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  1. A little piece of me DIED inside when reading the Screamscape rumor! Would that mean I have to get rid of/or rename my cat we named Gwazi too?! I hope the rumor is false...
  2. I rode it a month after it opened and it rattled quite a bit! I mean it wasn't BRAIN RATTLING, but surprising for a brand new coaster.
  3. Hey WiiU owners (I know there are at least a couple of you out there...) If you didn't already, GET LEGO CITY UNDERCOVER NOW!! So far its the BEST Lego game to date. Open world, sandbox style... very Grand Theft Lego, if ya will... and the games humor doesn't let up. I think its the best WiiU release to date, dare I say... I'm not sure how far into the games story mode I am, but I seem to only have two more "desguises" to unlock. So I might be nearing the stories end. But am clocking nearly 15 hours so far, and only collected (completed) 12% of the games total content! So priced at $50 new, its a decent deal... and one HELL of a game... I also have Need for Speed Most Wanted U on order... Got it during a Target sale last week, but the game has been on backorder... should get it soon hopefully!
  4. So glad to hear not everybody dislikes Gwazi! I am a HUGE fan of this "moody" coaster... Loved it w/PTC trains... Still do w/the MF trains... We named our cat after the coaster (true story)! I had a SICK feeling 1st time I witnessed Tiger AND Lion trains on the Lion track... Then saw the bridge across the Tiger track, not to mention the nearly stripped Tiger load platform... I have all my limbs and apendages crossed that something good will come out of this...
  5. For those itching to get some new games (or catch up on games missed), Target stores (and Target.com) is having a Buy2Get1FREE sale this week (3/17 to 3/23). All systems. And on the website I was able to purchase games that aren't being released until later on this week. So I was able to preorder LegoCity:Undercover and Need For Speed:Most Wanted both for WiiU. Also got TombRaider for the 360 (which we already have, but still have the original receipt to get a refund on the un-opened copy). So three brand spanking new games for $120 incl shipping! WiiU owners... the game drought may finally be over... MANY "new" GAMES ARE BEING RELEASED THIS WEEK or last week in one case... The Amazing Spider-man (already out and its great!) LegoCity:Undercover (I WANT TO PLAY THIS NOW!) Need For Speed:Most Wanted U (definitive vers according to developer @ Criterion) Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (I didn't like MHTri on Wii personally) Walking Dead:Survival Instincts (also on 360/PS3; I'm waiting for reviews...) eShop title Zen Pinball2 (must play pinball on the WiiU gamepad!) This is a great week for releases... being a launch day WiiU owner, it seems like its been a long wait! Can't wait to play!!
  6. I chose to help Lily at that point. After the consequences of that, and seeing what happens when you help Kenny, I'm honestly not sure which is worse. One is more gut-wrenchingly shocking, the other is more morally horrible... Seriously, though, the emotions that game brings out. Incredible. I also recently finished ep2... Man did that mess me up! I was actually shouting at the television. Almost had me in tears! Haven't started ep 3 yet. I am in no major rush to play through all the episodes quite yet. I want to have something to look forward to after the REAL season ends on TV... what a masterfully crafted game!
  7. We also just got the new Tomb Raider yesterday... My partner is a HUGE TR fan. I always liked the idea, but generally hated the clunky over complicated controls. Good news. The controls are very easy to understand/handle! My partner played about 5 hrs so far. Game play/story telling wise, its much more akin to the Uncharted series on PS3. I loved the Uncharted titles, and know they borrowed heavily from the Tomb Raider ideas... Well Tomb Raider borrowed them right back. So yeah, a bit more action and story telling. It could benefit from a bit more exploration... but overall a great game so far. Welcome back Lara Croft. Hopefully this reboot is the start of a great "new" series. On the WiiU front, I've been playing Tank!Tank!Tank! some more. So addictive. Very goofy. I love it! Anybody with WiiU/360/PS3/PC... if you haven't yet, download "bit.trip presents RUNNER2:Future Legend of Rhythm Alien“... I enjoyed most of the WiiWare bit.trip titles, but Runner in particular. Runner2 is undescribable "classic" video game goodness! A great $15 purchase! And patiently awaiting Lego City Undercover for WiiU. My preorder is in with Amazon. One more week until a Lego style GTA game hits us like a ton of bricks (see what I did there?!... no?!... cricket chirp... oh well...) Should be a lot of fun!
