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  1. Wow, the show is really looking amazing! I just hope the rumors of the whole pier closing are false. It does look like the show would look much better if the lights were off around the pier.
  2. I think the ads on Ninja are fine, but if they did it to Terminator (or any other ride that they actually put energy into theming), then I would be annoyed.
  3. Because every kid wants to have their birthday party at a hair cut place. http://rollercoastercuts.com/partyon.html
  4. I've seen rapids without water in the morning at parks, but I didn't know it was something that happened quickly. I assumed it would take several hours. You wouldn't happen to have a video of a rapids ride filling, would you?
  5. At first I thought it looked like a brake fin, but I really don't know. It doesn't look good though.
  6. That's crazy that rode ops would be that rude. People are already rude enough to Flash Pass users. The only time I've used Flash Pass I was getting flicked off and cursed at from people in line. They definately don't need ride ops egging them on.
  7. GCI requires that they properly prepare a coaster and do a rehab on it to get Millenium Flyers if it isn't a coaster they built. You're still in it for a ton of money to have GCI do that. They may not even approve the coaster for their trains since they seem to be very selective over the coasters that can use Millenium Flyers.
  8. I usually get dirty looks when I do that. One time an Operator even went as far as to tell me to stop doing his job.
  9. Intamin didn't respond? So you can spend $20 Million on a coaster and the manufacturer just leaves you after that?
  10. That's really strange if it's true. I'm not questioning what your friend said, but I just can't believe that Disney would put on a show that didn't work right.
  11. That's cool. Did they know you took pictures of it? The only time I've gotten evacuated was from Superman at SFFT a few years ago. We got drinks, a free lunch, and an exit pass.
  12. When I rode, the trims hit differently for each train. Sometimes they hit very hard, sometimes not at all. Overall, they weren't on very hard though.
  13. A Deja vu won't come to SFA. Six Flags sold 2 of them and the third is at SFMM and there is no sign of it leaving anytime soon.
  14. It could work, but it is about a 2 hour drive between the 2 parks once you add in traffic. It would also be better to do a weekend in early May. Crowds at SFA won't be a problem, but KD might.
  15. I would not purchase is because: -I don't own a blue-ray player, and don't plan on buying one -Coasters in the Raw just isn't really my thing. It's like standing at a park watching a coaster, it's cool for a minute or two, but not cool enough to watch for 2 hours. I may be interested in Coaster Expedition at some point though.
  16. I think most people wouldn't even notice it seats more people. If you consider that the average guest goes to the park 1-3 times a year, most people probably aren't paying a lot of attention to the details of the drop tower. Some people even think Superman goes upside down.
  17. Why would they replace a perfectly good drop tower with a more expensive one when Tower of Doom works perfectly fine? Most people probably wouldn't know the difference anyway. What SFA needs IMO is a family coaster like THBS, a B&M Floorless or Intamin Looper, and lots of flats. This could all easilly happen over the next 5 years.
  18. Thanks for the update! They are going to have to book it to get it done in about a month for memorial weekend. Does anyone know why they have construction walls around Deja vu? It was like that my visit in 2008 too, and I thought it was closed. I guess it's a permanent thing.
  19. But how smooth will it get? Has the type if track used on Texas Giant ever been done before? I like the helix in Rattler, but all the fun of it is all slow acceleration and the roughness of the track and surprise bumps. It's rough, but not too rough. If they put steel track in, that would take all the fun out of it. It would just be 3 huge smooth circles.
  20. ^The point of Flash Pass isn't to be fair, it's for Six Flags to make money. If the ride gets more popular, that would be all the more reason for Six Flags to keep Flash Pass. As for the building, compared to all the things the park could do with that money, I don't see enclosing Joker's Jinx as a good use of that much money. Add a few flats. Once you add a building, you're in a completely different ball game from the Bizarro makeovers. If they did a makeover for Sperman, they could add the tunnel at the drop, make buildings in the Helix like at SFGAdv, add fire somewhere near the start of the bunny hills, add mist shield tunnels on a bunny hill, and add audio. It would be about the same makeover as Bizarro at SFNE, even with the shorter ride course.
  21. Let's see, if it were roller coaster tycoon, then definately a B&M Invert. If real life founding a new park, probably GCI Woodie due to budget. I would prefer a B&M Invert though.
  22. It would definately depend on the park for me. Can you give us more info on the other coasters in the park you had in mind?
  23. Has anyone seen how Thomas Town construction has been coming recently?
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