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  1. Don't won't to spoil it for everyone so the Davey Jones afect is explained below. Skip if you don't want to see.







    As you enter the tunnel that is all dark where the voice would say "dead men tell no tales" they put a fog machine to make a screen to project a image on. Like how they do the rats on the indy ride. Davey Jones is projected on the smoke with a water effect so the smoke looks like water. His face apears from the water and says something then his face dissapears into the water. Forgot what he said though.

  2. Well mid way through my shift today a fellow Cast Memeber told me there was going to be a sneak peak for Pirates tonight. I didn't hear anything at all about this so I went over to see what was going on and found the cue full with fellow Cast members. Management was in force there. No bags where allowed inside. All cameras had to be turned off. Even herd a few speils through the ride of people being caught with there camera phones and found a few maangers at the dock as I left talking to a few of them. But I don't have to say it was amazing! There was a new island in the horseshoes in the front with a new parrot. The sky was alot brighter and got to see the painted houses on the wall. The lighting efect was redone in the storm scene. A few new stuff here and there. The davey jones affect blew me away. Last but not least capt jack looked so damn real! You should all go Monday to see cause it was great. Sorry for no pictures but there was no way i could get any.

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