the missing couple jumped overboard. http://www.usatoday.com/story/cruiselog/2013/05/10/carnival-cruise-missing-passengers/2149385/?morestories=obnetwork
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