  8. After ignoring, from being "stuck" a few months back... I restarted ZombiU (WiiU)... Actually started off worse than my first attempt. But being stubborn (and calling sick to work one night, for *cough* extra playtime) I was able to muscle through the entire game... All on "Chicken" mode, mind you! All I have to say is, WOW! What an amamzing, if not a bit unsettling, experience! I know a few of you out there have a WiiU (or even interested in one), I HIGHLY recommend ZombiU... that is assuming you enjoy a "classic" survival horror game... None of the "actiony" RE 5/6... this is intentionally a slow paced INTENSE game! And I loved it!
  9. Wow wow WOW!!! My head nearly exploded (still holding it together) with all the Nintendo Direct WiiU news!! New Wonderful 101 footage... "Yoshi Yarn" (or whatever they will call it)... Wii Party U (I am a big fan of the original Wii Party!)... MarioKart U mention (screen shots to appear at E3)... Wind Waker HD (only tinkered with the original... no time like the present to dive right in!)... all of the MiiVerse enhancements and Virtual Console intergration! IT STARTED ALREADY! Take advantage of the NES Classic Balloon Fight for only $.30 (29 more days available at that price). Its so much fun comparing scores using MiiVerse! I know WiiU is getting off to a slow start. Being a launch day owner, I am itching for any news, games and enhancements Nintendo has to offer. And yesterdays Nintendo Direct is proving that the future looks bright for "Big N's" new machine!!
  10. Since launch night of WiiU (US release 11/18), I've only gotten to play Nintendo Land solo, or with one other player... Well, tonight I played with 4 players... WOW!! COMPLETELY DIFFERENT GAME!!! It was amazing and chaotic. Solo is, good. Mostly. With two players, better. With 4, chaos ensues... try it people. Mario Chase, Luigi's Mansion and Animal Crossing are all you need to get the party started!! Screaming, shouting and cursing (along with some fists pounding the floor) was a plenty! Its good clean fun!! NOW, I understand the term asymetrical game play!!
  11. Just picked up the Mass Effect Trilogy on PS3. Never played the series (only seen a roommate play the original 360 game). I am about 7 hours into the 1st title... And so far am loving it!! Also awaiting some new releases for WiiU. Looking forward to Lego City Undercover (I mean who wouldn't love a Lego-esque GTA?!), Rayman Legends, Wonderful 101 and Game&Wario. Those are some fun looking games! Can't wait!
  12. Congrats man! I came out at 19... well admitted it to myself at least, only telling a selet few (who I trusted)... Didn't really "tell" others until I was about 23 or 24... And wasn't truly, truly comfortable just flat out saying it until I was around 26/27... its a different (and often complicated) story for everybody. Don't rush telling "everybody" you know. Not everybody NEEDS to know. Surround yourself with good trustworthy friends/family. It will get "easier" in time. Be "yourself" and the pieces will fall into place. Congrats again. Be careful. And have fun.
  13. I last rode Gwazi, the night I visited Christmas Town in mid-December. I was dis-heartened to see the "bridge"/platform built across the Tiger load platform track (as well as seeing the Tiger sign removed overall). And very confused to see a lion and tiger train running on the lion track. Also seeing the remaining two trains in pieces (not uncommon for rehab purposes, I know) didn't bode well, in my mind. I hope and "pray" that this is just a major rehab (though it's wishful thinking on my part)/temporary downtime, rather than something more permanent! I fear the worst though (my pesimist side showing)... I've always been a fan of this coaster, defending it to my Gwazi hating friends... Lion/Tiger... PTC/MF trains... Morning/Night rides (though I've always preferred night rides admittedly)... Rain/shine... I enjoy this coaster... Hell, I named my CAT Gwazi!
