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  1. I went to the park Thursday. We had 11am reservations and got in line at 10:50am. It took us about an hour to get into the park (so be prepared). The lines for the health check and security moved pretty good but the lines for the main entrance looked like one gigantic cluster fuck! About 99% were complying with the masks. Security and ride employees were also reminding guests. No mask no ride. Got to redeem the FL plus which was huge after seeing the Orion line. Rode twice before 12:30. Overall had a great day. Was in the park from 12-6 and got to ride Orion 3 times (which is plenty for me) Great ride, nice g-forces and airtime, keeps great speed throughout. Not going to complain about getting to ride coasters (especially with FL plus) in a pandemic. The face mask didn't bother me as much as the heat did. Great day! Now were back home in Alabama.
  2. Ticketsatwork.com have them for 31.50 plus tax. Never heard of goldstar but that price does sound legit. Kennywood does have other prices under their discount pricing.
  3. I have 2 tickets that expire 6/28 for Kennywood. Not sure I can post this on here or not. If anyone is interested I will sell both for a total of $40. Live in Alabama and can't make it up by then. Let me know.
  4. I have heard SEVERAL people say that they were there that day and that the park was hopping by that evening. I was there over the Memorial Day weekend both Sat and Sun. and the park had decent crowds.
  5. The pricing DID NOT go up. That price you are seeing includes the tax. Maybe they should say 39.95 + tax to avoid the confusion.
  6. Went to the opening on the 23rd and was pleasantly surprised with the park and some disappointment with other things. Got my pass switched over at about 2:30 when we got there (took about 20 minutes). My partner and I road the time machine about 4 times (longest wait was about 20 minutes). We heard the soundtracks for the 70's, 90's, and 00's. Much better than last year and everyone coming off the coaster seemed to agree. With the IP lawsuit from HR Creative all the shows were new along with the ride names, stores, restaurants, and areas. Adrenaline Rush was a little boring (old Malibu theater), CSI (Globe Theater) was OK, the Ice Show ironically was almost exactly the same as last year, and the Flip5Live we did not watch because we did not want to be around all those screaming kids. The Fab2 were still entertaining from the balcony of Penny Lane's Cafe. There were also bands in the Country USA and at the old Whammy Bar. The living statues were pretty cool in the Across the Pond Section (in front of the former Phonehenge). Monstars of Rock was boring and almost made me cry thinking of what use to be there. But when they lost the rights to use the song they had to do something different. I was told that the animatronics for the ride are on the way and improvements will be ongoing throughout the season. (We can only hope) Iron Horse (Eagles Coaster) was playing Train, Train by Black Foot (?) and the crowd really got into it. It was much better than that Eagles recording they had last year. Rode Round About (Max RPM) at least 4 times. Did not ride Soak'd (partner did not want to get wet). The food was good like last year and I think cheaper. A large drink with season pass discount was $2.83 and last year was about $4.00. The Kiss the Sky fireworks show was MUCH better than last years show. Made you say Hard Rock who? The new children's area was fun. We actually could ride some of the family rides. The one thing I noticed this year that was absent from last year was ALL the families this time with their kids having a great time and spending money. Every restaurant was doing good business (which I never saw last year). Overall we spent 8 hours there on the 23rd and another 4 the next day. Had a great time. The employees were very friendly. Heard mostly positive comments from other guests while there unlike last year. And, all the rides were running!
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