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  1. As much as SFA desperately needs a new ride of some sort to the actual park, is it just me that thinks a simple way to make the park look way better would be to simply add some trees around the park? I mean one of the main reasons I dislike SFA is because of the lack of shade and barren look of the place. It would look SO much better with a few more trees here and there near the midways, rides, and other areas. A new ride doesn't hurt either though.

  2. I was so dissapointed in the Fright Fest Six Flags had lat year. My friends and I got bored because there wasn't anything really scary there. They need to replace Brutal Planet soon. Also, they could at least of had the people in costumes walk around the whole park, when I went, they were only in the Coyote Creek section of the park, which is one of the smallest sections in the park. As for a new coaster, SFA needs one. Plain and simple, just SOMETHING new to attract people to the park. A Superman revamp would be nice too, but maybe just a tunnel with fog somewhere on the ride, no need for any theme or name changes in my opinion.

  3. Oh man, this is getting exciting! Just to clear things up for me though, does anybody know if I305 will incorporate the average Intamin looping coaster harness like the kind used on Storm Runner, Kingda Ka, Maverick,... or will it use the shoulder harnesses with the flexible straps? If anyone knows anything, your help would be appreciated.


    Even John Pagal (KD PR Manager) said he was not completely sure what the harnesses would be like, but most think they will be similar to the coaster in this youtube video.



    A new Huge White Crane is up. I wonder if this one is for topping off the lift, as it appears to be bigger than the other two cranes.

    Should we give it a name? How about Finish Line.


    I'd stay peeled to the webcam for the rest of the day!


    I like the name, or considering its color and the events that went on over summer I'd go with Whyte Lightening.


    Oh okay. Thanks man. That's what I thought they would use too, but I just wanted to check if anyone knew anything else. I'd be glad if they used those, at least there wouldn't be as much head banging! (if there is any.)

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