  14. Been playing quite a bit of my WiiU! I got Batman Arkham City (yeah I know, I'm about a year late!) and Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed for Christmas! I don't follow Batman at all (comics, movies nor games) and didn't have an interest. And the game is nothing short of phenonmenal! WiiU gamepad doesn't add anything essential, but is appreciated all the same. Having a dedicated map displayed is very handy, complete with points of interest highlighted. And lock decription is fun using the pad... OK... I like using the WiiU gamaepad! And I'm a bit of a Mariokart snob... so Sonic racing also didn't interest me. But alas, I am wrong again. Possibly the best "kart" racer I've played in years (and Mariokart Wii was one of my favorite in the series) if not ever. Its so slick, beautiful and most of all, FUN! With each lap changing things (different routes, change in form of transportation... sometimes both), it keeps things interesting, not to mention keeping you on your toes! AWESOME! I need to play ZombiU again. I stopped playing about a month ago, leaving it about a third of the way through (although I hope I am further). I am afraid I am too far removed from the game play not to restart. Gosh, I hpoe not... Also a STRONG conideration of picking up Mass Effect Trilogy for either the PS3/360. I am leaning more towards the PS3 version. Less discs to deal with. I never played any of the games and have been meaning too! Always been interested, but kept passing them up. Now seems like the best time with the beautifully packaged trilogy!
  15. Tinkering around with the WiiU still. Finally was able to get my update done and connect to MiiVerse. So very cool. Like Twitter for Nintendo geeks! Spending much time with Tank!Tank!Tank! Very repetative arcade game, but so addictive and fun. Upgrading and earning new tanks, blowing up robotic simians, bugs, arachnids and monsters is crazy over the top fun. The game is a touch over priced @ $49.99. A better price would have been $39.99/$29.99. I got it on sale for $25, so I have NOTHING to complain about! Lack of online play also hurts it a bit. But local multiplayer is a really good time. Pick-up and play fun!! I have unlocked about 11 tanks so far and am up to mission 25! Love this grossly underrated/under appreciated game! Also playing Tekken Tag Tournament 2 WiiU Edition. This is the first Tekken game I have played since Tekken 4, which I hated! Tag Tournament was not only my favorite in the Tekken series, but one of my favorite PS2 games. Tekken 4 changed for the worse, to me. So stiff. Difficult to control. Just overall difficult. Tag Tournament 2 makes me a fan of the series again! Wonderful game! And I haven't even tried the goofy Nintendo exclusive modes yet! I missed playing Tekken with all its cheesy, sometime hilarious arcade endings. Chipping away (to a lesser extent right now) at ZombiU. Scary game. I love it. Just been ignoring it for the time being. I am trying to get to the Tower of London, I believe. Just not ready to make that journey and risk dying again... poor survivors! I am having a really good time with the WiiU so far!
  16. Much thanks for this amazing report. I was on the fence about going. But after reading your review, I purchased tickets for this upcoming Saturday (12/8). Can't wait to check it out in person!
  17. Gald you got your WiiU Gumball! I just completed NSMBU tonight. It was FANTASTIC!! I was worried with all the buzz going around that the difficulty was ramped up... ...I had little trouble overall, sans for a couple of levels in the "Soda" and "Merangue" levels. The game offers SO many 1-ups, I saw the end credits with 58 extra lives remaining. It did remind me very much of Super Mario World. And not as much WiiRemote shaking/tilting as Mario Bros Wii did. Loved this game! You should check out Scribblenauts too. Pretty easy game so far, but VERY fun! Nintendo Land is the game I've spent the least time with so far. Donkey Kong is AWESOME. But damn its hard! I can get to check point 10 of level one, but can't get down those girders right before Pauline! Ugh! I played a little multiplayer, and Luigi's mansion and Mario Chase were pretty fun. Need more people to play, not just two... I've got my sights set on ZombiU next. I hear mixed reviews for it, but it looks too damn awesome not to try. And "Game & Wario" can't come soon enough. It's the spiritual successor to the WarioWare titles. Just more fleshed out. I'm VERY envious that you were able to perform your sysytem update. I'm still getting error messages (which I've read are common right now) when attempting to connect. I really want to check out MiiVerse. Overall, I am pleased with my purchase of WiiU. Not happy that I spent nearly $500 on the system and 2 games (3 if you include Nintendo Land). I just hope the system gets the support it needs from Nintendo and 3rd party.
