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  1. just a thought, why do some forums become locked, i dont get it, like whats wrong with them, are they special or something, also a couple of mine were locked, lol, why?........... another thing, i dont have time to look at every single friggen forum, stop yellin at me, i HAVE a life, its not like all i do is read 1,000,000 forums..... and i bet you're gonna be like "we have already had this question in a forum, why didn't you read it, are you dumb?" And no, im not new, ive been here for 2 yrs, it doesnt say that cause i switched a name, its just that i dont read every forum alive... Sorry......just a question........cause its the "ask alvey" section.......haha
  2. Weasley1319


    sorry robb, but i need to know the name of the song on the liseberg video, sorry, i know you siad not to ask you that, but i really like that song...
  3. ugh, i still dont kno how to put a picture on my profile thing, on the left hand side of the screen, tell me how to, ive already been to the profile edit but cant find it......HELP ME!!!!!!!!
  4. thanks..................yea, i tried to find 1 for hours, but i just made a new one....lol Well, i've been on sheikra in tampa and it has 2 90 degree drops, and im 100% sure it does. Why is no one responding??????............wah
  5. like wow, is this like even a real question??....... busch gardens europe w/o a doubt!!!
  6. Hello, i might not live near busch gardens europe, i live on long island, but go to it a lot, and last time was in 2003. My family is thinking of planning a trip next year in 2007, and is very excited for the 2007 "challenging thrill ride for the guests". Me, in my opinion , this will be a dive machine, 210 feet high, cause of the balloon test, and will have a 90 degree drop over the rhine river. I have done a lot, and i mean a lot of research on this subject on the internet, from other sites and forums, going to the other things that ppl have to say. I forgot this one site, where it practically got me so excited, i keeled over, but i have been trying to find it for like a week, ugh, i should've favorited it.......anyways, this kid/person........ i forgot was in bge, and heard somw bge officials walking, he heard about the '2007 coaster" and followed them to an electrical building in new france. He said they forgot to close the gate, and heard and saw the ACTUALL blueprint of the coaster, it was a b&m dive machine, had a 90 degree drop onto the rhine river, and was a "bunch of lines and " couldn't see it all. Well, he left the place cause they were coming his way.... This will, be faster, higher, longer, totally twisted track, and loopier dm than sheikra in bga. why would you build a smaller one???? i think this kid was telling the truth What are your ideas on this subject????
  7. im a son of beast, im rough and i will kill you........
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