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  1. That kind of reminds me of a YouTube video I saw of SFGAm where there is a Tornado Warning and everyone is running around freaking out. The guy filming asked several park employees where to sheek shelter and they all kind of shrugged and were clueless, and one told him to go to Batman's station (like that's going to hold up in a tornado). It's kind of scary that no one knows what to do.


    I was at SFOG last year during a Tornado Warning, but no one seemed to know about it. The park was empty and we got on a ton of rides. I don't know why they didn't close though.

  2. Does that mean he is going to start making changes within recent months, rather than taking his time and expanding it to years. Or does that mean he is not going to be CEO long?


    If he is just an Interim CEO and doesn't expect to be the permanent person in the CEO position, then we probably won't see many changes. He probably won't do anything major until there is more stability in his job.

  3. Why do we need one of those. We already have a Tony Hawk water slide.


    Because they have absolutely nothing in common except for the name.


    Well with the company now having the former CEO of Paramounts Parks, I think more coasters will be built. And like it said before, the family rides aren't bad. They are actually good, but I think it should be an every other year kind of thing if you know what I mean. The way Kings Dominion does it, they would get a new coaster every other year. Therefore it stays fair between people who like thrill rides and people who like family rides. Whats so wrong with that kind of plan? I think it works better in the long run.


    The problem is that Cedar Fair is heading down the same road Six Flags did. They also came upon a unique opoerunity to relocate a B&M and the family rides for little money.

  4. ^That wasn't successful as thats what put them in debt in the first place. $20 million coasters attract teens and enthusiasts and thru don't spend that much money in the park. Families pay a lot of money to eat and buy stuff in the gift shops.


    That philosiphy could go either way. When my family goes to theme parks, we are on a strict budget to do it as cheaply as possible. When we go to Six Flags, we find the park with the cheapest Season Passes, so there we are covered all season for $29.99 each at SFKK. We are hit with parking at each park, but we spend almost nothing in the parks. We eat before we go to the park, leave food in the car for dinner, then go back in the park for the evening. Really the only money we spend in the park is the occasional light snack, shirt, or on-ride photo. It really evens out to us spending less than $15 per person each time we go to the park including admission.


    On the other side of that, when I go on school trips to theme parks, I'm always going on coasters constantly, but most people spend the majority of their time in gift shops or getting food. With teens usually not having very many expenses, they have very disposable money and usually get money from their parents as well.


    I guess it really depends on the family. The parks make very little off of my family.

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