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  1. Good to see the ride is being replaced by another water ride. One thing I don't like about Cedar Point is that all the water rides are on one side of this massive park. Though Maverick is an incredible replacement, the park now lacks my favorite water ride, the log flume.


    Water Coasters are a great ride, but the one I've been on left me too soaked! I guess Cedar Point isn't ready to be tied up with SFMM again


    The thing about CP's water rides are that as you said there all in one area, in the wayyy back of the park. And they only have two, which means on hot and humid days the lines for these can be ridiculous! And the thin about Snake river Falls is that you get compoletely soaked and on the rapids youget completely soaked or no wet at all. Please be a water coaster. What abnout a Mack water coaster such as Atlantis!?

  2. Hmmmmmmm?


    1.) I drive a Land Rover. The ONLY 2000 Discovery in my town of 60,000 people.


    2.) I've gone snorkeling in Key West and a jelly got my arm. Ouch!


    3.) My favorite water ride after Jurrasic Park @ IOA is Daredevil Falls at Dollywood.


    4.) I masturbated in a bathroom at Universal Studios.


    5.) I fell off a boat in the Everglades on a fanboat ride with some friends. I leaned out to try to touch a gator and i touched him when i lost my balance!


    Add a 6th one, sure....

    6.) I lay out in the sun at least 5 times a week for 1 to 2 hours each time!

  3. ^ When they can attract a decent crowd WITHOUT charging less than $9 for admission, I will agree with that statement.




    I totally agree with you. It is AWESOME they get good crowds but they should try soon to get good crowds for say 25 or higher so they can really rack in some money!! So far especially since July 4th attendance is looking very good for the most part.


    I spoke with a park employee and he was talking about more kids rides maybe 1 or 2 thrill rides and a water ride so i do agree with people that i see hope in the park!!

    I love this place!

  4. The thing about a GTR though is that its impossible to get one. And Grandpa got a CTSV...he got a local racetrack trust me...its fast, hp is huge engine huge turbocharger is great! It handles great too!!


    And I have two vehicles because I got a new G6 for a car, but then a few weeks ago i found the Land Rover and i liked it A LOT so i dont use the pontiac anymore. Land Rover sucks on gas...13/17 prem. but it so better with room and cargo space!! I love them both!!

  5. Hey guys!! So just a Random, Random, Random thread about the cars you guys drive!

    Pick your 2 choices of brands that YOU DRIVE! No Lying! Once you pick your car, name the 2 (choice of two, some people own more than one car) types. Example I pick Land Rover, then put Land Rover Discovery. Also I would put Pontiac G6. If it is an other, put brand and the name!! Also include the year!


    Ill start. I drive a 2000 Land Rover Discovery!! And a 2008 Pontiac G6!!

  6. I just rode Hurler at Carowinds this past week during the TPR Deep South trip and it was just brutally rough. It felt like all my internal organs were being bashed around for a couple of minutes. I couldn't wait for the ride to end.


    Ummmm. Completely Agreed. I rode it over Spring Break In April and it killed me but the rest of my party...2 eenage girls and a mid-age father said it was great...But im the coaster enthusiast so I know whats rough and not. Also the Hurricane at the defunct Myrtle Beach Pavilion....ew.

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