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  1. I'm still in shock that people are complaing over a giga. Sorry, did u want planet snoopy instead of a giga? Really there's even more complaining for this coaster then there was for Carolina Cobra, a used boomerang! And people are getting into bad attitudes in this thread. ^^ if someone wants to talk about coasters in Colarado they can.
  2. I can smell Cedar Point fanboys in this thread, there all complaining, I think the coaster looks great, I think the restraints are fine, and the coaster will probably be awsome, with great airtime and forces.
  3. I was hoping for something like Powder Keg, but this coaster seems really fun, and a perfect fit for Kennywood.
  4. What?, X2 has the worst ending to me. The ride is great untill the very end where your head smashes into the restraint, and your legs do the same.
  5. Are you serious? Rockets give the best airtime on any slides other then Speed slides....but on a bad note they are capacity horrors. I have only been on one of the younger one's, I have not been on Deluge, or Black Andaconda, or the others. I rode the one at The Great Wolf Lodge in the Poconos. It had terrible capacity, and the ride was short and nothing really amazing.
  6. I have been on one, there really nothing to get exited about.
  7. ^ Really, I always thought Volcano had a good launch, and had a boring middle section, but the ending was awsome with the 80 foot drop.
  8. How is SFOG Goliath diffrent from the other B&M hypers like D-Back, and the others exept theres no brake run in the middle of the ride.
  9. This is the order to avoid lines. KK( if open, u have to do this first or lines will be very long) El Toro Then bizzaro or superman( Do both ) Nitro Dark Knight Batman After that it dosen't really matter, everything else will be around 5-10 minutes, exept water rides.
  10. Great Trip report, and what camera do you use, the pictures are acually really good.
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