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  1. Just a hunch really. Sadly, I think the rumors of a flyer going to BGE make the most sense given their love affair with B&M. A hyper would be a great choice for BGA, and that really seems like the most logical coaster selection for them in the near future. BGE just needs a woodie, though. Given its surroundings and location in the woods, a great woodie would be perfect. I just can't believe they've never built one there.
  2. Oh how I would love to see a terrain woodie at BGE, but methinks it won't happen.
  3. Let's see....Dollywood next Friday (October 9), then Worlds of Fun on Halloween and Six Flags St. Louis on November 1.
  4. Not including the obvious choices of kiddie coasters, my worst steel coaster is Ninja at SFoG. And my worst woodie has got to be Rattler, and it's really not close. SOB is the only other one in the same ballpark at Rattler.
  5. Gah, so I gotta plan to be there on a weekend day now. Thanks for the response! If Deja Vu were to be the only ride down I think I would live, even though I still don't have a giant inverted boomerang to my credit.
  6. Rollbacks on TTD in the middle of the summer are extremely rare. The best time to get one is early in the morning (as in the first 3 or 4 rides of the day) when it's still cold in May, or wait till Halloweekends and do the same. Late night rides tend to result in rollbacks when it's cold, as well. Basically, go in May or October on a cold day, and ride either at the very beginning or very end of the day. That's your best bet.
  7. Steel 1. Millennium Force 2. Maverick 3. Storm Runner 4. Magnum XL-200 5. Top Thrill Dragster 6. Montu 7. Apollo's Chariot 8. Diamondback 9. Phantom's Revenge 10. Alpengeist Wood 1. Voyage 2. El Toro 3. Lightning Racer 4. Ravine Flyer II 5. Rampage 6. Kentucky Rumbler 7. Legend 8. Raven 9. Boardwalk Bullet 10. Beast Overall 1. Voyage 2. Millennium Force 3. El Toro 4. Maverick 5. Storm Runner 6. Magnum XL-200 7. Top Thrill Dragster 8. Lightning Racer 9. Montu 10. Apollo's Chariot
  8. Ok this is just a question for the L.A. crowd and whoever else knows a lot more about KBF and SFMM than I do. I'll be making a trek to L.A. the first week of January (sometime between the 4th and 7th) and will be visiting both parks while I'm there. I know KBF will be open, and I've been told that SFMM stays open for that week, as well. My question is, how many of the big coasters (X2, Deja Vu, Xcelerator) will be closed for "offseason" maintenance at that time? What has been the standard M.O. for these two parks concerning when they close those rides down during the winter? My main concern is not wanting to take a trip all the way out there only to have some of the best rides available closed, a la National Lampoon's Vacation. Thanks for any and all info!
  9. I can't stand when little immature brats scream just to be annoying, but spontaneous screaming always makes the experience more fun. Hell, on El Toro, it was impossible to stay silent.
  10. I was on the first public train of 2007 in the front row by myself (the lapbar next to me wouldn't open so my friend had to settle for the 3rd train). It was my first ride ever on TTD, and it rolled back without even making it to the crest of the top hat. And yes, my friend also got a rollback on his ride.
  11. This could be nothing, or it could be everything, but all Rattler merchandise at SFFT is going for extreme discounts. Judging by the history of park merchandise, that only means one thing. Think SOB.
  12. After further research, it was definitely 100% false. The wikidpedia page, that is.
  13. That could have been an early leak, you never know. The ride description makes plenty of sense. It's definitely going to be an Intamin flume, that's all I know.
  14. Six Flags Over Georgia Alabama Adventure Holiday World Busch Gardens Tampa SeaWorld Orlando Beech Bend Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom Cedar Point Kings Island Six Flags Over Texas Kemah Boardwalk SeaWorld San Antonio Six Flags Fiesta Texas AND coming soon: Dorney Park Six Flags Great Adventure Clementon Park Kings Dominion Busch Gardens Williamsburg Dollywood
  15. I'll be there that day, as well. In all the times I've been there, I've never had to wait in any kind of line longer than half an hour. They have enough stuff to do there besides rides that provide enough to do so the crowd gets spread out throughout the day.
  16. The roughest wooden coaster I've ridden isn't SOB or MS, it's Rattler. I've never shouted so many obscenities during one ride as I did on that ride. My back hurt, my head hurt, my legs hurt, and on top of that, it was a piss poor boring ride. As far as steel is concerned, I would say the roughest I can think of is Ninja at SFoG. That ride is like death on wheels.
  17. Superman: Krypton Coaster, but I should probably be riding Rampage before work on Saturday. It's been too long.
  18. Superman Ultimate Escape/Steel Venom/Voodoo/Possessed. My only trip to GL was the 2007, the year after they removed it, and in my trip to Dorney last year, I had every coaster except this one. We were in the station and the VERY next train, but the ride broke down and never opened back up the rest of the day. Because of this, Manta would end up being my 100th steel coaster. Had I ridden it, The Howler at HW would have been my 100th steel coaster. Funny how that works.
  19. ^Ole Rampage has a way of ripping your face off, especially at night.
  20. Hey everyone, this is Steve (the operator) from the Rampage ERT at Alabama Adventure. Just want you guys to know that it was an absolute blast hosting you guys and I hope you have a safe and fun trip the rest of the way!
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