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  1. Spelling all of the words right exept theme, park, and review. What's worse than SF & CF switching themes?
  2. Not being able to restart said laptop. (I had the same answer to the term paper question too) Whats worse than the worst thing ever?
  3. SFMM replacing GL:FF with Pandemonium from SFDK. Worse worse than DarienLaker asking questions about Pandemonium from SFDK?
  4. Yes. Do you not like the fact that someone double posted to be the first on the 1,000th page?
  5. Yes. Have you ever seen someone who looked like they've never been on a rollercoaster before?
  6. Burger King. Wendy's or Jack in the Box?
  7. Your favorite park closing. Whats worse than being homeless?
  8. The ride ops. telling you your wrong. Whats worse than getting divorced right after the wedding?
  9. Thunder Mountain. Orange Stinger or Silly Symphony?
  10. V2.5 @ SFDK Daily Bugle or Daily Planet?
  11. I own a K'Nex amusement park! Are you interested in any of the superhero reboots? (Spider-man & Superman)
  12. Please be an Intamin, please be an Intamin, please be an Intamin, please be an Intamin! As long as whatever they're building is Intamin, I'll be super exited! I've never been so exidet for an anouncement before!
  13. Canyon Flyer Here is where I got the extended flying coaster CTR(Scroll to bottom of page). The Pretzle loop. The 1st half of the ride. The 2nd half and bridge over the canyon. The staion. Overview of the ride. CS needed: -ATHCatwalk and Accessories Set -SKSHR91 -DasMatze Covers&More -DasMatze Fences&Railings -Techno-CE-Brakes -Adnecles bridge set -Steelworx -Gadget Goodies for Coaster Set -VodhinsGenericEntrances -IAStation Set
  14. Just thought this might be interesting to share, but SFMM has a new add for GL:FF. Wit actual footage from media day. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fcAUGjxZwFI
  15. ^A lot of Arrow's corkscrews have this layout, making it real hard to get the corkscrews right. Just makes you wish there were diagonal corkscrews I got the supports from Old-Spice's corkscrew set.
  16. Heres my atempt at creating the one at Silvewood/Knott's Berry Farm. Ignore the turn after the first corkscrew. Sucks roller coasters had to be built this way.
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