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  1. What about a wing coaster in the old Deja Vu area? Could that possibly work if they expand the area a bit?


    Why would they build a 2nd wing coaster?


    And also, no. That area is pretty close to the property line, and they need to keep at least some backstage space.

    X2 is a 4D coaster wing coaster. Also, X2 didn't stop them from building Green Lantern because they would be building another 4D coaster.

  2. I remember reading about the 3 train operation as well, but it never made sense to me. The way TC's layout is, it seems impossible for the dueling aspect to work that way. Seems like four trains would need to run consistently in order for it to duel consistently.

    4 train operation is unnecessary for the dueling aspect. When a train exists the station, it will meet the train before it that has completed the blue track, and the train before that will be entering the station after completing the green track. Two trains on the tack, one train in the station, and they rotate.

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