  18. Waited 4 hours in a "stand-by" line at Walmart for the launch of WiiU. I didn't pre-order it, as I WAS going wait until it was easily found on shelves... well, that all went out the window when I got antsy and went to the launch. I was able to score myself the deluxe system, as well as New Super Mario Bros U and Scribblenauts Unlimited (And of course the Deluxe came with Nintendo Land). So far I am liking the WiiU just fine. You can't go wrong with a Mario game. None of the games I have so far push the system graphically by any means, however NSMBU looks amazing the way it is. Just good "cartoony" Nintendo goodness. Nintendo Land sort of serves as the WiiU's "Wii Sports". A mostly easy to understand, pick up and play game. A good one to break out with some friends and beer! And Scribblenauts is just a bigger more polished expansion of the DS games before it. Oh... and I'm also tinkering with LittleBigPlanet2 on the PS3.
  19. Hey, Hilltopper... no, the construction didn't really make the park difficult to traverse.. but what it DID do was make the park seem very divided, with 3 houses nearly on top of each other immediately upon entering (Silent Hill, Gothic, Dead End)... then still relatively close by was the next (Walking Dead)... then there was nothing but construction walls heading past the Jaws graveyard... if your timing was bad, you can get caught up in the cluster of Bill and Ted letting out (ugh, like we did)... right next to Men In Black was the next house (Penn+Teller)... then on the oposite side of the Simpsons, in Kid Zone were the final houses (Horror and Alice Cooper). Most houses were in the same locations as years past, however, without that Jaws queue, things seemed clustered and divided a bit more... Then the water front pathway near Mel's (and former Herc+Xena soundstage) was completely closed off.. it didn't really affect getting around, just more of a complete circuit. Now on a "regular" guest night which are potentially (and often are) packed, it may change that opinion!
  20. I, too, was there tonight... the only houses we missed were the House of Horrors and Dead End... My favorite house BY FAR was Gothic! We actually went through it twice, as it seemed to have the lightest crowd. We didn't really care for Walking Dead... it reminded me of "13" from Howl-O-Scream of years past, which isn't a "bad" thing... it just didn't have the scares for me... could have been a timing thing.. I really enjoyed Penn+Teller, which I didn't think I was going to.. I especially liked the slot machine room! Silent Hill had that very uncomfortable, eerie feel and I liked it.. ambiance alone make it for me... Alice Cooper's house was fine.. we only waited about 20 min for it... if we waited an hour+, I might have been disappointed.. I didn't "not like" it... just ok for me. Roaming hoards of scareactors, while fun, just didn't have the scares for me... good effort, and may have been a timing thing...We left the park about 11p as we were tired. Overall, I thought the event was excellent. Highlight for me being Gothic! Get out there and get scared everybody!
  21. I LOVE Keane! I've seen them live twice (once for the Hopes&Fears tour... and again for Under the Iron Sea)... Going to see the Toadies (who are AMAZING live) at the end of July at HoB Orlando.. anybody who has a chance to see them, should most certainly do so! This will be my 3rd time catching them live!
  22. Rode all the coasters at BGT yesterday afternoon... ending with Cheetah Hunt! Love that ride!!
  23. Magic Kingdom Epcot Hollywood Studios Animal Kingdom Universal Orlando Islands of Adventure Sea World Orlando Busch Gardens Tampa Busch Gardens Williamsburg Kings Dominion Legoland Florida Luna Park/WonderWheel Park (Brooklyn, NYC) Six Flags Great Adventure/Wild Safari Aquatica Orlando Adventure Island Waterpark Water Country USA
  24. Volcano Blast Coaster at King's Dominion about 3 hours ago. I've left the Central Florida area for vacation in the Williamsburg, VA area! Having an awesome time!!
  25. Wow... glad I'm not the only one who fears 1st generation intamin drop towers. Mine was "Freefall" at Six Flags Great Adventure. I avoided it for years, despite being tall enough to ride. One visit my oldest brother forced me on it... I was so scared, I cried at the top of the tower. Once it was done, I said "that was it?!"... despite it being less scary than I imagined it would be, it will always give me anxiety... (looking at you "Demon Drop" Dorney Park) I'm happy a few of those towers still exist.
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